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Progressives Still Pushing for Removal of Columbus Mural at Notre Dame

Progressives Still Pushing for Removal of Columbus Mural at Notre Dame

“Notre Dame’s “own version of a Confederate monument”

The school already has said they have no intention of removing the mural but the left won’t take no for an answer.

The College Fix reports:

At Notre Dame, students lobby for removal of Columbus murals, call them ‘version of a Confederate monument’

Some students, employees and members of the Notre Dame community are calling for the removal of a series of paintings of Christopher Columbus that have adorned the walls of the university’s main building since 1884, calling the murals Notre Dame’s “own version of a Confederate monument.”

The 12 murals, hung in the same hallway as the admissions office, depict Christopher Columbus’ journey and arrival to the Americas in 1492. The founder of the university, Father Edward Sorin, commissioned Vatican painter Luigi Gregori to create murals that would inspire, uplift, educate, and be “didactically Catholic,” according to a university pamphlet.

But the murals have recently been the focus of intense campus debate, accused by students and others of including images of Native Americans and blacks in subservient roles, and portraying Native Americans in stereotypical clothing that is not historically accurate.

Senior Afro-Native student Armani Porter said that when he toured Notre Dame after being accepted his senior year of high school, he was initially confused by the murals. Porter, who is Eastern Band Cherokee, particularly noted “how strong the power differential is in every single one of these paintings.” Since that time, he said his confusion has turned to disgust.


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It is long past the time these institutions responded by informing the faculty and students that they might be happier at another school.