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Notre Dame Declines Student Demands to Remove Christopher Columbus Murals

Notre Dame Declines Student Demands to Remove Christopher Columbus Murals

“it is time for Notre Dame to remove its own version of a Confederate monument”

Left wing students clearly saw an opportunity to advance their agenda here but the school isn’t biting. Good for them.

The New York Post reported:

Notre Dame students want to rid school of Christopher Columbus murals

The Fighting Irish have a bone to pick with Christopher Columbus.

Notre Dame students are calling for the removal of 12 iconic murals, which honor the famous explorer and have been on campus since 1884.

The students have reportedly teamed up with alumni, faculty and staff in an effort to get rid of the 19th Century paintings.

“In this era of political divisiveness and a renewed rise of dangerous nationalism, it is time for Notre Dame to remove its own version of a Confederate monument,” the group wrote in an open letter last week that was published in the school newspaper, the Observer.

“It is time for the murals to go.”

The letter was sent to university president John Jenkins and accompanied by more than 340 signatures. Many of those who signed it were Native American and chose to list their tribe.

“The 12 Luigi Gregori murals have adorned the main hall of Main Building for over 130 years, greeting millions of campus residents and visitors with a highly problematic vision of Western triumphalism, Catholic militarism and an overly romantic notion of American expansion,” the letter said, referencing the Italian artist and Notre Dame professor who painted the murals…

Despite the outrage, Notre Dame spokesman Dennis Brown insists that the murals aren’t going anywhere.

“No plans to remove them,” he told the IndyStar. “To try to remove them would in all likelihood destroy them.”

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4th armored div | December 6, 2017 at 2:56 pm

these ‘children’ don’t want nationalism, let ’em find a place that isn’t nationalistic and doesn’t have a police/military to protect them and strict bow and arrow control.

Oops the entitled little thugs didn’t get their way. Any bets on how long it is before the murals are vandalized and/or defaced?

I’m glad to see a college President who has a little bit of spine left. After watching the mobs of Red Guards humiliate the administrators and faculty at Evergreen State and Reed College, maybe administrators are learning they need to show some a little courage. They also need to put security video cameras on the murals and expel anyone who vandalizes them.

The Notre Dame administration deserves a “Profiles in Courage” award.

Of course, the people who give out those awards will probably give one to students who try to intimidate colleges into doing what they want.