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Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio Announces Senate Run

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio Announces Senate Run

He wants to support Trump’s agenda and policies “to Make America Great Again.”

Controversial former Sheriff Joe Arpaio has announced that he will run for the Senate to replace Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ).

From The Washington Examiner:

The polarizing yet iconic former Maricopa County sheriff, beloved by many conservatives for his hawkish immigration policies, presents an alternative to the unimpressive Kelli Ward and a potential obstacle to Rep. Martha McSally. She is expected to launch within days and is widely viewed as the Republicans’ strongest general election candidate.

In a telephone interview with the Washington Examiner, Arpaio shrugged off concerns about his age, dismissed Republican insiders’ anxiety that his poor reputation with nonwhite voters would put the seat in play for the Democrats in the midterm, and discussed plans to work with Trump on behalf of Arizona.

“I have a lot to offer. I’m a big supporter of President Trump,” Arpaio said. “I’m going to have to work hard; you don’t take anything for granted. But I would not being doing this if I thought that I could not win. I’m not here to get my name in the paper, I get that everyday, anyway.”


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buckeyeminuteman | January 9, 2018 at 12:22 pm

I may have to consider moving to Arizona to vote for him. Also to vote against McCain when/if he runs again.

This guarantees that the reform vote will now be split, giving McSally (40% conservative rating) a boost. The only way this could be worse is if Trump declines to endorse anybody, letting the reformers rip each other to shreds trying to prove who loves Trump more.

Joe is good on immigration but my AZ friends don’t give him high marks on other things. (And yes they are solid

I do think he would support the Trump agenda on many things so I don’t think his short term voting record would be an issue. But beyond that I have concerns as to what he would bring besides voting the right line.

Also – I think this makes the primary a mess and runs the risk of a wounded candidate making it to the general.

At 85, I also have to be honest, I am not keen to elect someone to the Senate (see Mississippi), but since I like term limits he does get my support as being practically speaking term limited to no more than 2 terms – and I don’t mean that in any kind of “I wish something bad happens”, I just don’t see voters sending a 97-year old JA back to the Senate – or
Him wanting to go back at the age.