Has there ever been an institution which deserved to fail more than this school?

The Daily Caller reports:

Evergreen State College Lecture Equates Free Speech Fight With White Supremacy

Evergreen State College, the site of last year’s most publicized campus social justice-related fiasco, recently hosted a lecture that equated free speech with white supremacy.

In 2017, the college entered the national spotlight for holding a so-called “Day of Absence” that forced white students out of the campus for a day. One professor’s criticism of the event, and his refusal to abide by the decision, prompted progressive student groups to threaten him with violence and accuse him of supporting white supremacy.

On Monday, the Washington-based public college invited a veteran civil rights lawyer, Alan Levine, to host a lecture originally titled “Campus Protests and the Fight against White Supremacy: How the Right Turned a Nationwide Movement Against Racism into a Debate about the First Amendment.”

According to The College Fix’s Steve Coffman on Thursday, Levine’s lecture revolved around the claim that “white supremacists have usurped the campus free speech movement, and it’s lawful and noble to censor them.”