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Dreamers Furious Over Shutdown Sellout Protesting Democrats Across the Country

Dreamers Furious Over Shutdown Sellout Protesting Democrats Across the Country

The chickens have come home to roost, as it were

The Democrats have a huge problem on their hands as Dreamers, now young adults who’ve been promised the immigration world, are demanding Democrats make good on their promises.

Schumer’s failure to negotiate any meaningful DACA codification into the spending bill has Dreamers incensed and they’re taking action.

Schumer’s NY House:

Protestors showed up at Sen. Schumer’s New York house Tuesday demanding the Senate Minority Leader deliver a DACA deal immediately:

The protest according to the Park Slope Patch:

Hundreds of protesters marched outside of Sen. Charles Schumer’s Park Slope home over his failure to secure an agreement on Dreamers’ immigration status in the deal to reopen the government.

The protesters, organized by local groups including Indivisible Nation BK and Make the Road New York, started outside Grand Army Plaza night then marched to Schumer’s Prospect Park West home on Tuesday night.

Protesters — with signs calling to pass a “Clean Dream Act Now” — called on Schumer to secure a long-term agreement for the legal status of undocumented immigrants brought into the country as children after he voted on a bill to end the government shutdown without them.

“Our community is outraged by the Senate vote to pass a temporary budget deal with no solution for Dreamers,” organizers wrote on the Facebook page. “Our lives are on the line, Chuck! We need a clean Dream Act now — not in three weeks.”

Protests in California

On the left coast, Dreamers are protesting San Diego’s Democrat Party, “to demand a stop to false promises and grow real courage to stand up to the hateful racist anti immigrant Trump Administration,” according to Dreamer advocacy group Cosecha.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is goading the protests, suggesting angry Dreamers storm Capitol Hill

Just a few months ago, Dreamers interrupted Nancy Pelosi’s press conference screaming, “Democrats are Deporters.”


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I just read the ingredient list:

75% astroturf.
25% horse apples.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Tiki. | January 24, 2018 at 10:48 pm

    Please remind everyone, especially Screamers…er…Dreamers..that the Democrat Party leadership deliberately sold them out.

    Just study the history of Democrats and their special-interest slave-groups. They take on average 60 years to 70 years to deliver on the Democrat Party promises.

“We lost four days…”

Um…no. Total bullshit. We “lost” nothing.

There is no “government” from Friday afternoon til Monday.

But, hey, storm Capital Hill anyhow…!!! ALLLLLLL good…!!!

‘Dreamers’ cannot vote.
‘Dreamers’ are technically in the country illegally.

So of course elected Dem politicians will be favorable swayed by their very public protests.

No doubt the Founding Fathers would be on board with this. If by Founding Fathers you mean Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, etc.

    iconotastic in reply to JHogan. | January 24, 2018 at 12:41 am

    Dreamers cannot vote

    According to this Harvard study 6.4% of illegal aliens (512,000) voted in the 2008 presidential election.

    California and Washington, among other states, refuse to require proof of citizenship to register to vote.

      Arminius in reply to iconotastic. | January 24, 2018 at 9:45 am

      Any so-called “Dreamer” who has ever voted illegally must be deported. It’s a crime, and a violation of the terms under which they became eligible for Obama’s miserable DACA program.

      By the same token before any path to citizenship is established we need to establish that they have never committed perjury on an I9 form by falsely attesting they could legally work in this country, or document fraud by presenting counterfeit documents to establish false identities or falsely establish work eligibility. Every time an illegal alien (not illegal immigrant or, worse, undocumented immigrant; unless you’re here on an immigrant visa you are no immigrant of any kind) falsifies an I9 form they commit two federal felonies. And finally we need to crack down on sanctuary cities. Cities that have policies that the won’t convict illegals or even green card holders of deportable crimes. Like Boston.

      “Suffolk prosecutors went along with a plea deal that allowed the man accused of murdering two doctors in their Southie penthouse to keep his green card and avoid deportation — even though he admitted to robbing a bank twice.”

      They allowed him to plead down to a single count of larceny. It isn’t enough that police cooperate with ICE. Any city that has policies that illegal aliens and legal immigrants will not be convicted of a crime that could subject them to deportation is still a sanctuary city.

      I’m sick and tired of romanticizing this category of illegal alien. No, they weren’t all brought here by their parents through no fault of their own. 10s of thousands of them came here as unaccompanied minors entirely of their own volition. And many of them have criminal records; it’s simply that Obama didn’t vet them but Trump is starting to.

      These are not the angels and valedictorians we’re told they are. Libs claim that “Dreamers” are serving in the military. Right. Something like .014% of these people are serving, which rounds up to….0%. And while Trump has improved the vetting process it is still nothing like the vetting process for legal immigrants. When a legal immigrant applies for citizenship they have to go through a relatively strict public safety check, interviews, biometric tests (we collect biometric data on immigrant visa applicants, in case they commit crimes under a false identity) and an FBI background check.

      None of that is done to qualify for DACA status, but it needs to be done. In fact, supposedly it’s a requirement to qualify for DACA status. But the Obama admin propagandized the pubic that “Dreamers” had clean criminal records and weren’t gang members simply because they didn’t bother to check. It’s so much easier, letting them slip through cracks the size of the Grand Canyon.

        Milhouse in reply to Arminius. | January 24, 2018 at 6:35 pm

        Every time an illegal alien (not illegal immigrant or, worse, undocumented immigrant; unless you’re here on an immigrant visa you are no immigrant of any kind)

        Bulldust. That is exactly as ridiculous as claiming someone who drives a car with no license is not a driver. The definition of “immigrant” is a person who has come to the whichever country you’re discussing from some other country, with the intent of residing there. It makes no difference whether he does so lawfully or unlawfully. Someone who immigrates illegally is an illegal immigrant, just as someone who makes illegal loans is an illegal moneylender.

We really need to take care of those little a$$holes. They love America, you see. They would be wonderful, active citizens.

Confucius say, “Political party that tries to polish turd ends up eating crap sandwich.”

    You hit the nail on the head! Because Dem’s have flattered the Dreamers and made them all kinds of big promises, the Dem’s are the ones who are catching all of their rage when what they don’t get what they want. Of course, they’re mad at Trump; but he’s just doing what he always said he would do.

    The dreamers are starting to realize that the Dem’s have been playing them for suckers.

2nd Ammendment Mother | January 23, 2018 at 7:43 pm

Just because I like to be contrary…. wouldn’t it be sweet for a couple of Republicans to come out of left field with a really doable plan and put it on the table – something that would make the Dems look like pure sleaze if they don’t vote for it.

    It’s not “contrarian” at all—it’s the only viable solution for them.

    Were the invaders and the D’rats pushing for resident alien status, they’d almost certainly get it. And the invaders would, in the main, be happy with that.

    But it would be useless to the D’rats, so they’ll have nothing to do with it. To the D’rats, it’s amnesty (which is code for citizenship and voting rights) or nothing.

      Tom Servo in reply to tom_swift. | January 24, 2018 at 9:47 am

      You’ve got it. This is all about Power for the Democrats, and they will never agree to anything that doesn’t increase their Power over the rest of us. Of course now that enough people are starting to figure that out, they are going to have to learn to like getting nothing at all.

Demanding that the dems do something “now” sounds like these idiot anti-Americans believe that the lefties in our government have dictatorial powers.

The arrogant assumptions that led to this belief: Hillary would win, the republicans would cave, President Trump would be in prison within 6 months if elected and that the courts would declare the Constitution null and void, apparently are causing great consternation.

The schadenfreude is delicious.

The dems held control of Congress and the White House for two years and didn’t lift a finger for these ‘dreamers’. They had a complacent GOP majority for the remaining six years and didn’t lift a finger for these ‘dreamers’. They SHOULD be mad at the democrats.

BTW, saw an accurate term used to describe the illegals elsewhere on the internet today: ‘gimmegrant’.

Dreamers are furious? Excuse me? How about you get your entitled ass out of my country. You should you thanking anyone who will listen for not throwing you in jail.

Why don’t we start over. You self-deport yourself back to whatever shithole you came from and reapply to enter America. We will consider it in a number of years equal to the amount of time you hung out and just assumed your trespass would be forgiven.

As for the Marxist Left, they should be on their hands and knees praising Schumer and thanking God that Schumer pull them out of that kill box as early as he did.

It was only going to get worse every day.

Why DO Democrats hate Hispanics?

Round them up and ship them out along with their parents. And end chain migration and the idiotic lottery. America never wins in the lottery.

Looking at that photo at the top: who knew crazy pelosi could sing?

There is only one solution to this and that is to offer a PATH to citizenship after a period of time during which the applicants have to learn English, have a self-supporting job, have no criminal record and then make their application at the end of the legal immigrant line while possessing a green card. There can be NO other riders or amendments. No more chain migration. No more lotto visa. Any give by the R’s and Trump will pay a lot more than the Dems will.

    Close The Fed in reply to inspectorudy. | January 24, 2018 at 1:03 am

    Re: Inspector Rudy

    There is NOT only one solution.

    The vetting will be poor AT BEST. English? English?!? Have you called any big company for customer service lately? “One for English….” They’re only learning English if we’re lucky. They live in enclaves and the dems aren’t encouraging assimilation. I hear the spanish everywhere I go and it’s irritating. Sounds horrible.

    These jackasses may claim to be “innocent,” but in truth of fact any illegal alien knows where to go to get fake documents. I’m willing to bet that many came here under their own steam. I’m not willing to take ONE word of theirs at face value.

    Ronald Reagan promised ONLY ONE amnesty. We’re way past that, and I’m disinterested in being forced to support these losers another minute, much less for the rest of their lives.

    tom_swift in reply to inspectorudy. | January 24, 2018 at 1:17 am

    There is only one solution to this and that is to offer a PATH to citizenship

    Absolutely not. That’s not a solution, that’s abject surrender. Citizenship should never be the reward for criminal behavior.

    The public does not want amnesty for any illegal immigrants. This is shown over and over in polling on the issue. Even the bulk of Dem voters do not want immigration amnesty, most especially black Democrat voters. The Congress wants to stay as far away from this issue as possible, for that very reason.

    This is why Congressional Dems and Repubs were content with Obama’s DACA. The President did it and, if the whole scheme went South, Congress’ hands were clean. Now, Trump has dumpted this back into the lap of Congress and, no matter what Congress does or doesn’t do, it is going to have to answer to the voters for it.

    To sum up, there is no DACA problem. Nothing need be fixed. The DACA registrants have plenty of time to make arrangements to return to their home country and apply for admission like everyone else. They have been taking advantage of the largess of this nation, illegally, for many, many years. It is time for that to end, just as it does for every other person who enters this country illegally, they have to leave, and knock on the door to request entry; not climb in through a window.

Who could have imagined that a voting bloc that was going to rise up and become a powerful political force within the Democrat party, a bloc that would heavily influence Democrat goals and objectives, was a bloc entirely composed of illegal aliens? Who could have ever thought that illegal aliens, who have no legal right to vote, would end up driving much of the Democrat party’s agenda?Why can’t so many Americans see how absurd this all is and do not become more enraged?

I think this will turn out to be a huge electoral miscalculation by the Democratic party. We can quantify the schism amongst Democrats by seeing that 16 voted to shut down the government or not re-open it. The 16 have made themselves irrelevant other than to their own far-left base. The Dems will simply antagonize everyone else who was otherwise perhaps disposed to seek a kind and gentle solution for the DACA-KAKAs. The only real “outrage” comes from the far left, because that’s how they roll. What they’ll get from most of the rest of the country is indifference. Being outraged at the left in turn signifies more engagement with the issue than any of this deserves. The far left could have had a deal, it gambled, it lost, now it sounds like instead of groveling to Trump, McConnel and Ryan for the best available deal (i.e. something that will pass the House and which includes some form or other of something that Trump can call a “wall”), Schumer and the rest are doubling down on stupid.

would rather see Schumer pass a golf-ball sized kidney stone.