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Trump Makes “Merry Christmas” Great Again; Leftist Heads Explode

Trump Makes “Merry Christmas” Great Again; Leftist Heads Explode

“I am proud to have led the charge against the assault of our cherished and beautiful phrase. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!”

President Trump has an amazing knack for pushing leftist buttons.  His trolling of the media is epic; they always bite, chasing his squirrels and making genuine donkeys of themselves in the process.

The latest example of this involves a “saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again” tweet and an ad released by America First Policies.  The left is, predictably and hilariously, melting down.

The president tweeted:

The prof astutely assessed the trolling impact on the left:

Heh.  It did indeed work:

It’s so funny, too, to see the “fake news” that gets absorbed and repeated with holier-than-thou glee by rank-and-file lefties.

That, of course, is not true, as Leslie blogged back in August.

A couple of tweets speak to the heart of the “War on Christmas” matter that so resonates with Trump voters.

The first tweet referencing President Trump saying “Happy Holidays” in 2010 instead of “Merry Christmas” is a perfect example of the sort of pressure public (and not so public) figures felt in saying “Merry Christmas.”

The Washington Post published an article intended to debunk the “war on Christmas” narrative and President Trump’s efforts to make us proud to say “Merry Christmas” again.  What they did, however, was quite the opposite.

WaPo highlights the “war on Christmas” by finding one tiny town in Tennessee that “never stopped saying ‘Merry Christmas’.”  The exception that proves the rule.

In this rural Trump-supporting town, home to barely 1,000 people and at least 10 Christian churches, the word “holiday” doesn’t seem to exist.

Outside the county courthouse there’s an evergreen tree covered with colored lights and ornaments made by local students, along with a sign that reads: “Welcome to our Christmas tree.” Light poles along Main Street are decorated with banners featuring Santa Claus and a greeting of “MERRY CHRISTMAS.” The beauty shop window has a sign reading, “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

At the town’s Christmas parade earlier this month, children scurried to scoop up candy, and adults shouted to one another, “Merry Christmas!”

“We’ve always said ‘Merry Christmas,’ ” said Melissa Cobb, 48, a local hairstylist wearing dangling cross earrings, who voted for President Trump and gathered before the parade with fellow church members and clients in the beauty salon where she works. She added that no one in the town has ever been offended by her saying the phrase.

“It offends me,” she continued, “to see at the stores, where they just do ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Seasons Greetings.’ It should be ‘Merry Christmas.’ Put Christ back into Christmas. That’s what it’s supposed to be. . . . I just wish we would all get on the same page.”

Trump tapped into this sentiment on the campaign trail when he promised that if he was elected president, everyone would say “Merry Christmas” again — never mind that most Americans never stopped.

We may not all have stopped saying it, but we did feel the weight of it outside of conservative regions like the South.  We understood that “Happy Holidays” was preferred and that we risked offending and insulting others—or losing our jobs, i.e. mine in academia—by uttering the words “Merry Christmas.”

I felt it when I lived in Massachusetts, as I’ve attested in a post about my experience with this socio-cultural and economic pressure.  No one said, “if you say ‘Merry Christmas,’ you’re out of here.”  They didn’t have to.  The left uses the fact that conservatives and others on the right don’t want to offend or upset others.  They know we don’t like to make a fuss and that we are likely to turn the other cheek or remain silent when we are attacked or in the face of controversy . . . particularly when our jobs are on the line.

That assumption of the right’s reaction to leftist bullying and intolerance has been steam-rolled by President Trump.  In leading the charge against the perpetually-offended, ever joyless, always bitter and angry left, he has freed us to speak just a bit more loudly, to push back just a bit more aggressively.  That it manifests in our embrace of saying “Merry Christmas” without glancing around to make sure no one is offended is particularly problematic for the left for whom the eradication of belief in anything but government is the ultimate goal.

The second tweet references President Trump saying that he brought back the freedom to say “Merry Christmas.”  The inference here is that the words “Merry Christmas” were not officially banned and didn’t lead to a citizen being arrested for saying the words.

That’s perfectly true; it was not officially banned, except at the VA and throughout executive agencies during the Obama presidency.  As we’ve documented for years here at LI, college campuses have worked overtime to eliminate anything remotely religious from Christmas celebrations, and K-12 schools are limited to Christmas Holiday Winter pageants that feature songs about snow and reindeer . . . as long as the word “White” is not used.  Because racism.

The left, in other words and despite their protestations, is fully aware that in the culture war there is no need for either an open declaration of war or for citizens to be arrested for saying “Merry Christmas.”  Bullying and shaming and counting on our reluctance to rock the boat do the trick quite nicely, toss in the “I’m so offended” complaint to get Christmas decorations banned and “separation of church and state” lawsuits to ensure that no Christian symbology is evident on local, state, or federal government grounds, and you have an effective war on Christmas.  Toss in “accidentally” leaving Christmas off of school calendars as the EU did in 2010, and it’s even more difficult to deny.

America First Policies, a non-profit started by former advisers to President Trump, released the following ad that has the left outraged.

Predictably, leftie heads exploded on Twitter.

The president didn’t stop with that one tweet; he followed up with two more “Merry Christmas” tweets:

Even the First Lady got in on the trolling action:

Trump tapped into something that is very real and that to many Americans represents an attack on our culture.  The American left is so busy embracing every culture but their own that they fail to see their own intolerance and destruction of their own culture.  It would be tragically sad if it weren’t so dangerous.


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here in my VERY blue part of blue Lost Angels, #Failifornia, i’m hearing “Merry Christmas” more this year than in recent memory…

and when some scrunch face tells me “Happy Holidays” i’ve been wishing them a “Merry Christmas” in return…

because i can.

Had to be careful when planning Christmas parties as a union rep to refer to them as “Holiday Parties”. Calling them Christmas parties was verboten.

I picked up my groceries from Walmart Friday night around 7pm.

A young (mid-late 20’s) girl brought them out and we loaded the bags in the car. I signed for them and she said “Have a great holiday”. I said “Merry Christmas”.

She got this BIG grin on her face and said “Merry Christmas to you too”.


    This was my experience outside of Boston, too. There’s a huge voting base to be tapped in states (er, Commonwealths) like Mass. They have a strong, America First MAGA base that feels that their vote doesn’t matter. I can’t tell you how many people told me they weren’t voting in 2008 because they felt their vote didn’t matter. Boston, the Cape, and the Berkshires are heavily-populated progressive strongholds, so they always win. I tried to explain that their vote mattered, that if everyone who felt that way actually voted, we could change things. That’s a hard sell in a Massachusetts.

    Back in 2010 when I had finally hauled my bum off the couch, I was surprised that so many people in MA were conservative. And I mean really, truly, deeply conservative. They hated big government and high taxes, they hated everything that Democrats stand for. These are pro-lifers who are more afraid to admit that than they are to say “Merry Christmas.”

      The concept of the ‘silent majority’ is very accurate. Most people aren’t lost, angry souls who have nothing spiritual to hang onto except leftist delusions.

      If it wasn’t true, the supply of parents’ basements would be in overwhelming demand.

      Republicans were everywhere. Just google Leverett Saltonstall – one of the pictures has a campaign sign “Walking with Salty” what a hoot but he was governor and Senator. Ed Brooke and plenty of others. JFK changed all that.

The little girl in that video has more common sense than obama – and she’d make a better president, even at her age.

I have a Facebook friend from the Netherlands who has a very large business in the shipping industry. She and her husband are very conservative (MAGA type). Yes, they do exist in Europe. She always wishes me a Merry Christmas every year.

They prefer the video of the little girls shouting profanities every fourth word.

Btw, if there is ANY doubt Melania Trump loves being First Lady, sees it as a calling, and will happily tell leftist detractors to stick it, her confident ‘selfie’ clears up that argument.

There’s a reason Donald and Melania are together.

Wonder if Barron is going to get his parents’ steely resolve?

Good report Fuzzy!

I’m happy when the progs get all bent out of shape.

Which is why I am perpetually happy these days 🙂

IndependentDem | December 26, 2017 at 7:39 am

In the US embassy where I’m posted I noticed people making a point of saying “Merry Christmas” this year, and genuinely enjoying doing so, unlike in several years past. There is a change in the air. As the song pointed out at the end of 2016, “It’s the most wonderful time … in eight years.”

First thing yo know the Libs are going to “take back” Christmas and start going to church.

Lawsuits against the use of Merry Christmas in public parties, public decorations, Nativity scenes, union grievances, school plays sued to close them, and all that – none of that counts as a War on Christmas.

Saying “Merry Christmas” and being called into to office for creating a hostile work atmosphere is not exactly a ban on saying Merry Christmas. Have your Leftist friends explain that one to you.

American Human | December 26, 2017 at 9:26 am


I can tell you first hand, as about as normal a citizen as there is – I had made a conscious effort over the last several years to use the politically correct “Happy Holidays”. It was not due to some irrational fear that I would be thrown in jail like the Lib-tards above might allude.

This year, possibly as a result of Trump, I made a conscious effort to say “Merry Christmas” even to my Jewish and Muslim friends and acquaintances. You know what? Even they wished me Merry Christmas back.

I can say that I don’t use the term African American anymore. I have no problem arguing that Islam is not a religion but a socio-economic force based on suppression of basic freedoms and democratic thought and is thus completely incompatible with the American way. Sometimes a wall is just a wall, too.

Ah, the arrogance of the New York Times, still trying to tell us what America thinks. After completely miseading the nation on Hillary Clinton’s “landslide” victory.