Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tried to come to the defense of her colleague Sen. Kristin Gillibrand (D-NY) after President Donald Trump claimed that the latter used to beg him for campaign contributions “and would do anything for them.” Warren fired back on Twitter and asked Trump if he is “really trying to bully, intimidate and slut-shame” Gillibrand.

But this is another example of the media’s weird obsession with Trump’s Twitter account while ignoring other big stories go below the fold.

Gillibrand, Trump, Warren

So this all started after Gillibrand called for Trump to resign after the females who accused him of sexual misconduct have come back to the spotlight.

To no one’s shock, Trump went on Twitter to lash out at Gillibrand.

People assumed that part of the tweet where he says she would do anything for the contributions meant sexual favors. One of these people is Warren:

First of all, I love how females can badger men on social media or men can badger other men. But when you pick a fight or insult a female EHRMAHGERD PROTECT THE WEAK WOMAN. But it’s normal to come to the defense of your friends.

However, I know better than to use “slut-shame.” That phrase came into popularity during those infamous slut walks back in 2011. Females would say that when others criticized women for dressing scantily or sleeping around that they were “slut-shaming” the woman.

Reactions to Warren’s Tweet

Therefore, one could think that Warren is implying that Gillibrand has done something slutty.

Media Obsession With Trump’s Twitter Account

At the White House press briefing, ABC’s Cecilia Vega asked Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders what Trump meant in the tweet. From Mediate:

“What is he alleging would happen behind closed doors with her?” Vega asked.

“He’s not alleging anything,” Sanders replied. “He’s talking about the way that our system functions as it is. That politicians repeatedly beg for money, that’s not something new. And that comment, frankly, is not something new. If you look back at past comments this president has made, he’s used that same terminology many times in reference to men. There’s no way that this is sexist at all.”

Sanders also said that “your mind is in the gutter” if you read it as a sexual innuendo.

Sanders may have a point:

But this also shows how awful the media is for concentrating on Trump’s tweets and ignoring what else is happening behind closed doors. Axios’s Jim VandeHei tweeted that it’s been another day “consumed with a Trump tweet.” Everyone is concentrating on the tweet and not the fact that the GOP is pushing through a tax bill. VandeHei tweeted out a blog of his from last week about how Trump has a formula to manipulate the media and it works everything single time.

He sends out a tweet in the early morning, usually before 9AM. Data has shown that his tweets on fake news receives more retweets and likes. This then leads to top morning show Morning Joe to spend almost a whole hour on Trump’s tweet bomb while journalists keep hashing it out on the social media platform. Look at the press briefing today. Started off right away about Trump’s tweet about Gillibrand.


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