Rumors have been swirling in Washington for days that Trump is planning to fire Robert Mueller before Christmas. Democrats have been stirring their base by advancing this narrative.

One easily gets the sense that the left wants Trump to do it. It would give them something new and fresh to be outraged about. Too bad for them.

Politico reports:

Trump says he is not considering firing Mueller

President Donald Trump said on Sunday he is not considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller.

“No, I’m not,” Trump told reporters, when asked if he intended to fire Mueller. The president was returning to the White House from a weekend at the Camp David presidential retreat.

Washington has been abuzz with speculation about Mueller’s future probing Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and whether any Trump associates were involved. Trump has maintained there was no collusion with Moscow and has called the investigation a “witch hunt.”

Here’s the video of Trump’s remarks:

It looks like the left’s plan to “take the streets” will have to be put on hold for now.

This is Obama’s former White House ethics chief:

They wanted Trump to do this. He didn’t take the bait.

Featured image via YouTube.


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