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Regular Chocolate Milk Returns to School Lunch Menu

Regular Chocolate Milk Returns to School Lunch Menu

Making school lunches tasty again!

Christmas is coming early for America’s schoolchildren, as the Trump administration rolls back even more Obama-era lunacy.

Chocolate milk will soon be back on public school lunch menus as new rules ease nutritional standards established by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act and championed by former first lady Michelle Obama.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Thursday published a new interim rule, due to take effect on July 1 after a period of public comment, which relaxes sodium limits and whole-grain requirements on school lunches and also allows flavored milk with 1 percent back into school cafeterias nationwide.

Currently, public schools are allowed to serve only flavored milk that is nonfat or unflavored milk that is low-fat or nonfat.

“This is not reducing the nutritional standards whatsoever,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told reporters when he unveiled the proposed changes in May. “I wouldn’t be as big as I am today without flavored milk.”

“Schools need flexibility in menu planning so they can serve nutritious and appealing meals,” Perdue said in a statement Thursday. “Schools want to offer food that students actually want to eat. It doesn’t do any good to serve nutritious meals if they wind up in the trash can.”

While non-fat versions of flavored milk are an option, fat is what gives food and beverages a good taste. Plus, as the health benefits of eating sensible amounts is also no longer being suppressed, fat is now appreciated to be an important component to a well-rounded diet.

There’s even more sweet, regulation-ending goodness in this gift.

The interim final rule published Wednesday means lunchrooms won’t be required to further restrict sodium levels as planned for the 2018-2019 school year. States will also be allowed to grant exemptions to schools experiencing hardship in obtaining whole grain-rich products for 2018-2019.

Of course, the doom-and-gloom, nanny-staters derided the new policies:

Now, schools will be able to rely more heavily on refined grains in rice, bread, pasta or cereal, among others.

This is disconcerting to Juliana Cohen, a professor of health sciences at Merrimack College

‘Refined grains remove the fiber and nutrients from the grains,’ she says. ‘So kids may get hungrier faster.’

This is particularly important in the context of the current obesity epidemic. Even if children eat relatively healthy meals and portions at school, the temptations of snack foods may well await them at home.

‘With healthier school meals, kids leave school fuller, so they’re not compensating when they leave school and enter obesiogenic environments,’ says Cohen.

Instead, I would blame the fraudulent reports that blamed fat for the heath effects caused by sugar, and the ensuing federal standards that were based on the #FakeScience as the origin of obesity, high blood pressure, and a myriad of other health problems we see among the entire population (including kids).

Many parents are as joyful as their offspring:


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Regular Chocolate Milk Returns to School Lunch Menu

Why would they ban milk of color and only allow white privilege milk, in the first place?

Isn’t that racist?

    murkyv in reply to Zachriel. | December 3, 2017 at 10:58 am

    Which pretty much coincides with the rise of McFast Food and 2 working parents.

    Mac45 in reply to Zachriel. | December 3, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Not to mention advances in nutrition, decreases in hunger levels, a reduction in work habits and a reduction in physical activity levels among children and young adults.

    Take a child, give him plenty of food, allow him to maintain a sedentary lifestyle and viola; you have a fat kid.

      Gremlin1974 in reply to Mac45. | December 3, 2017 at 4:01 pm

      ^^Bingo! We keep saying kids are to fat, when I went to school 20+ years ago we had 3 recesses of 20 minutes each, if I remember correctly (ti has been a while). Today, they have one recess that lasts maybe 20 minutes sometimes less.

        Fat, dumb and angry is how the left needs their voters.

        The crying boehners allowed the complete corruption of our educational system on their watch. Right mcconnell and ryan?

        For that, they should get ten thousand flu shots each. In the same day.

        In other seriousness, there’s a theory that modern children’s gut flora is now low in pre-piotic enzymes, causing cravings of fattening foods and pathological gluttony. That, coupled with no exercise has created a generation of mooooochelle obamas.

          Gremlin1974 in reply to | December 3, 2017 at 10:20 pm

          Actually I have worked in GI before and have read some of the research you are talking about, far from proven but still an interesting concept/theory. If so we may be able to help combat some obesity by modifying intestinal flora, which would be cool.

Are you ready for CNN “Trump war on children” or “War on Children’s Health” or whatever? They have to protect the Obama legacy as Michelle will be running on it.

    The only ‘running’ moooochelle obama will be doing is to the bathroom to purge so she can keep stuffing her face.

    But who knows: maybe the democrats will be dumb enough to trot her out (literally), and we can start getting to the bottom (no pun intended) of the extensive ‘obama’ fraud, and obama’s treason while president.

    Moo’s only job experience has been to (1) fail at a private law firm (she couldn’t hack it – so she complained about the type of work she had to do and quit,) had to work for the only entity that would hire her: (2) the government, doing scam work for the political machine of Chicago.

    Then bill ayers got barry elected to the state government, and suddenly moose gets a another government job she’s absolutely unqualified for, getting paid $300,000.00+ per year.

    Then, there’s the fraud of barry. And his treason.

    Let her run.

Since a high % of the “lunch” crap Mooch pushed on schools got thrown away uneaten, this is good for our landfills too

Paul In Sweden | December 3, 2017 at 11:29 am

Perhaps a little off topic BUT:

4chan followers did one of their stunts to troll the Shia LaBeouf He will not divide us display in New York creating a fictional White Power Milk Meme that many in the Media took as a sign that the mythical nation wide white power movement was real.

Unfortunately, the Feminist Insane Swedish government took the troll seriously and last month released in a manual warnings for government, media and acedemics of this White Power Milk Movement.

The white hate: radical nationalism in digital environments
Culture Department Research Area
1. Decision Support System and Information Fusion

Det vita hatet: radikal nationalism i digitala miljöer
Kulturdepartementet Forskningsområde
1. Beslutsstödssystem och informationsfusion

Sammanfattning – Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut–4463–SE

Page 33 of 60

Mjölk Associationen mellan mjölk och vit makt-rörelsen aktualiserades under 2017 då mjölkdrickande vitmakt anhängare började figurera i skådespelaren Shia LaBeoufs Trump-kritiska videoinstallation. Mjölkdrickandet speglar föreställningen om den vita kroppens perfektion och kan spåras tillbaka till den genetiska mutation som ligger bakom många nordeuropéers förmåga att tillgodogöra sig mjölk som vuxna. Referenser till mjölk används bland annat av en av USA:s mest framträdande vit-maktanhängare, Richard Spencer, som skrivit texten ”I’m very tolerant… lactose tolerant” (”jag är väldigt tolerant… laktostolerant”) tillsammans med en symbol som visar ett glas mjölk i sin Twitter-profil.

Translation: Milk – The Association between milk and the white power movement arose during 2017 when milk drinking white power followers started showing up in the actor Shia LeBoeuf’s Trump criticizing video installation. The milk drinking reflects the idea of the white body’s perfection and can be traced back to the genetic mutation that lies behind many northern Europeans’ ability to absorb milk as adults. References to milk are used among others by one of USA’s most prominent white power follower, Richard Spencer, who has written the text “I’m very tolerant… lactose tolerant” together with a symbol showing a glass of milk on his Twitter profile.

This is pretty insane. The Richard Spencer posting on milk has to do with Spencer simply stating that he is not a ‘Soy Boy’ like the Buzzfeed ‘Soy Boys’ who this year did a video showing their testosterone results indicating, not surprisingly, that almost all of them had half the level of testosterone as average males in their age group. So Spencer’s reference to Milk was purely a Soy Boy reference and not a White Power racist provocation.

I however within the last month read some posting from some academic in the USA suggesting that the USDA daily milk intake requirement was racist because as suggested by the offended academic is designed primarily to prevent osteoporosis in elderly Caucasians which can metabolize whole milk where the academic suggests that people of color cannot.

The milk metabolism racist thing is overblown and on dubious science grounds as it seems that the opposition debate on milk consumption comes from vegan and other less than objective activists.

With all of the problems we have in Sweden the government assures us that they are in hot pursuit of this White Power Milk Movement. We can rest in our IKEA Beds easy now…

    4th armored div in reply to Paul In Sweden. | December 3, 2017 at 12:00 pm

    -> We can rest in our IKEA Beds easy now… <-
    until the lactose intolerant Muslims take over the entire European continent and you can have your own little Yugoslavia …
    I wish you well and keep a little hatchet handy.

      Paul In Sweden in reply to 4th armored div. | December 3, 2017 at 12:56 pm

      “I wish you well and keep a little hatchet handy.”

      No Joke, I have the hatchet I brought over with me first trip from NYC back in 2004 and a few others always handy. However; If I really wanted to go through the whole hassle, I could have shipped my pistols and long guns over, stored them at the local gun shop until I got all my permits and home storage sorted. It is just too much effort and for now I am not motivated. The option is there.

    You figure getting raped enough would set the Swedes straight.

    Seems like the Swedes opened their borders to millions of Weinsteins – but without any good movies.

4th armored div | December 3, 2017 at 11:42 am

studies have shown that kids did NOT eat ‘healthy’ school meals – only the trash can did.

parents know that if you don’t provide tasty food, it won’t be eaten unless the kids are VERY hungry.

‘no way to run a railroad’

Until she was so publicly and embarassingly schooled, mooochelle obama could not eat right, dress right, or know to do much of anything except complain (oh-forgot: did know not to pick her crotch in public; probably still doesnt). Due to her great skill set, she/he, whatever it is, becomes the arbiter of America’s eating, while spending billions of our money on herself. And she hates our nation as much as the food – which she hogs down regularly.

mooochelle obama is baf a stain on the nation as traitor and beta male barry is.

Which is why she should be….president. An idea even dumber than joy behar.

Mooooochelle in 2020!

    Paul In Sweden in reply to | December 3, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    What are the details regarding Michelle Obama’s preemptive surrender of her law license? There is the land deal and all the other elicit things McCain and Romney wouldn’t bring to the table that Trump will not hesitate to do so. That is even if Trump wants to run again. I would be happy if Trump banged out his agenda and called it at one term but I guess we will see what he has undone and what he wants.

These “standards” were just awful. I work in a school and saw the change. We went from having good food that the kids liked. To having food that most of the kids do not eat. The changes were silly as well. Like on big change was that one of the easiest ways to meet standards was to serve “Whole Grain Hot Pockets”, lol, there is only one healthy thing you can do with any hot pocket and that is throw it in the trash.

Also the numbers that defenders will base their success on is number of servings “consumed”. That is not a hard standard to meet when you implement rules that say “each student must take X servings of A, B, and C”. The problem is that is servings served and mandatory servings do not indicate success. For me who monitors lunch I get to see how many of those “servings consumed” are actually “consumed” by the trash cans.

The net result was we had more students complaining of being hungry in the afternoons and showing poorer performance in the afternoons.

Yep, just a huge “success” all around, lol.

    Moose did to school lunches what barry did to the rest of the country’s institutions – with the help of the crying boehners.

    They almost made it. Then klinton blew a rigged election.

    Prediction: Hillary Klinton will commit suicide within a year, or have to be confined to a mental institution. (Unless Swamp Sessions is replaced as AG, don’t look for her to wind up in jail.)

Just think, Children, every time you buy a carton of non-skimmed chocolate milk, somewhere a Democrat goes to hell. So drink up!

I hope America’s cows are suitably compensated for the overtime they’re going to rack up.

Bring back whole milk. Kid’s need fat.

This will end white milk privilege.

It is NOT the government’s job to feed my children, or to decide what they eat when they are charging ME for the food.