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Matt Lauer Wants $30 Million from NBC After Firing

Matt Lauer Wants $30 Million from NBC After Firing

An industry insider says:“There is no way Matt is getting paid.”

Barely 24 hours after news broke that NBC’s Matt Lauer was fired over multiple allegations of sexual assault, he is already trying to negotiate a substantial golden parachute.

Tyler McCarthy reports at FOX News:

Matt Lauer wants $30 million from NBC after his firing for sexual harassment, report says

It seems Matt Lauer’s battle at NBC is not quite over. A new report indicates that the star’s lawyers are hoping to get him a reported $30 million for his contract that was supposed to take him through 2018, providing the disgraced TV host with a massive golden parachute.

According to Page Six, Lauer’s lawyers are working on a plan to get him the remainder of his $20 million per year contract, which would have run another year and a half had he not been terminated over allegations of sexual misconduct.

In 2016 he renegotiated a deal with the network, but the question now is whether or not a morality clause embedded within the contract allows the network to withhold the remainder of his payment, which would be roughly $30 million.

Lauer’s lawyer, William Zabel, did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

As previously reported, Lauer was abruptly removed from his position as anchor and host of the “Today Show” on Wednesday after an employee came forward with proof of sexual harassment. Since then, the number of women accusing him of misconduct has grown to eight.

This is an excellent point:

Here’s more from the Page Six article by Emily Smith referenced above:

Matt Lauer’s lawyers trying to get him $30M payout after firing

A source close to Lauer’s team said, “They are currently looking at his contract and determining whether the claims against him, which clearly would affect any moral clause in his contract and his ensuing termination would cut off his contractual rights to be paid through to the end of his contract.”

NBC had in 2016 renegotiated a new deal with Lauer valued at $20 million a year which would have kept him on the air through the end of 2018.

Another TV insider said, “There is no way Matt is getting paid. There has been an irrevocable breach of Matt’s contract, there is a moral clause that says if he brings the company into disrepute — which he clearly has — NBC can terminate his employment immediately without pay and they do not have to pay out his contract.”

Here’s the latest sighting of Lauer:

Maybe now isn’t the best time for Lauer to demand millions of dollars from his former employer. It makes his situation look much worse. Not to mention his character as a human being.


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So now he’s trying to rape NBC!!!

Is it wrong to say that NBC asked for it by winking at him and playing footsie with him for so long???

The photo leading the article leads me to this question: What value is there in someone with a camera following this guy around to photograph him hugging his attorney with an envelope in his hand? I’m glad my life is more than that.

    mailman in reply to daveclay. | December 1, 2017 at 9:13 am

    What I love about that photo is a liberal getting some of his own medicine. Its about time they were treated EXACTLY the same way they have been treating everyone else!!

      YellowSnake in reply to mailman. | December 1, 2017 at 11:25 am

      Well, at least he won’t be treated the way the workers who demolished the site for Trump Tower were treated. They got to breathe healthful asbestos. Yeah, I know there was a sub-contractor. Yeah, I know Trump has plausible deniability. Plausible to the gullible. Plausible to those who want to believe a grifter.

      Until a couple of days ago, Lauer had deniability, too. You don’t think NBC knew? The avalanche was starting and they need to push him into it.

Matt is going to extort NBC threatening to expose how they knew all about his actions over the years and led him to believe it was okay. NBC will pay because their exposure (for allowing this) is huge.

By the way:

1. See the video of Meredith Viera (on a live TV show in 2016) calling him out for having a bag of sex toys – and his made up story in response. On TMZ.
2. Another video where he tells Savannah to keep bending down because its a nice view. TMZ again.

They are all trying to cover themselves from this vicious human being.

    Petrushka in reply to JOHN B. | December 1, 2017 at 8:58 am

    I was in children’s protective service some decades ago. I said then and repeat it now. The way you stop abuse and exploitation is not to hire the right people, but to design systems that don’t allow abuse to hide.

    Years and years ago, the agency I worked for had a policy that office doors would never be closed unless it was for a meeting of several people.

    You can have systems that don’t attract or protect predators.

      JPL17 in reply to Petrushka. | December 1, 2017 at 9:27 am

      “You can have systems that don’t attract or protect predators.”

      It’s the same reason businesses started incorporating clear glass into their office designs in the 1980s. Employees can shut their office doors all they want; but others still see everything that goes on inside.

It will be interesting to see what kind of leverage Lauer has. He’s going to argue, I suppose, that NBC brass knew about his behavior for years, including at contract renewal time, and that they are complicity with the behavior. Which is, I suppose, true!

Just another good reason not to patronize NBC news products.

Can lawsuits from his victims be far behind? He may need that 30 million to pay them off.

Of course he is! NBC knew Lauer was a perv and ignored it until firing pervs became chic. They allowed pervy behavior to become common in their work spaces. There’s no moral high ground here for NBC execs, so they’re left with nothing but simple pragmatism. Certainly can’t stuff the genie back in the bottle and my guess is that Lauer isn’t exactly an outlier in the NBC talent stable. They’ll pay the perv whatever he needs to go away silently.

Considering how much money Lauer’s disgusting behavior is now likely to cost NBC in lawsuits, he should probably be paying them $30 million (or more).

After all the left wing garbage NBC and Lauer have peddled over the years, it would be nice to see a good cat fight bringing out guilt and corruption on the side of both management and Lauer.

Connivin Caniff | December 1, 2017 at 10:37 am

Isn’t that picture from a scene in the horror film Nosferatu? Scary.

The people who write these contracts should be much more careful.

Why isn’t this guy in jail?

Per Rush, Lauer is negotiating his Golden Condom. Awesome.

Could Bill Orielly sue Lauer and NBC?

That vicious Lauer, caused many good journalists to be fired over the years. His firing, is VERY long overdue. He was difficult to work with & had ” Roaming Hands.” Good Riddance. It should get Squat !