The Senate voted early this morning to pass a Tax Reform bill. That bill is not yet law, because differences with the Tax Reform bill passed by the House need to be worked out in conference.

Nonetheless, this procedural step forward was considered a big win for Trump and Republicans after Senate Republicans could not pass even a weak repeal and replace of Obamacare because of defections. But this time the caucus held together with just one defection, Bob Corker.

How have liberals reacted?

Let’s see if I can put this diplomatically. They totally lost their s–t.

Apparently AMERICA DIED!

and a majority vote in the Senate was a COUP D’ETAT

It was like nuclear war, MILLIONS DIED!

While you were sleeping snug in your beds, DEMOCRACY DIED

Not sure a televised vote is “darkness,” but it was DEATH nonetheless

This may be redundant since America died, but the SENATE DIED too.


In this post-nuclear winter, THERE IS NO AMERICA

Then Senate Republicans did a victory dance on the bones of their victims

Middle Class Families are gone.

Let’s clarify that, ALL AMERICAN FAMILIES were killed by this vote.

This all reminds me of former Congressman Alan Grayson who, arguing against Republican alternatives to Obamacare, declared that Republicans want people to



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