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Latest Anti-Trump Media Ploy: Putin Receives Reports on Trump Twitter Feed

Latest Anti-Trump Media Ploy: Putin Receives Reports on Trump Twitter Feed

Is there any world leader who doesn’t receive reports on other world leaders’ social media?

In an infamous one-liner aimed at then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney (R-MA), then-candidate Obama and incumbent president (D) said, “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back . . . the Cold War is over.”  This was after Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bungled the “Russian reset” by skewering the translation on her symbolic “reset” button.  This was also before Obama promised, in an equally-infamous hot mic moment,  “flexibility” with Russia after the 2012 election.


It’s initially more than a bit puzzling that the left has developed a sudden aversion to all things Russia; they are, after all, ideologically aligned.  Bernie Sanders, the 2016 socialist Democrat presidential hopeful, is a long-time admirer of the former Soviet Union and has been relatively silent as the left and its media lapdogs attack President Trump for some sort of undefined and unproven “collusion” between his presidential campaign and the Russian government.

Democrats appear to be playing on Americans’ deep-felt distrust of Russia, a distrust that has strong historical roots.  The left’s sudden distrust of Russia, however, has nothing to do with ideology or history and everything to do with politics.  The amazing thing is how quickly this about-face happened.  We went from the Obama administration pushing Russian “resets” and “flexibility” to fear and outrage that the Russians posted messages on Facebook.

But here we are.  The Russians are despised by the rank-and-file left because it suits the purposes of their political overlords in the Democratic Party.  Ask a member of Occupy or the antifa what is so horrible about Russia, and they can’t tell you; they’ll burble about Trump and Russia and something about elections, but they have no idea why they are supposed to hate Russia and fear its involvement with—and within—the U. S.

The idea, of course, is to undermine President Trump, even affect a coup and remove him from office.  To that end, the mainstream media is tweaking the Democrat and anti-Trump base at every turn.

To that end, they publish inane articles with meaningless headlines to suggest that Trump is somehow aligned with Russia.

Case in point: Bloomberg has published an article entitled, “Putin Gets Reports on Trump’s Tweets, Kremlin Says.”  Seriously, that’s the headline.  This is right up there with CNN’s earth-shattering report that the president enjoys drinking Diet Coke.

The idea, of course, is to further connect Trump to Russia and Putin, to feed inchoate leftist suspicion and outrage.

This non-story nonsense is making headlines:

LA Times:  When Trump tweets, Putin is briefed

WaPo:  Putin receives briefings on Trump’s tweets, Kremlin says

Newsweek:  Donald Trump’s Tweets Are in Vladimir Putin’s News Briefs

Any world leader who does not receive reports on every other world leader’s Twitter feed (and other social media outlets) would be incredibly remiss.  Did Prime Minister Teresa May just happen upon a Trump tweet she found objectionable?  Maybe while she was curled up with her iPhone with nothing else to do but read Trump’s Twitter feed?

The anti-Trump media is in overdrive in its attempt not only to report false stories but in its cynical reporting of anything at all that “connects” Putin to Trump.  They do this with no interest in honesty or truth; it’s about spinning gossamer webs around a tiny snapshot of and then purposefully excluding the rest of the story to undermine and discredit our duly-elected president.


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Maybe while she was curled up with her iPhone with nothing else to do but read Trump’s Twitter feed?

Nothing else to do? I’ll bet she’s borrowed the Queen’s copy of that DVD of Obama’s speeches.

Baby, we’re really, really at war with the swamp: equally on the left and on the GOPe rat sides of the isle.

Most precarious is the middle of the road Republicans who thought Jeb! was a good idea. This is an email from one of them – shows their thinking. (So many of them watch CNN – believing they are ‘monitoring’ the other side. But they are falling right into the trap.)

First email from me, re the election of Jones:

“The GOPe took-out Strange by putting him in the running, probably knowing the base would rebel against the GOPe’s rino candidate. The GOPe is a dead party. McConnell is as hated as Gloria Allred. Worse, in fact. So is Flake, Corker, McCain, etc.
McConnell and his ilk are Quislings, and on their way out. But they’re all too happy to take the base down with them. The base knows it.

“So the situation we have now is that the base trusts Trump, but hates the GOPe. Until the GOPe is wiped out of leadership of the GOP, this Strange/Moore trend will continue. The GOPe is comfortable with this, because they want their perks without any responsibility or pressure to fight the democrat media.

“McConnell is poison, and so are his candidates. So is Ryan”

Her response:

“Baloney. Even Trump endorsed Strange! So did Sessions! The far right wing will put the Dems back in power. This was the first step…”


    Sounds like the kind of person the media has been targeting since before the elections eh? Easily manipulated with emotion and lies. The perfect Democrat voter.

Let’s talk about treason.

barry obama —

“Obama’s hidden Iran deal giveaway:”

Bill Clinton —

“Flashback: Bill Clinton gave China missile technology”

Hillary klinton —

“Yes, The Russia Scandal Is Real — And It Involves Hillary Clinton:”

Donald Trump —

“Big List of 162 Trump accomplishments in 326 days”

God bless Donald Trump. Protect him like the future your nation is at stake.

We have always been at war with EastAsia.

The press is a two-cycle machine lately.
1) Lament how nobody trusts them any more.
2) Crow how Trump’s use of Russian Salad Dressing is a sign of impending impeachment.

repeat ad infinitum.

The media be-clowns itself on a daily/hourly basis and then wonders why no one, except their idiot base, has any use for them.

They are really this stupid because they have had complete control of what the public is told for so very long. Now with much of the public seeking out the truth, if and when it can be found, the MSM is just one among many. And a silly and mistrusted one at that.

They’ve been taking so many hits in the ego they are now just flailing blindly. JMO

“The anti-Trump media is in overdrive in its attempt not only to report false stories but in its cynical reporting of anything at all that “connects” Putin to Trump.”

Yup. And I’m still waiting for that CNN scoop that screams ‘Putin watches CNN for confirmation bias.’

Any day now….

It’s not literal, not even figurative, it’s coded.

JournoLism dies with the dawn of a new day.