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DOJ Official Demoted During Investigation Into Contacts With Trump Dossier Firm

DOJ Official Demoted During Investigation Into Contacts With Trump Dossier Firm

Supposedly had contacts with those at Fusion GPS.

The DOJ has demoted Bruce G. Ohr amid a probe into his contacts with the Fusion GPS firm, the company that produced the infamous dossier on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. From Fox News:

Initially senior department officials could not provide the reason for Ohr’s demotion, but Fox News has learned that evidence collected by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), chaired by Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., indicates that Ohr met during the 2016 campaign with Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored the “dossier.”

Later, a Justice Department official told Fox News, “It is unusual for anyone to wear two hats as he has done recently. This person is going to go back to a single focus—director of our organized crime and drug enforcement unit. As you know, combatting transnational criminal organizations and drug trafficking is a top priority for the Attorney General.”

Additionally, House investigators have determined that Ohr met shortly after the election with Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS – the opposition research firm that hired Steele to compile the dossier with funds supplied by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. By that point, according to published reports, the dossier had been in the hands of the FBI, which exists under the aegis of DOJ, for some five months, and the surveillance on Page had been commenced more than two months prior.

The demotion stripped him of his title as associate deputy attorney general. He retains his title of director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF). He will also vacate his office on the fourth floor of “Main Justice,” which was located four offices down from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Fox News noted that those “contacts between Ohr and Steele, and between Ohr and Simpson, have not been publicly disclosed nor shared with HPSCI staff.”

Fox News continued:

According to congressional sources, Simpson and Ohr met sometime around Thanksgiving last year, when President-elect Trump was in the process of selecting his Cabinet, and discussed over coffee the anti-Trump dossier, the Russia investigation, and what Simpson considered the distressing development of Trump’s victory.

How exactly Simpson and Ohr came to know each other is still being investigated but initial evidence collected by the House intelligence committee suggests that the two were placed in touch by Steele, a former FBI informant whose contacts with Ohr are said by senior DOJ officials to date back to 2006.

Former FBI Director James Comey told a House panel in March that the dossier was filled with “salacious and unverified” allegations against Trump and those who worked with him.

Nunes has sent out a subpoena today “specifically covering Ohr and his files.” He has also told staff of the HPSCI “to draft contempt-of-Congress citations against Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray.”

Nunes and his colleagues have sent many “subpoenas for documents and witnesses related to the dossier but claims DOJ and FBI have ‘stonewalled,’ an assertion that House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., seconded in a rare public statement in October.”


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Why is he not fired? Because the investigation isn’t complete?

OleDirtyBarrister | December 7, 2017 at 4:14 pm

This demand to cease and desist from InBev (Bud Light) to Modist Brewing will be making the rounds for a couple of days.

Obama administration officials have been stonewalling various congressional committee document requests for almost eight years.

By what process does Nunes and the committee end up with the subpoenaed FBI/DOJ files and documents – and done so in a timely manner ?

Because we already know the how this plays out.

1) partial compliance document release. (two year stall)
2) Committee demands all documents (six-nine months)
3) Agency again partially complies but redacts large swaths of text.
4) midterm elections.
5) ZzzzZzzzzZzz snort zzzZ huh? what? zzZzzzz drools zzzZZzz

    OleDirtyBarrister in reply to Tiki. | December 7, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    I believe that Nunes needs to fire off a series of letters to Trump asserting that he has no control over the executive branch and demand performance. He needs to meet with Trump with a list and have Trump issue a written, executive order instructing the AG and all his deputies, as well as the Director of FBI and all his deputies and agents, to produce the documents specified by a stated deadline. A refusal to comply would at least provide grounds for termination due to insubordination and obstruction and contempt of Congress.

If the Mueller investigation was a new movie and the plot went like real life, no one would believe it. You can’t make this stuff up and be credible. Only if it comes from DC can we believe it is this f ed up!

    If it was a movie, herr mueller would be shot right before the climax – which I would conclude with doctorS evil klinton and Obama getting blown up in their lair – as they are begging for theitr lives – and suddenly the coward Barry pushes Hillary into enemy fire so he can run. But a burning beam falls on him, and he roasts like the swine he is. Hillary makes a last attempt at crawling away with bags of money, but she opens the wrong door and runs into a closet and goes up in smoke when the building does.

    Donald and Melania go into the sunset, hand in hand. While they’re going down the path, Gillian Lindsay Vonn Moron comes flying off a hill on skis , shooting at them,but bangs into a tree, doing away with herself.

    Donald and Melania shrug and continue on their way. America is saved….

“This person is going to go back to a single focus—director of our organized crime and drug enforcement unit.”

This is a demotion? For anyone else on Earth it would be a tremendous honor! The swamp thickens …

From A Legal Perspective, Mueller’s Investigation is Dead. Here’s Why
Nick James

Like a headless turkey running around in circles, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s anti-Trump investigation is dead, even if he does not yet realize it. While his investigation stumbles onward, with life support provided by the biased media, from a legal perspective the viability of any criminal case that Mueller could possibly bring has been effectively gutted thanks to the news (suppressed for months by Mueller’s team) that the FBI’s “key agent” in both the Russia investigation and the Clinton email probe was an ardent Hillary supporter with an anti-Trump bias.

As a result, in any prosecution brought by Mueller against a Republican target, defense counsel would be entitled under the Constitution to all evidence in the government’s possession relevant to exploring the apparent biases of FBI agent Peter Strzok and his animosity toward Trump and the Republican Party. This, in and of itself, could be a case-killer because it is very unlikely that Mueller or the DOJ would want defense counsel poring through all the records and documents, emails, and texts in the DOJ’s and Strzok’s possession revealing the agent’s biases since this could fatally undermine any other cases or investigations the agent has worked on—such as the FBI’s decision to recommend charging General Flynn with lying to federal agents even though Hillary Clinton’s besties, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, were given a free pass despite apparently doing the same thing.

Significantly, the fatal damage done to Mueller’s anti-Trump investigation does not only rest in the fact that defense counsel will be able to conduct an unlubricated prostate examination on the FBI’s key agent at trial. Instead, the real reason why Mueller will not risk a criminal trial is the lasting damage that would be done to the FBI’s reputation by having Strzok’s baggage brought into the daylight.

In short, Mueller’s anti-Trump investigation is effectively dead (unless his targets’ lawyers are nincompoops). And, ironically, this is all the fault of Strzok and his mistress who wanted to help “Crooked Hillary” and target Trump. How do you like ‘dem apples?

Nick James is a trial attorney in the D.C. area who formerly worked for the United States Department of Justice as an award-winning federal prosecutor.

It’s starting to look like the defense will have a better day in court (if the case is filed) than the prosecution. It’s hard for the prosecution when they and their investigators are dirtier than the defendants.

    4th armored div in reply to VaGentleman. | December 7, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    are you joking – emails, what stinkin emails,
    we aint got no stinkin emails!!!!!


      4th armored div in reply to 4th armored div. | December 7, 2017 at 7:56 pm

      one more think we wiped them out, like with a cloth.

      After the Lois Lerner episode, a large number of federal agencies were forced into Exchange archiving email systems where *every* email sent or received to people in the agency is placed into permanent storage. One would hope the FBI is among those.

        DaveGinOly in reply to georgfelis. | December 8, 2017 at 12:33 am

        Unless agents have conducted electronic conversations using web-based email accounts (Hotmail, Gmail,, etc.) on personal devices. A raft of emails on the appropriate subject matter disclosed from FBI/DOJ servers would act as a decoy, distracting attention from the real conversations that may have taken place off the record.

    dawhome in reply to VaGentleman. | December 7, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    The problem with this is that this “investigation” has never been about getting prosecutions, it’s all about impeachment….where politics rule, not the law.

Fire a few and wipe out their pension.
Little fire under their asses will do wonders to gain some cooperation.

    puhiawa in reply to 4fun. | December 7, 2017 at 8:44 pm

    Offer amnesty for 24 hours. And where is Sessions. This should all have been in a special report to Congress and the president.

Breaking news.
The judge presiding over the Flynn case recuses himself.

    regulus arcturus in reply to RodFC. | December 7, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    Hearing he sits on the FISA court which may have approved the dossier-based affidavit, but unable to confirm.

This stinks ti high heaven. Way too many of these to be a coincidence. This is an attempted over throw of the Presidency.

regulus arcturus | December 7, 2017 at 9:11 pm

We now have the beginnings of a RICO case within FBI and DOJ.

Gee, it’s almost like the FBI picked the most pro-Hillary/anti-Trump people they could find to run the opposition research… I mean the investigation into the Trump campaign, but that would be just silly, wouldn’t it?

I can see the internal memo: Wanted, senior FBI agents with political contribution history to Hillary Clinton campaign. Shrine to Her Holiness optional. You will be issued a Donald Trump voodoo doll and a number of pins upon assignment to this task force. What you do with them is entirely up to you.

Agreed, Mueller’s goal is political obliteration of Trump.
His unambiguously illegal tactics make that crystal-clear.
There isn’t a single judge in this country (not even an “obama”-judge), that would let him get away with such in court. Instead, he’s counting on success via the media.

God help us all! There is not one principle of the constitution that these slime balls will not throw out the window, to win this battle. And Barry, rest assured, has dreams of a return. (He’s making his intent increasingly more obvious)

The truly chilling fact is, Mueller would not stand a chance of success, if it weren’t for the active support of the idiot mass-media…..

Fire the bastard along with every Obama holdover in the outfit.