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Did Melania Trump troll Michelle Obama with sugarplums?

Did Melania Trump troll Michelle Obama with sugarplums?

Probably not, but the rollback of the “Healthy Choices” lunch program is a gift that will keep giving in 2018.

There has been a quite a bit of social media debate on Melania Trump’s Christmas decor this year.

America’s glamorous First Lady focused on the magic of the season with her arrangements.

“The White House at Christmas traditionally has been a magical place for children,” The White House Historical Association explains. Since the 1800s, the White House has been home to Christmas trees (except under conservationist Teddy Roosevelt), elaborate decorations, and many Christmas parties and festivities.

A video released by First Lady Melania Trump shows Christmas trees, lights, bows, cookies, and ornaments decorating the White House for the Trumps’ first Christmas there.

The video zooms in on the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and baby Jesus of the White House nativity set. Baby Jesus is crowned.

A glimpse of the video shows that she created an a truly enchanted environment for White House visitors.

I would like to point out that none of the Trump Christmas ornaments featured Mao Zedong or Che Guevara.

And while there were plenty of Trump-hating grinches to snark at the festive arrangements, I did not expect to see the media question if the inspiration behind the beauty was the former First Lady.

First the Merry Christmas greeting, and now the candy-covered rooms at the White House – are the Trumps trolling the Obamas?

Newly seen photos from the Red Room show Melania Trump’s take on decor for the special space – which is shown decked-out in candy canes and other sweet treats.

The extravagant display brings a new holiday twist to the White House, especially since Michelle Obama walked out.

Obama previously rooted her iconic vegetable garden on the South Lawn, which was a reflection of the family’s health campaign, Let’s Move, for schools – which the Trumps have mostly done away with.

Based on the available data, I assert that no trolling was involved in the making of the White House Christmas plans. I suspect the gracious and tempered Melania did not give her predecessor a single thought as the holiday decor was prepared and installed.

But it is still entertaining to see that the Trumps continue to live rent-free in the heads of the members of the media.

For a sweet and satisfying Christmas treat, here is a video of Melania making gumball trees with a group of school children. The candy decor is clearly featured in the room.

Those of you who are calorie-counting or counting carbs may be interested to discover that the White House pastry chefs made and decorated 31,000 Christmas cookies and built a 350-pound gingerbread replica of the White House adorned with candy.

Legal Insurrection readers will recall my last report on the continuing rollback on Michelle Obama’s signature school lunch program, which focused on chocolate milk. Amanda Radke, a fifth generation rancher from South Dakota and a former “Beef Ambassador” for the cattle industry has shared her thoughts on the Trump administration’s school meal plans:

While the proposed changes don’t address animal protein serving sizes (which I believe need to be increased), the rule does offer schools more flexibility to develop meal plans that meet the tastes and preferences of their students and faculty, and it also mandates that at least two liquid dairy options are offered in schools.

This is a win in my book and certainly a step in the right direction. Let’s hope, if this rule moves forward, the students agree.

Tasty food for lunch and candy as treats. Truly both the Trumps are giving America gifts that will keep giving through the New Year!


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What, no organic kale or beets? I’m shocked! Another Trump scandal!

Until the White House decorates similar to a slave’s shack circa 1850’s or a L-G-B-T-Q (m-i-c-k-e-y-m-o-u-s-e) closet party 1950’s, the Left will not be happy.

Not even then. Happiness is politically incorrect.

DINORightMarie | December 25, 2017 at 3:00 pm

How hilarious that the Trumps, and Melania contrasted with Michelle, do indeed live “rent free” in their heads!

The theme for the decorations is clearly The Nutcracker Suite, which has the Snow Queen (and thus the dancers and all those lighted, white trees and snowy-landscape themed decorations), the Land of the Sweets (which includes peppermint candy canes among the many sweet treats, as personified by the Sugar Plum Fairy). It had NOTHING to do with the Zero’s 8 years of secularist, Marxist politicization of Christmases, or her “healthy eating” mandate-mission to destroy what little joy children can get from eating lunch at school.

How they must hate that Melania out-classed, out decorated, and overall out-did the Obamas on every level. The weight of their hate must be hard to bear, and it leaks out in all they write or broadcast. Pitiful.

goddessoftheclassroom | December 25, 2017 at 3:11 pm

Before the Obama diktat, I used to give each of my students a giant homemade chocolate chip cookie on his or her birthday. I was then forbidden BY LAW from doing so. Please get the government out of school food guidelines!!!!

I wonder how much the taxpayer spent on the commission which selected such a nice “diverse” crowd of students.

Or perhaps the White House did something sensible, and bussed in a few random locals … in which case, I take it back.

With the cleaning and fumigation crew having finished, the carpets ripped out, the drapes replaced (probably the toilets, too), the very last thing Meliania Trump (or anyone else in the White House) wants to think about are the two low-lives who soiled the place.

CBS: Obama’s Plane ‘Smells Terrible’:

Obama’s campaign plane smelled terrible most of the time:

Melania and Donald Trump are having the time of their lives. And everyone knows it.

Our good fortune in having Donald and Melania Trump in the White House after eight years of Traitor Barack and his malignant, fake wife, is beyond description.

4th armored div | December 25, 2017 at 4:32 pm

The Zero growth of the previous 8 years represented –
Nutcrackers but not Suite.
The past 11 months has been a reprieve we all need to be thankful for.

Melania is a wonderful First Lady who understands what kids will eat and grow on.

MAGA is what POTUS ran on and has begun to accomplish.
Now we need to rebuild our Military, Infrastructure and society to bring us back to what it once was including a coherent immifration system and an increase in employment as well as giving jobs which once was a staple such as plumber, electrician, carpenter etc.
not every kid wants to or is capable of college educations
(which leave kids/parents with Hundreds of thousands in debt).

Making school endowments taxable is a first start in forcing universities to lowering tuition and book costs.

all in all a good year for all except the people who keep the DJT live rent free in their heads.