George Takei’s condescending diatribes and holier-than-thou attitude make him absolutely insufferable.  He gives the impression that he sees himself as someone above all others and that from his lofty perch he has the proper perspective from which to judge and condemn we mere mortals.  It’s this attitude that has made the sexual assault allegations of a former male model blow up the internet.

It helps of course that the allegations themselves are somewhat shocking, but the social media Schadenfreude is palpable.

Fox News reports:

George Takei, best known for his role in “Star Trek,” was accused Friday of sexual assault by a former actor and model, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Scott R. Brunton said the incident occurred in 1981 when he was beginning his career in Hollywood. He said he met Takei, who was 43 or 44 years old then, at a bar and the pair reportedly exchanged numbers and talked on occasion.

. . . .  Following a night out, the duo reportedly went back to Takei’s apartment for drinks. During the second round, Brunton said he began “feeling very disoriented and dizzy” and thought he “was going to pass out,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Brunton claimed he “passed out” in a beanbag chair in Takei’s apartment and when he regained consciousness, he allegedly found himself in a compromising position.

“The next thing I remember I was coming to and he had my pants down around my ankles and he was groping my crotch and trying to get my underwear off and feeling me up at the same time, trying to get his hands down my underwear,” Brunton told The Hollywood Reporter. “I came to and said, ‘What are you doing?!’ I said, ‘I don’t want to do this.’”

Brunton claimed he left the apartment despite Takei telling him “to relax” and “get comfortable.”

Brunton said that he didn’t think anyone would believe him at the time and that it wasn’t until Takei pontificated on the allegations against Kevin Spacey that Brunton decided it was time to speak out.

Fox News continues:

Thinking no one would believe him, Brunton said he never went to the press with his story because “it’s my word against his,” he told the outlet.

But after Takei responded to allegations against Kevin Spacey, Brunton reportedly changed his mind.
Following actor Anthony Rapp’s sexual assault accusation against Spacey, and his subsequent apology in which he came out as gay, Takei told The Hollywood Reporter on Oct. 30 that the move was a “deflection” from the situation.

“When power is used in a non-consensual situation, it is a wrong,” Takei said. “For Anthony Rapp, he has had to live with the memory of this experience of decades ago. For Kevin Spacey, who claims not to remember the incident, he was the older, dominant one who had his way.

“Men who improperly harass or assault do not do so because they are gay or straight — that is a deflection,” Takei said. “They do so because they have the power, and they chose to abuse it.”

Twitter is abuzz with people retweeting Takei’s many tweets attacking others for varying degrees of sexual predation (many of which are far less horrifying than what Takei allegedly did to Brunton).

And the funny:

And then there’s this:

For his part, Takei has denied the allegations in a series of tweets:

You’ll be forgiven if you think that sounds familiar.