Former NAACP activist Rachel Dolezal is quietly selling homemade lollipops from her website.

You may remember Dolezal as the gal responsible for making selective race a national discussion. Dolezal, born of two white parents, masqueraded as a black woman for years saying she self-identified as black.

Dolezal’s self-professed race wasn’t accepted by most, but maybe her lollipops will fare better.

A wide variety of delicious suckers that both adults & children will enjoy!

Since I was in the 4th grade, I made lollipops to sell at school to earn money to pay for new shoes and clothes. If you have never tasted a homemade lollipop, you are definitely missing out! Try one of my original flavors and give your mouth a treat.

Dolezal sells flavors ranging from Banana Pudding to Cherry Bourbon. Five lollipops will cost ya $7.99.

You can even buy a bedazzled lollipop holder for $7.

No word on if they morph into the flavor of your choosing though.

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