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Obviously voted for Mrs. Kleptocrat in 2016

Spotted in Rhode Island.

Same vehicle as this prior post.


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All I notice is the missing period after the “P.” Oh, and the lack of an argument.

Why is it that dems seemed compelled to slap stickers on their vehicles? I take it as a sign of existential desperation.

1) Those look like a photoshop to me.
2) If Al Franken and half the Democrat members of Congress don’t represent “rule by the worst,” I don’t know what does. One assumes the driver doesn’t include himself in that group, mistakenly.

I dunno, other than the GOP sticker, those could have been put on the bumper about eight years ago.

How bright are people who put “bumper” stickers on painted, or worse yet, textured bumper covers, leave them on for months, and at times, years? They will stain, leave residue and especially when left to weather off, the bumper cover will be discolored at best.

Reminds me of an old joke. Guy had to fire five people. So he went out in the parking lot and found five cars with Democrat bumper stickers.

“Why is it that – ”

I know why. Facebook taught me. Took awhile to sink in.

It’s tribal signaling. You are not the target audience, the Left is. I know this because friends on FB would always get angry when I challenged their latest liberal Talking Point post. See, they weren’t posting as an invitation for discussion or debate, they were posting to tell liberals on Facebook “hey I’m one of you, can I sit at the cool kids table during lunch?”