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Ohio Supreme Court Justice, Gubernatorial Candidate Apologizes for Post About His Sexual Exploits

Ohio Supreme Court Justice, Gubernatorial Candidate Apologizes for Post About His Sexual Exploits

Sorry, not sorry.

On Friday, Kemberlee wrote about the bizarre braggadocio exhibited by sitting Ohio Supreme Court justice and candidate for governor Bill O’Neill.

His attempt to make light of and sweep back under the carpet the serious allegations of sexual assault, rape, and assorted sexual improprieties unleashed in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal fell flat, leaving most people on both sides of the aisle outraged and incredulous.

O’Neill initially wrote:

O’Neill has now issued an apology.  Sort of.

The Hill reports:

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill apologized on Saturday for posting on Facebook a day earlier bragging about his sexual exploits.

O’Neill, who is running for Ohio governor as a Democrat, received massive backlash Friday for detailing his sexual history with “50 very attractive females,” in response to mounting sexual misconduct allegations against prominent political figures.

He apologized on Saturday in a Facebook post, qualifying his apology by saying he is not sorry if his Facebook post served to “elevate the discussion” about sexual assault, “as opposed to personal indiscretions.”

“If I offended anyone, particularly the wonderful women in my life, I apologize,” he wrote on Facebook Saturday. “But if I have helped elevate the discussion on the serious issues of sexual assault, as opposed to personal indiscretions, to a new level…I make no apologies.”

After delivering his own sorry, not sorry apology, O’Neill went on to defend another sorry, not sorry Democrat faced with allegations of sexual impropriety, Senator Al Franken (MN).

The Hill continues:

O’Neill also offered a defense of Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), who has come under fire in recent days after allegations emerged that he forcibly kissed and groped a woman in 2006, saying that the allegations against him are far less serious than those against GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

“Suggesting the admitted conduct of Senator Al Franken and the alleged conduct of Judge Roy Moore are on the same level trivializes the serious subject at hand,” O’Neill wrote.

“There are Democrats out there who are saying neither one of them pass the purity test to sit in the United States Senate. And that is sad,” he added.

As has become the norm, Democrats are relying on rhetorical gymnastics to apologize not for their deeds but for others possibly being offended.  “I’m sorry you made me hit you,” or “I’m sorry you are offended by/too stupid to understand what I said.”

In O’Neill’s case, he qualifies an already back-handed apology by noting that his apology is dependent on it having the desired effect of “elevating the discussion.”  It clearly did not or he would not be issuing this statement, so why include that qualification?


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What a loon.

4th armored div | November 19, 2017 at 6:43 pm

when will he put on rags to show penance ?
oh and how about a scourge for back,
bread and water for 40 days
and resign from public life ?

As to his bed mates, or the number of them, there’s little reason for any brouhaha if there was consent.

What troubles me more about this guy is his sense of judgment. There was no need to knock this bees’ nest to the ground, and then kick it. What was he thinking? The old adage of letting sleeping dogs lie comes to mind.

    This is my issue, too. The acts he describes were, by his description and there’s no reason to doubt him, consensual.

    He was clearly working to over share his own sexual conquests in an attempt to highlight the problems with skewering every male for ever flirting with or having consensual sex with another person.

    That’s where his judgment comes into play. Who on earth would think this was a good idea? Did he get the consent of the women he named to be publicly linked to him in such an intimate manner? What made him so seriously misread the current political and socio-cultural climate? Can someone so completely arrogant and clueless be trusted, either in his position on the Ohio Supreme Court or as governor? And that “apology,” what the heck was that? Why even bother when all you’re going to do is make yourself look even worse?

    smalltownoklahoman in reply to pfg. | November 20, 2017 at 8:50 am

    So long as it was consensual between adults AND IF HE WAS SINGLE the whole time it wouldn’t be a big deal. While I’ve yet to confirm whether he’s been married this whole time just on quick searches (I’m still looking atm) I do note that the guy does have four grown kids which does suggest that either he was during some/all this time or he had them all out of wedlock.

Covering for franken….it may not be over yet for al boy.

I thought it was nice that Al Franken mentioned his wife had very recently (the previous week?) given birth to (if I recall correctly) his first child, a son. Good for him. A proud father. (snip)

Front row, right side at Student Union Ballroom of Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana. Winter of 1979 or 1980. Actually, I witnessed both Al Franken and his then partner, Tom Davis, commit acts of unwanted sexual harassment. (snip)

Franken (or was it Davis?) announced it was time to take a break from the rollicking hilarity and laughter. It was time to dance!

They each stepped off the front of the stage and into the chairs and picked out two comely young college girls and brought them up to the stage. The lights dimmed. Soft, romantic music began to play. Franken and Davis wrapped their arms around their partners and pressed their bodies close. The girls complied.

They danced. They swayed.

And then Al’s hands slid down to his dancing partner’s ass. And I use the word ‘ass’ because in that context, that’s the word you’d use. Not buttocks or fanny or tail or bottom. Ass.

His hands began fondling her ass.

Same with Davis.

Ha ha ha. There was laughter from the assembled voyeurs, excuse me, spectators.

The girls both reached behind and moved the roving hands up.

After which the hands slid back down to cop another slow, sensuous feel. Over and over and over. (snip)

These were two young Montana girls, 18 to 20, and Franken and Davis were a seasoned pair of high power comedians at the height of Saturday Night Live fame. They were stars. They owned New York City, for crying out loud. These girls might have been cheerleaders at Three Forks High School. Maybe even prom princesses. Not cosmopolitan New Yorkers.

These two successful entertainers put two girls on stage, in front of maybe two hundred people, in roles of dancers, and began fondling them. Straight and simple as that. Maybe Franken and Davis whispered instructions into the girls’ ears, I don’t know. (snip)

The discussion was about to tick up a notch when, surprise, the two girls (the fondlees, shall we say) approached. All smiles and giggles. All starry-eyed and excited. Again I metaphorically scratched my head.

They invited Franken and Davis to a party.

A small party in the town of Logan, some twenty miles away. I assumed it was a small party because at the time there were maybe four, maybe five houses in Logan. And I also assumed, judging from their starry eyes, that Franken and Davis would have thought they had a good chance of perfecting their Fanny Fondle routine that night. I would have thought that. I’d have bet money on it, if I had been the recipient of such gazes and smiles.

For me, the disturbing lack of judgment revolves around the fact that he published the initial Facebook post evidently oblivious to having provided descriptions about two of his partners which were sufficiently specific to allow them to be identified and dragged into the public arena for a good ol’ fashioned dose of shaming.

Luckily for us, he has been quoted as having said that he will not run for governor if Richard Cordray runs. Or whatever.

Great if the people of Ohio want a Governor who is a Sophomore in High School.

A judge.

Uh-huh. Maybe not so much.

Even worse, a Democrat. Already known as the party of creepy old guys who have trouble keeping their hands off and their pants up. Think Billy Jeff, Ted Kennedy, Gary Condit, Joe Biden, John Edwards, etc, etc.

And that bit of arrogance masquerading as an apology is just icing on the whole rancid cake. “… If I have helped elevate the discussion” indeed. Pompous twit.

It has become apparent that just about EVERY single democrat elected official and party official is a sexual deviant.

The “D” after a democrat’s name has a new meaning.