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Obama Concealed Strength of al-Qaeda Before 2012 Election

Obama Concealed Strength of al-Qaeda Before 2012 Election

Bin Laden was dead, but al-Qaeda was very much alive.

At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, the big moment was Joe Biden triumphantly declaring “Osama bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive.”

It turns out that in order to make that narrative stick, Obama had to downplay the actual strength of al-Qaeda.

Saagar Enjeti reports at the Daily Caller:

‘Cherry Picked’: Obama Downplayed Al-Qaida Strength In Lead Up To 2012 Election

The Obama administration deliberately sought to downplay how robust the al-Qaida network was in the lead up to the 2012 election by selectively releasing documents that enforced a preferred narrative, The Weekly Standard reports, citing experts at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and New York Times Correspondent Rukmini Callimachi.

The revelation of the al-Qaida network’s strength in 2011 comes after the final release of thousands of documents obtained by U.S. Navy SEALs in a 2011 raid to kill Usama Bin-Laden in Abbotabad, Pakistan. The documents reveal that Bin-Laden was minutely managing the day-to-day operations of his terror network all while former President Barack Obama assured the American public the group was “decimated.”

“Think back to when bin Laden was killed. It was 2011, it was right before a major campaign season. I don’t want to underplay the role that the killing of Osama bin Laden had,” Callimachi told the Friday audience, adding “But I think that that was theorized into something much bigger.”

The obvious subtext here is that Obama and Democrats put his re-election above national security concerns. The fact that we’re just learning about this now also suggests that the media either knew this and ignored it, or was too busy cheering at the DNC to look into it. Anyone surprised?

Jenna Lifhits of the Weekly Standard has more:

New York Times Reporter: Obama Administration Misled on al Qaeda

A top foreign correspondent at the New York Times said Friday that the Obama administration deliberately downplayed al Qaeda’s strength in the run-up to the 2012 presidential election.

“The overall narrative that I think was being pushed to the press, and if you look back at the editorials that were done when that trove came out, was an image of bin Laden isolated, he had lost control of this group,” Rukmini Callimachi said during an event at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, referring to the 17 hand-picked documents released by the Obama administration in May of 2012.

Her remarks triggered the following question from Kim Dozier, a former top correspondent for the Associated Press and CBS, and current executive editor of the Cipher Brief: “Do you think that was something that was kept from the public’s view because it revealed that there had to be reams of communication going back and forth, which means U.S. intelligence, Western intelligence, was missing this?”…

“The head of the organization has been killed, and now—these are literally quotes that I would get: the organization has been ‘decimated,’ the organization is in ‘disarray,’ the organization is ‘on the run,’” she continued. “At the same time that we were preparing to pull out troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, I think that it was important to portray this as a problem that no longer existed.”

The good news is that the media will never miss another story like this again. At least not until another Democrat is elected president.


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Of course he lied. He lied about everything, and he did it with the full cooperation of much of the media.

“Bin Laden is dead (thanks to me!) and Al Qaeda is on the run” was the campaign narrative in 2012. That’s why they twisted themselves into pretzels to cover up the Benghazi attack; it broke the narrative.

I’m convinced they decided not to send military backup because doing so would have destroyed the campaign narrative. They let men die to preserve the lie.

    fscarn in reply to Paul. | November 19, 2017 at 10:55 am

    “They let men die to preserve the lie.”

    Michael: My father is no different than any powerful man, any man with power, like a president or senator.

    Kay: Do you know how naive you sound, Michael? Presidents and senators don’t have men killed.

    Michael: Oh. Who’s being naive, Kay?

    meyou in reply to Paul. | November 19, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    Guess it’s hard for Communists to give up when ComingThisClose to flipping a country on its head…especially the Grand Prize of the USA. Wow, comrades barak & michelle and all of their pals ALMOST pulled it off. Thank God they failed (for now at least).

You telling me the black baby Jesus lied and the media coveted up for him?

I’m tellin ya “Get the fuck outta here!!!”.

I’m stunned, I tell you. Just stunned.

After OBL was killed Tyrant Obama the Liar in every way possible sacrificed the country and our war against Al Qaeda for his personal benefit. This is just another example of his betrayal.

If Tyrant Obama the Liar had delayed announcing OBL’s death it would have been possible to roll up a good portion of Al Qaeda leaders. That would have meant that he would have had to sacrifice some of the political benefit of killing OBL though.

    ConradCA in reply to ConradCA. | November 19, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    If he hadn’t betrayed SEAL team 6 as the killer’s of OBL it’s likely that the copter with SEAL team 6 wouldn’t have been shot down.

if dinglebarry is breathing he is LYING !

The handling of the GM bankruptcy was illegal and tantamount to theft. The Obama administration violated bankruptcy laws and abused its power to extort the property rights of creditors in the bankruptcy process.

One of the most egregious examples is still playing out in federal court where a pension for 30,000 GM engineers is suing the government to get its pension restored. This pension fund held liens on factories in GM’s supply chain so the Obama administration ordered the PBGC to seize the fund in violation of the ERISA act. The PBGC takes over financially failed pension funds, however the actuarial analysis said that this GM pension was well funded. In addition, the PBGC seized the fund without meeting the statutory requirements of ERISA and without giving the pensioners the opportunity to challenge the PBGC’s seizure. After the PBGC took over the fund, it released the liens that were adverse to GM.

The government is still appealing court orders to produce documents including a hand written memo from Obama about the pension plan in question.

Obama is a traitor.
Clinton committed treason.
Biden is a pervert.
The GOPe is an arm of the democrat party.
AG Sessions is part of the problem, not the cure.
Leftists we allowed to run our schools have turned out a generation of ignorant leftist monsters.

But for Donald Trump and our wisdom in electing him,our nation would be already gone.

    We didn’t “allow” leftists to run our schools. We were handed our government monopoly public school bureaucracy – a system which cannot be reformed and which therefore must be abolished.

    We did, however, send our children to these indoctrination camps, and we continue to do so.


      “We didn’t “allow” leftists to run our schools…”

      Hell we didn’t. We collectively did nothing. and let it fester until it became the giant tumor it is upon our society. in particular, we continued to elect GOPe democrat who spent their days in Congress feathering their nests, instead of protecting our country.

      We can’t make this mistake – ever again.

      Less mcconnell, more Moore.

I hope that someday, that some smart driven person will seek out all of the restricted data and expose the most corrupt president in US history. I believe he corrupted every department that he touched or appointed a manager. In many ways, he makes the clinton’s look like children. With an adoring msm and total control of our justice system, he was basically a mafia don. He could do anything and lie about anything and there was never any feedback. I would like to call him an empty suit as I once thought he was, but he was much more than that. He was an empty suit filled with evil and contempt for this country. He hurt this country’s foundation and it may never be the same again. Think back to the things that happened under his control. They were shattering to our way of life. It started with the stimulus after he was elected that went to 80% Demorats and blue states. He totally ruined the US military with his experiments and lower standards such transgender enlistments and women in combat and the firing of all warriors. He totally ruined the US Border Patrol and DHS. The Justice Dept was a joke along with the FBI which is now unbelieved by almost 80% of the public. Need I even mention the IRS? obamacare the bane of healthcare. Lying and cheating by using federal money to fund illegal activities like DACA. Vilifying the police forces in this country. Turning the EPA into a revenge agency that went after the little guys to set an example. Is there an example of anything good he did? Just one?

    “he EPA into a revenge agency that went after the little guys to set an example. Is there an example of anything good he did? Just one?…”

    If you’re Hugo Chavez (or were Hugo Chavez,) everything the traitorous, racist rat did was “good.”

    Another thing obama did that was “good,” was having the grace not to shake anyone’s hand after he picked his nose:

Remember: during the time this traitorous fraud did all the bad acts against the United States, the GOPe was with him all the way.

The ONE exception was the GOP no-vote on obamacare.

Once boehner became Squeaker, his tongue went right up obama’s ass, as did mconnell’s when the worm became the GOPe senate leader. They sat by and got fat (and in boehner’s case, drunker), while our nation rotted.

And let’s not forget that just 14 months later, Pres. Lie All the Time refered to ISIS as the ‘jayvee team’ – despite the fact that they were killing and acquiring territory at a frightening rate.

Our forefathers would’ve had this despicable clown swinging from a lamp post, but we hid in the corner for fear of being called ‘racist.’