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Martin O’Malley: Democratic Party Regenerating Like After a Forest Fire

Martin O’Malley: Democratic Party Regenerating Like After a Forest Fire

“believes Obama squandered the energy of his candidacy”

2016 Democrat also-ran Governor Martin O’Malley is feeling good about the Democratic Party’s future. He thinks the party is coming back to life like a scorched landscape after a forest fire. It’s not a bad analogy. He also lays some of the blame on Obama, which is correct.

Megan Hughes reports at ABC News:

O’Malley: Democratic Party ‘regenerating itself, almost like after a bad forest fire’

According to Democratic former Maryland governor and 2016 presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, former President Obama, the Democratic National Committee and Bill and Hillary Clinton bear responsibility for miscalculations that weakened the Democratic Party in recent elections.

“What is happening now is the party is regenerating itself, almost like after a bad forest fire,” O’Malley tells ABC News’ chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl and political director Rick Klein on the “Powerhouse Politics” podcast.

He says the fire started in 2008. He believes Obama squandered the energy of his candidacy. “Rather than infusing that energy into the veins of the Democratic Party and making the Democratic Party new and more energetic, instead, the president and his people decided to set up a separate organization in Organizing for America.”

O’Malley says that Republican donors took advantage of the situation and GOP candidates won state and local races across the country.

During the 2016 presidential race, he says, the Clintons were a “formidable force” and did everything in their power for Hillary Clinton to secure the nomination within the rules.

But it is the DNC that O’Malley says has “a lot of work to do.” He dropped out of the presidential campaign after the Iowa primary, and he blames DNC decision-making surrounding the early debates in 2015 as a significant factor in Donald Trump’s rise beginning that July.

O’Malley’s points about Obama and the DNC are valid. It will be interesting to see how other Democrats react to his opinions.

On Friday, he continued this line of thought with Pete Hegseth on FOX and Friends.

From the FOX News Insider:

Martin O’Malley: ‘Shame on Democrats,’ Time to Start Acting Like a Party

Former presidential candidate Martin O’Malley gave a shoutout to capitalism and called for Democrats to start “acting like a party.”

“The truth is, we were wiped out,” O’Malley said on “Fox & Friends” Friday, referencing governor’s races and state legislatures that Democrats lost leading up to the 2016 election.

“Shame on us. We need to act like a party. We need to realize every state matters,” the former Maryland governor stated.

Affordable college, a government that invests in America, and higher wages for hard work were at the top of O’Malley’s list.

“This isn’t rocket science, but it is the proper practice of American capitalism, which means that the more our people earn, the more they spend, the more our economy grows.”

After that they discuss Republican plans for tax reform which O’Malley claims are going to bankrupt the country. It’s kind of hilarious to hear a Democrat say that after eight years of Obama.

Watch below:

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OleDirtyBarrister | November 26, 2017 at 10:36 am

I feel pretty good about the future prospects of the Democratic Marxist Party as well, and it is not because it is going to be a positive and profound force run like a well-oiled machine. Rather, I simply see how incompetent The Stupid Party is and how lazy the elected pols within it are. Who else could fail so badly with majorities in both chambers and control of the White House?

Dem Marxists are activists and hacks with a crazy core and will work relentlessly to advance their agenda. And the central platform and promise of “Free Shit” is highly appealing to a lot of poor excuses for Americans, and as Bernie has proven, it is particularly popular among the young, avaricious vermin in this country.

Martin O’Malley is to credibility what a Twinkie is to nutrition. The man is full of himself and it.

Being right about Obama, Clinton and the DNC doesn’t take a smart politician – it just takes eyes.

Sounds like somebody’s looking for an excuse. Obama and the Clintons make good—albeit a bit too obvious—scapegoats.

It can’t possibly be true that a significant electorate is disgusted and repelled by the Democrats’ all-around corruption, abuse, racism, perversion, and general anti-Americanism. It must be something else …

I hope he’s right, but clarity of thought has not yet permeated to California.

Meanwhile, in California, the state would be ripe for turnover, if only there were a second party.

Today’s San Diego Union-Tribune has two articles about local politics, both on sexual harassment. One equates Judge Moore with Sen Frankin, and wonders how anybody would dare disbelieve any and all charges against male politicians for sexual misconduct. Another recommends the lawsuit route — turning to HR and documenting incidents — and also says that the victims cannot be blamed or retaliated against (!).

Yes, all us wimmins are shrinking flowers in need of protection by the government and lawyers, when the evidence is clear that merely speaking up is a powerful weapon that can be abused.

I was harassed in the workplace, and everyone around me at my level knew it. It was up to me to deal with it, and I did: by getting a better job, and giving a truthful exit interview. The guy got demoted. In my opinion, that solution beat the alternative of touching off a firestorm in the workplace and having to deal with it.

The legal framework is important, but there are many ways to use it, and so many effective steps besides a costly, enervating lawsuit.

The current discussion on this topic in California disrespects women, ignores the rights of the accused, and proffers clumsy solutions.

Oh, yeah, and they’re still publishing DNC-origin hit pieces against DJT and Republicans, generally. The pieces are over-the-top and encourage violence against Americans.

They lost their minds in the run-up to the election, and have yet to regain their equilibrium.

But they’re still on fire. Maybe not in a “forest fire” kind of way, but more like a “dumpster fire”.

You are an actual adult. That’s a vanishing breed.

Wat… Did he just say the clintons did everything within the rules to secure the nomination for hillary … Hmmm … By God he did say that … Is he trying to trick us

Oh and i know its early but in this democrat party regeneration it seems the 2 front runners are joe biden and bernie and lizzy warren is up there as well hmmmm makes me wonder if they know what that word re generation means

O’Malley looks like a plastic bot to me.