The magazine GQ has named former quarterback Colin Kaepernick its citizen of the year since becoming a “powerful symbol of activism and resistance” since he took a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice and police brutality.

GQ said that this action has put Kaepernick in the same company of Jackie Robinson, the man who courageously broke the color barrier in baseball and had to endure ACTUAL racial injustice and brutality. Or Muhammad Ali, who protested the Vietnam War and refused to serve when he was drafted, which forced boxing to lock him out.


I’m sorry, but what Kaepernick is doing is nothing compared to Ali or Robinson. That didn’t stop the magazine from parading Kaepernick around Harlem to recreate Ali’s steps:

He [Ali] continued to train throughout that period, waiting for his chance to return to boxing. He was known for jogging in the streets, and kids would chase him—the People’s Champ, boosted in his darkest days by the joy of his truest fans. That’s why we decided to photograph Colin in public, in Harlem, among the men, women, and children he is fighting for. To connect him to a crusade that stretches back decades.

Yeah, um, Ali was protesting the government forcing him to fight in a war he was against (like a lot of Americans).

GQ also said it wanted to give Kaepernick an opportunity to reclaim his protest as it’s been lost since August 2016 when it first happened. OK, I do admit that his reason for kneeling has been lost, especially since President Donald Trump waded into the storm, which caused more NFL players to kneel basically to protest against him.

However, GQ didn’t even really interview Kaepernick because it noticed that his silence has “helped his story go around the world.” But the silence can cause “a vacuum, and that if it doesn’t get filled somehow, someone else will fill it for him.” So what did the magazine do? Gathered people close to Kaepernick to discuss his protest.

After this news broke, my friend Ed Krayewski tweeted this:

Excellent point. Why not Farrow? Here’s a second idea: JJ Watt. Actually…three. Why not be edgy and give it to the females who have outed Weinstein?

Ronan Farrow

The past month has led to a major fall in Hollywood after The New York Times published an article that had numerous high profile actresses alleged sexual harassment and assault at the hands of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

It turns out Ronan Farrow had been working for almost a year on a project to out Weinstein as the sleaze bag he is with an article in The New Yorker…only because NBC turned down his expose. His report included audio “of Weinstein admitting to groping model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez.”

His next article detailed the lengths Weinstein went through to make sure that his antics stayed in the dark. This included private investigators, even ex-Mossad agents, to go after actresses and journalists.

Farrow has helped bring down one of the most powerful males in the entertainment industry.

The Females

I know GQ is a male magazine, but why not get with the times and choose a female? Or how about a pack of females? You know…those females who have spoken out about Weinstein. Rose McGowan has been one of the leading females against Weinstein, but also outed those who allegedly knew about Weinstein’s behavior and did nothing about it.

Farrow also spoke to these women and they explained to him why it took so long to speak out.

These women not only brought down a horrible man, but their courage has given others the courage to speak out. Actor Anthony Rapp told how Kevin Spacey came onto him when he was 14-years-old, which led others to speak out against the celebrated actor.

Other women came forward against Louis C.K., who admitted that he did masturbate in front of them.

Also, this attention has gone back to Corey Feldman, who has for the longest time tried to expose the pedephilia that runs rampant in Hollywood. He has not shied away from his unfortunate experiences along with the late Corey Haim. He published a memoir in 2013 that offer graphic details that both of them went through in Hollywood.

JJ Watt

How about beloved Houston Texans football player JJ Watt who brought together everyone of every skin color and faith to raise $37 MILLION for the city after Hurricane Harvey? That money came from 209,428. He placed his original goal at $200,000. From USA Today:

“What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna rebuild homes, we’re gonna restore childcare centers and after school programs, we’re gonna provide food for those who need food, and we’re gonna provide professional medial services, both physical and mental for those affected by the hurricane.”

Watt added that they’ll be partnering with SBP, Save the Children, Feeding America and Americares to get all of it done, and he of course gave a shoutout to the Astros.