The Harvey Weinstein scandal has given actor Corey Feldman an opportunity to revisit an issue he has been talking about for years. Feldman claims he is a survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of pedophiles who hold powerful positions in Hollywood. He has also repeatedly said that the problem is worse than anyone knows.

Justin Caruso reported at the Daily Caller:

Actor Corey Feldman Has A Plan To Expose Hollywood Pedophiles, Sex Abusers [VIDEO]

Actor and singer Corey Feldman stated in a YouTube video published Wednesday that he wants to make a documentary film to name and expose abuse and pedophilia in Hollywood.

Feldman said, “Right off the bat I can name six names one of them who is still very powerful today, and a story that links all the way up to a studio. It connects pedophilia to one of the major studios. I am very afraid to do this, it’s not easy. I’ve been living in fear and living with this my entire life. As most victims have, I’ve been made to feel awkward, misunderstood, and I’ve been degraded at great levels.”

He continued, “Rumors have been told, stories have been made up about me, I’ve been insulted and degraded in ways that are unimaginable to me, all because they fear what I know as the truth. I’m not alone. I know that there’s thousands others that have experienced what I have experienced in the entertainment industry.”

“I also know there’s peers of mine who know what I’m talking about and know all the details but have been afraid to come forward with their own truths,” he added.

Feldman begins by talking about some of the odd experiences he’s had recently.

John Sexton of Hot Air explains:

The claim that he was arrested is odd because just a few days ago, Feldman was clarifying on Twitter that he wasn’t arrested. His tour bus was stopped for speeding and the cop then cited Feldman and others for marijuana possession. He was able to pay a fine and was not arrested or taken to jail.

As for the near-death experience this apparently just happened and seems to be the first that anyone has heard about it. Feldman goes on to say, “I need to protect myself and I need to protect my family.” The money he raises on Indiegogo will be used for additional security as he works on a film to detail his past abuse.

Watch the video below:

Feldman has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the project:

People have long awaited a response from Corey as to what exactly happened in his childhood alongside best friend Corey Haim. In his book, Coreyography, Corey describes what happened but it isn’t clear who exactly the predators are. The best way, he feels, in order to tell the whole story, is for Corey to come forward in the form of a film about his life. We are embarking on a dangerous and exciting journey to get to the bottom of the truth. However in doing so there are great security risks.

This would have a wrecking ball effect on Hollywood, especially if what Corey has suggested about the rank of the individuals involved is accurate.

Featured image via YouTube.