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James Madison U. Offers Course on Black Lives Matter

James Madison U. Offers Course on Black Lives Matter

“course description states that we are living under a ‘New Jim Crow’”

This is just the beginning. Give academia a few years and there will be departments devoted to this.

The Washington Examiner reports:

James Madison University offers Black Lives Matter course

James Madison University is now offering a Black Lives Matter course as part of the Women’s and Gender Studies department’s upcoming Spring 2018 curriculum.

The class is listed in the course catalog as WGS 495: Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies, and will focus on the topic of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is offered as an elective and will be instructed by Dr. Beth Hinderliter, associate professor of Cross Disciplinary Studies at JMU.

Dr. Hinderliter is the co-editor of “(Re)framing the Feminine: Women’s Studies, Feminism, Gender Identity and the Academy” (currently under review for publication), which examines the persistent exclusionary aspects of feminism today after many decades of striving to become intersectional, transnational, and inclusive.”

Students enrolled in the course will have the opportunity to examine “the radical resistance of the Black Lives Matter movement to state-sanctioned violence against black and brown communities.”

The course description states that we are living under a “New Jim Crow” and that the BLM movement is purportedly at the forefront of defending fundamental rights in this era.


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DINORightMarie | December 2, 2017 at 8:40 am

This is a disgrace.

I hope she includes in her videos all the race-based violence (as in hating all whites, especially straight white males and those in “positions of power”), all the hate that was spewed AT others, including, but certainly NOT limited to BLM blocking traffic, protesting “white” public restaurants and college libraries with students studying…. And of course, the nightmare that emerged and continues in Missouri and the destruction of Baltimore cannot be forgotten, nor can we forget BLM protests’ impact on the University of Missouri.

BLM is a hate-filled, racist terrorist group! That JMU is allowed this to be a paid-for, credit-earning course…outrageous!