Donna Brazile’s revelation that the Hillary Clinton campaign co-opted the Democratic National Committee during the primaries was fairly devastating news to those still hoping for a Hillary 2020 run. The primaries being “rigged” further distances Bernie supporters, who provide all the energy in the party, from the Democrat establishment.

But make no mistake about it. Hillary WANTS to run again. She feels cheated (a feeling she well knows). She won the popular vote, and in her mind and that of her supporters, the election was STOLEN from her by James Comey and the Russians. To run in 2020 is simply to reclaim what rightfully is hers, in her mind. I can envision a campaign slogan along the lines of: “Hillary 2020, Returning the Presidency to its Rightful Owner.”

Michael Goodwin writing in the NY Post, however, says Brazile killed any hope of Hillary 2020, How the ex-DNC chair ruined Clinton’s chance at 2020:

Who’s afraid of the Clintons? Not Donna Brazile.

The explosive book by the former head of the Democratic National Committee is rocking the political world with its tales of Hillary Clinton’s brazen corruption and tawdry deceits. To add extra punch to her insider’s account, Brazile is telling interviewers that Clinton’s 2016 campaign was “sterile” and a “cult,” and mocking it as sexless and joyless.

She even writes that she considered trying to replace Clinton as the nominee over health concerns after the candidate collapsed at the 9/11 anniversary ceremony, a fact that demolishes the myth that suspicions about Clinton’s condition were the sole province of conservative partisans….

If it sticks, Brazile’s searing indictment of Hillary’s persona, ethics and political skills could prove fatal to her hopes for a 2020 comeback.

In fact, I believe that is the ultimate point of the book: to clear the Democratic decks for desperately needed new leadership and messages.

But Goodwin also acknowledges that Hillary’s comeback plan is plausible and in motion:

… Clinton’s comeback plan is not as crazy as it sounds. Until a new challenger comes along to knock her off the party pedestal, she remains the default Democrat….

Yet Clinton is also looking forward, having started a new slush fund that could easily become a campaign super PAC. It’s called Onward Together, and she cited it in a volley of tweets where she claimed credit for the Democrats’ wins in the New Jersey and ­Virginia governors races.

“Last night was a great reminder of what’s possible when we come together and fight for what we believe in,” she tweeted Wednesday. “So I wanted to take a few minutes to celebrate the extraordinary successes of a few groups I — and Onward Together — proudly fight alongside.”

Like it or not, that’s her story and she’s sticking to it until a challenger appears with a better one.

The tweet linked by Goodwin is part of a “thread” that displays how Hillary is building the infrastructure and co-opting supposedly independent groups who form the heart of #TheResistance.

Look at all the names of the organizations, they are the heart of #TheResistance, including Indivisible, which has hundreds of local groups on the ground confronting Republicans.

Whoever drafted the tweets for Hillary did so for a reason. Hillary is laying claim to be the leader of #TheResistance, and co-opting those groups to the extent they are not already in her camp. By the time other potential Democrat candidates wake up, Hillary will control the Democratic primary infrastructure, just like in 2016.

Hillary Clinton never does anything spontaneously. Until further notice, we should assume she’s running to get back that which is *rightfully* hers.


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