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‘Decolonization’ Event at Amherst College Features Drexel ‘White Genocide’ Prof

‘Decolonization’ Event at Amherst College Features Drexel ‘White Genocide’ Prof

“all-star symposium”

You’ll no doubt remember this guy. He is still quite welcome in some academic circles, apparently.

The College Fix reports:

Amherst College ‘decolonization’ event features Drexel’s ‘white genocide’ professor

In what surely induced paroxysms of postmodernist glee among attendees, last week Amherst College held an event dubbed “Decolonization in Comparative Context” featuring none other than Drexel University’s infamous “white genocide” professor, George Ciccariello-Maher.

The “all-star symposium” (Ciccariello-Maher’s words) “attempted to define decolonization and discuss ‘its origins and its connection to the histories and memories of a given geographical space,’ as well as the ‘legacies [that] decolonial thinking pass[es] on to contemporary thought.”

According to the event’s Facebook page, the first day featured Ciccariello-Maher on “The Cunning of Decolonization” along with a pair of fellow academics whose talks also included “decolonization” in the titles.

“Masks” was the big theme on the second day with the cleverly, if not very originally, titled “On Red Skin, White Masks,” “On Brown Skin, White Masks,” and “On Black Skin, White Masks.”

These three featured discussions such as “Indigenous Dreamin’: How Indigenous Hip Hop Rejects the Colonial Politics of Authenticity and Recognition,” “You are Rich Because You are White, You are White Because You are Rich,” and the oh-so beautifully worded “Re-Reading Fanon with Marx: Disaggregation of the Subject as a Form of Primitive Accumulation.”


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