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Brandeis Cancels Play Critical of Black Lives Matter Movement

Brandeis Cancels Play Critical of Black Lives Matter Movement

“the already privileged voice of a white man”

Do you think the school would ever cancel a play critical of Republicans or anyone on the right? Fat chance.

The College Fix reports:

University cancels play accused of criticizing Black Lives Matter

Following a flood of complaints, Brandeis University has scrapped plans for the performance of a controversial play on its campus accused of being critical of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The private university announced recently that it had cancelled plans to present the play “Buyer Beware” on its campus after students and alumni complained the production “seeks to vilify” black voices and issued concerns because its script includes a white protagonist who uses the n-word as part of a comedy routine.

Complaints over its content have pushed the play off campus, with an alumnus calling the play “overtly racist” and an outspoken student saying it elevated “the already privileged voice of a white man on the matter of Black Lives Matter protests.”

Instead, the university said it will offer a course this spring that “will engage directly with a variety of controversial works of art” and “address difficult topics.”

The play, a work of fiction, chronicles the pushback stemming from a student’s plan to perform a controversial comedy bit on the Brandeis campus. It was written by famous playwright and Brandeis alumnus Michael Weller. The playwright researched and drafted the play’s script during a residency appointment at Brandeis in 2016.


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