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Why Is the Mainstream Media Suddenly Interested in Executive Branch Travel Costs?

Why Is the Mainstream Media Suddenly Interested in Executive Branch Travel Costs?

Happy to defend the Obama admin’s outrageous expenses, they now attack the Trump admin

Since President Trump’s election, we’ve seen remarkable ideological turnarounds from the left.  Suddenly, communist Russia is the enemy rather than a model for the perfect society ala Bernie’s decades-long admiration, the First Amendment is now of some import in protecting free speech (theirs and no one else’s), and the unrestrained spending of the federal government is now a problem.

These are the same people who have said nothing about Obama nearly doubling our national debt, who cue up to sing the praises of Bernie’s Russia-inspired budget-busting lunacy regarding free college and Medicare for all, and who shrug and note that a few million taxpayer dollars used to train for a zombie apocalypse is merely a drop in the bucket of the federal budget.

These same people are now deeply, truly (they claim) scandalized that various Trump administration officials are using taxpayer-funded private and military transportation when they could more cheaply travel as we, the great unwashed who are funding their lush lifestyle, do.

Frankly, the waste and disregard of our hard-earned tax dollars is a disgrace . . . no matter who is in the White House.  That latter distinction, however, is lost on the leftist media who, having already claimed Tom Price’s scalp (rightly so), are now setting their sights on Kellyanne Conway‘s travel, along with other Trump admin officials.

The leftist media has set up a rubric of which Saul Alinsky would be proud: we’ll do what we like, but you, you we’ll hold to your own standards. We are seeing this in spades right now as the leftist media runs wild with the travel costs of Trump administration officials.

They are pointing out that Price and others are misusing their position to waste taxpayer dollars on military or private travel that cannot be justified.  While they are quite right to point this out, they are also revealing their extreme political bias by daring the right to defend government’s fiscal irresponsibility.

Where was all this outrage when then-president Obama and wife Michelle took separate planes, replete with Secret Service details, to the same destination on the same day?

This happened a lot, yet we heard next to nothing from the leftist media.

While not an exhaustive list, same day separate flights for the Obamas include:

Hey, let’s hit LA.  On separate planes, on the same day . . . at enormous taxpayer expense.

How about heading to California?  On separate planes on the same day . . . at enormous taxpayer expense.

And then there’s Hawaii, what president doesn’t need two separate planes (one for himself and one for his wife and the family dog) replete with top Secret Service protection to go to Hawaii for the holidays?

What about Michelle Obama’s outlandishly expensive trip to Africa, with hairdresser and makeup artist in tow?

But it wasn’t just the Obamas’ travel (and lavish entertainment) at our expense that was ignored by the now suddenly and rabidly fiscal hawk media.  They also ignored the same sort of travel by Obama admin officials that Price briefly enjoyed.

Obama officials frequently took pricey non-commercial flights . . . to wherever, for whatever.

Fox News reports:

Top figures during President Barack Obama’s tenure who used non-commercial planes for travel included then-attorney generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, then-FBI director Robert Mueller, and then-CIA director and defense secretary Leon Panetta.

Because of their jobs, these officials were required to take government planes for security and communications purposes. Still, critics questioned whether they could have found more cost-effective options and whether all the trips were necessary.

The issue of Cabinet officials using non-commercial planes resurfaced after the outcry over Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s repeated use of private planes and military flights for official business. Price resigned from the administration over the scandal Friday.

There are two salient points here: public servants are dismissive in their attitude toward, almost blasé about, the hard-working people they are meant to represent and serve.  They seem imbued, left and right, with the perception that taxpayers represent a bottomless pit of “revenue” that can be thrown around like candy. Government “revenue,” we should keep in mind, is taxes collected from eligible taxpayers.

While I can’t defend Price’s or other Trump administration officials’ squandering our money on travel, I do think it’s time to pushback against a mainstream media that works to undermine the Trump presidency by finding intolerable behaviors they found perfectly acceptable, even worth “debunking the myth,” from the Obama administration.


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As to the why the MSM/left is now so interested in public dollars and waste,

They’re not interested in the substantive issue of waste. They simply see this as yet another platform from which Trump can be attacked and be de-legitimatized (even if that’s not a word, it makes my point).

Another thread to bind Gulliver qua Trump,

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to pfg. | October 7, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    More reason to “end” the Lie-Stream, Evil MSM – Fake Media to their core.

    They have no excuse to exist anymore.

    CaptScientist in reply to pfg. | October 9, 2017 at 9:30 am

    I seem to remember 2 separate planes to Brussels when o was trying to secure the Olympics. He was on AF-one and moo and oprah were on the other.

Why are so many Republicans suddenly NOT interested in executive branch travel costs?

”Happy to defend attack the Obama admin’s outrageous expenses, they now attack defend the Trump admin” ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Just sayin’. There’s hypocrisy on both sides.

    Colonel Travis in reply to Amy in FL. | October 7, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    That’s right, we conservative voters love wasteful spending. The more wasteful the better. That whole Tea Party thing was just a ruse. Tom Price was a patsy. More private jets to flush our tax dollars down the toilet, please.

    Did you bother to read anything Fuzzy wrote?

      Most conservatives and tea party types complained vociferously when it was the Obama administration doing it. They’re a bit more muted when the Trump administration does it. I saw plenty of #MAGA-types on Twitter either outright defending Price, or at most employing some heavy whataboutism on the issue,

    C. Lashown in reply to Amy in FL. | October 7, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    WHY would anyone become an apologist for the Obama Syndicate? America is going to be untangling itself from the rules and regulations he slipped through for at least another decade.

    Perhaps you could tell me, and any others who are interested: “Why Hillary lost the election?” Will we ever discover when she’ll get her turn…at the whipping post?

      Hi. I’m not “an apologist for the Obama Syndicate.” I was highly critical of executive branch extravagance under the Obama administration, and I’m similarly highly critical of executive branch extravagance under the Trump administration. I’m also very pleased that Hillary lost the election – she absolutely deserved to.

      Maybe you should stop and think before you try to pigeonhole people like this. It would surely be less embarrassing for you.

    ‘Hypocrisy’ is being polite. It’s corruption. And on both sides.

OT but this must be the laugh-er of the day:
Gov. Moonbeam in vetoing a bill which would ban smoking on state beaches and in state parks said there must be a limit put on the coercive power of government. That is quite some statement coming from Mr. overreaching state coerciveness himself.

    C. Lashown in reply to MadisonS. | October 7, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    Beaches and Parks? ROFL I hope they ticket everyone sucking on a joint at the beaches and parks…but doubt I’ll see that happening. Tobacco bad, marijuana good.

The MSM has for the last decade assumed that the vast majority of the public simply forgets what was said 2 weeks before. There is no longer any fear on the left about entirely inconsistent positions or hypocrisy, because they know the media will side with the Democrats and create a fictitious cover, and that in fact many millennials are strangely ignorant of events, past and present.

Remember when obama went to Martha’s Vineyard and moochell took the 757 with just she and her two daughters on it? They got there about two hours earlier than jug ears but hey, that was ok with the Dems. Or the time she went to Hawaii on the same 757 with just a handful of her friends and then that same day jug ears took the 747? No issue with the msm. Nacy Pelosi used to take her own private US Air Force 737 to her home in CA anytime she wanted to but no problemo with the Dems. I think everybody but the president should have to take commercial unless it is an emergency.

    “Remember when…”? Pepperidge Farm remembers!

    But the Obama administration is over. It’s not a thing anymore. It’s time for you and all like-minded fiscal conservatives and haters-of-government waste to hold the current administration to your admirably high standards of executive branch austerity.

    Look, we all hate the media’s blind partisan hypocrisy when it comes to things like this. That’s a given. But it’s not a good look to castigate them while we’re guilty of the same offense, is it?

      You are absolutely right. BUT, there needs to be a consistency in the standards. When we bust ‘one of ours,’ we need to preface the bust with the past obama transgression. Otherwise, we’re doing the dirty work of the democrat media.

      Helen in reply to Amy in FL. | October 7, 2017 at 6:25 pm

      I was happy to see Trump hold Price accountable. Never happened in the Obama Administration. Does that make you happy, Amy in Fla?

        Price actually resigned, he wasn’t fired.

        ‘The [resignation] announcement came shortly after Trump told reporters he considered Price a “fine man” but that he “didn’t like the optics” […] By that point, the president had already received Price’s resignation letter’

        But yes, enough pressure was put on that he (Price) eventually did the right thing. Hopefully, that will be the difference between a GOP administration and a DEM administration. We’ll hold our guys to account. But from the amount of dilly-dallying and excuse-making at the start, I was getting worried.

    I vaguely remember one flight that just brought Obama’s dog along to the vacation. Seems if that had been a Republican, that’s all we would have heard of for years. Dog Force One and all that.

As I recall Nancy pelosi objected to her air Force plane having to refuel part way to California. So they had to buy a new long range plane just for her.

DINORightMarie | October 7, 2017 at 4:56 pm

I noticed that too. Love how Air Claire, San Fran Nan, and a whole HOST of private jet fliers got off scott free and without notice during the Obama regime – IF they had a D next to their name…….

Reason number 11,987,346 that you CANNOT trust or rely in any way on the MSM, for anything.

The saddest part: the Republicans will continue to shake and cower, then cave and resign, whenever the MSM “reports” on this. Hello!!!!—get a freakin’ CLUE!

Stand your ground and PUNCH BACK twice as hard, don’t cave to their hypocritical #FakeNews nonsense!

And on the other hand, Betsy DeVos does her traveling on her dime.