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Watch: Megyn Kelly Attempts to Dance for Ratings as Show Tumbles

Watch: Megyn Kelly Attempts to Dance for Ratings as Show Tumbles

How the mighty have fallen.

Once a rising star at Fox News, Megyn Kelly transferred over to NBC and hosts Megyn Kelly Today, which airs in the third hour of the Today show. However, it has placed her out of her element and the ratings continue to fall.

Popular host Hoda Kotb appeared on the show on Thursday, when an impromptu dance party happened. It is one of the most awkward 22 seconds you will ever see.

You can see Kelly trying to remain upbeat and not let her face fall.

Other Today hosts have appeared on the show and some experts believe it’s a way to prop up her ratings. But the Hoda appearance did nothing but bring embarrassment to those who watched it.

Kate Arthur at BuzzFeed found that the ratings for Megyn Kelly Today has lower ratings for the third hour of the Today show compared to when Al Roker and Tamron Hall cohosted the hour last fall:

Despite a huge marketing push for Megyn Kelly Today, the show was down 12% in total viewers in Week 1 (2.9 million for Roker and Hall versus 2.5 million for Kelly), 24% in Week 2 (2.9 million versus 2.2 million), and 23% in Week 3 (2.9 million versus 2.3 million). Worse are Kelly’s ratings in the key demographic for news, adults 25 to 54: Week 1, down 25%; Week 2, down 38%; Week 3, down 33%. (Oct. 9 was Columbus Day, during which daytime shows traditionally get a bump, and Kelly drew a .8 in the 25-to-54 demo that day, tying her highest rating since the show’s premiere. For the rest of the week, she drew .5s and .6s.)

NBC wanted to use Kelly to compete with ABC’s popular Live With Kelly and Ryan. Obviously, that hasn’t happened:

In Megyn Kelly Today’s first week, Live beat it by 14% among viewers and 17% in the 25-to-54 demographic. In the second week, the gap widened, with Live besting Megyn Kelly Today by 34% among viewers and 60% in the demo. (Syndicated shows have a one-week lag in delivering ratings, so Week 3 comparisons are not yet available.)

To make matters worse, Kelly’s hour has put a dent in the popular fourth hour hosted by Hoda and Kathie Lee Gifford:

It’s down both in total viewers and among 25- to 54-year-olds compared to the same weeks last year. In last year’s demo ratings, Today’s third hour (with Roker and Hall) drew a .8 in the first two weeks of the season and a .9 in the third week, handing a strong lead-in to Kathie Lee and Hoda. Megyn Kelly Today has drawn a .6, .5, and .6 during the same weeks, which leaves Today at 10 a.m. struggling to hold on: The results are double-digit declines when compared to the start of the 2016 season.


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Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

Holy mackerals, I had no idea Meagain had such a big caboose…

It’s always amusing to see NBC and its cohorts accuse Fox of using women as caricatures, of overtly sexualizing, or whatever… and then the instant ratings look like they’re tanking NBC pulls this crap.

The problem isn’t Megan Kelly. It’s the corruption and dishonesty that MSLSD embraces. The ideologues at MSLSD hate Megan Kelly and are working to sabotage her.

The Friendly Grizzly | October 20, 2017 at 3:09 pm

That’s dancing?

Like so many before her, MeAgain Kelly is finding out that liberals only cared when she was a useful idiot and attacking Republicans so they could put a clip of her up with the caption CONSERVATIVE TALK SHOW HOST.

Now she’s pissed off the entire base of her show, and liberals aren’t watching her because she’s not a batshit crazy liberal.

Sad and awkward, but her blouse is amazing.

I’m not sure who thought that Megyn was a warm or likable enough person to be the next Oprah (or Ellen or Kelly Rippa), but what a bad call. Her strength at Fox was not her personality it was her quick intellect and the legal background that fueled it. She did her homework and knew what she was talking about during the more scripted parts of her show (when she stayed on topic). I cringed every time she tried to be “herself” and giggled over some random crap that flitted through her head, shared some personal experience, or tried to be funny. She’s one of the least funny people I’ve ever seen, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

As it is, she’s likely to be shunted off to MSNBC in some form because both of her NBC shows are just awful.

I wonder who watches four hours of the Today show; what a useless mind-numbing waste of time.

    i’m guessing, based on casual observation, that a large portion of their viewers are prisoners… excuse me, patients trapped in nursing homes, hospitals, doctor’s waiting rooms, VA clinics, etc.


    Massinsanity in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | October 20, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    She could be a tough interviewer, I will never forget her dismantling of Donna Brazille over her feeding Hilary the questions before the CNN presidential debate.

    Megyn was brilliant that night… this dancing video is so embarrassing.

      That’s the kind of thing I recall, Massinsanity. She’s intelligent and can think on her feet, and she often seemed fearless in her pursuit of answers (as with Brazille).

      Her move from Fox to NBC is perplexing. It seems that she no sooner showed up as a co-host on a mid-day Fox show to suddenly doing serious political punditry from debates (a mistake, I thought, she sucks at debate moderating, and she was completely annoying in her school-girl antics with the ever-professional and correctly-aloof Bret Baier) to her own show. Her show was actually quite good almost all the time; I just hated it when she went all giggly and “dumb blonde.” It was so clearly an act that it undermined her authenticity.

      I guess I just didn’t like Megyn as a person, but she shone as an interviewer and reporter. She needs to stick to what she’s good at. Being a light-weight, giggly morning talk show host who dances on command is not what she does well.

        Agree 100% – Megyn was born to do tough interviews, so it was a bad decision by Fox to have her moderate the political debate, because of course she’s going to start trying to interview the candidates, which wasn’t appropriate. She’s fine at reading news, but so are a lot of people. Not sure what possessed her / her management to try morning shows.

Sure, the show blows goats. But as a business that hardly makes it a failure.

The newsreading biz is all about the money. She’s not turning out classic entertainment, the sort of stuff restoration labs will be reissuing a century from now. She’ll never build up a reputation as, say, the Queen of News Noir. Collectors aren’t going to be lining up to get copies of all her shows. Newsreading is ephemeral pap. So is this singing and dancing stuff … and she’s paid a great deal to churn it out. And it’s loads easier than some of the other grossly overpaid jobs, like chasing a ball around a field. No matter how badly she bombs, she’s still a success story. Exactly why, I don’t know, but her bank account proves that it’s so.

Pro Tip to NBC: add a brass pole to the set, reduce the amount of clothes Me-Again wears… and lose the bra entirely. 😎

they should have had Katie Couric on too… with a couple of drinks in her.

talk about “Must Hurl” TV!

That looked planned to me.

I don’t buy this she is so intelligent meme. She worked for fox for 10 years and saw what liberals and the democrat MSM were really like yet she learned nothing from it.

She fell hook, line, and sinker for all the phony praise and BS Vanity Fair and the democrat media heaped on her when she went anti Trump. She believed they were really her friends and really liked her. So much so she turned down big bucks and stardom at Fox to move to NBC.

As soon as she did then the libs had no more use for her which was perfectly predictable.

The only people more stupid than Kelly were the morons at NBC who hired her.

They can try moving her to MSNBC but she won’t be accepted there either.

NBC’s best shot is expand Hoda and Kathy Lee to include Kelly’s hour and make Kelly news reader on their show. Maybe after a couple years she could become a bit more human.