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Racist Graffiti at Eastern Michigan U. Was Hoax by Former Black Student

Racist Graffiti at Eastern Michigan U. Was Hoax by Former Black Student

“Leave NI**ERS”

Federal authorities were brought in to investigate this. What a huge waste of time and money.

The College Fix reports:

Fake hate alert: Black former student responsible for racist graffiti at Eastern Michigan U.

Roughly a year after racist graffiti at Eastern Michigan University triggered campus protests and an FBI investigation, law enforcement has charged a black former EMU student with malicious destruction of property, identity theft, and using computers to commit a crime.

Twenty-nine year-old Eddie Curlin, who attended EMU from 2014 through early 2016 and is currently serving time for receiving stolen property, was arraigned for the EMU charges today, according to The Detroit News.

In September of last year, Curlin allegedly had scrawled “KKK” with the phrase “Leave NI**ERS” under it in the courtyard of EMU’s King Hall, and a month later followed it up with the same phrase on a wall at Ford Hall. He also is implicated in a racist message found in a bathroom at Sherzer Hall last spring.

The September incident resulted in a protest by Black Lives Matter which drew approximately 100 people. A $10,000 reward was offered for information about the epithets, and led to university president Jim Smith stating the usual:

There is no place on our campus for these kinds of hateful actions and I am deeply angry and saddened that it occurred. […] Our police officers continue to investigate the incidents in late September. They have responded to many tips and continue to actively pursue them. …


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filiusdextris | October 24, 2017 at 9:50 am

What tipped them off to this guy?

I am SHOCKED, I tell you. SHOCKED.

How much did this BS cost taxpayers?

Ah money well spent IMO. Outing these demented SJWs serves the dual purpose of deterring future tantrums of this nature and undermining the legitimacy of their racist, progressive pet causes.