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Protesters at UC Santa Cruz: Free Speech Protects Right Wing Politics

Protesters at UC Santa Cruz: Free Speech Protects Right Wing Politics

“this is not a dialogue”

These are the same students who invaded a meeting of the College Republicans last week.

Campus Reform reports:

Protesters: Free speech protects ‘racist violence and bigotry’

The students who were arrested for shouting down a College Republicans meeting last week are insisting that “hateful groups” do not deserve free speech protections.

In a document described as “the OFFICIAL STATEMENT on behalf of the people who disrupted the [C]ollege [R]epublicans meeting,” the students argue that appeals to “free speech” and “free assembly” are simply a ruse by the College Republicans and the University of California-Santa Cruz itself to protect the “racist violence and bigotry” of “right-wing politics.”

“UCPD arrested three students engaged in an act of civil disobedience on campus, showing as the university has time and again, the readiness at which armed force will be called upon to protect the ‘free speech’ of hateful groups at the expense of those who speak out against them,” the statement begins, asserting that the protesters were merely “demanding that [the College Republicans] halt their harmful activity.

“If it wasn’t already clear, it is at this point where we urge everybody to realize that this is not a dialogue,” the students continue, declaring that “there can be no ‘dialogue’ when the institutional power is given to one side at the expense of the other.”

“They are correct—it is not a dialogue when you decide to verbally attack the people you oppose, refusing to hear them out and instead try to shout them down,” UCSC College Republicans President Brandon Lang told Campus Reform.


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FWIW, headline is ambiguous. Originally thought this was good news.

Perhaps should say: “Protesters at UC Santa Cruz: Free Speech a Ruse to Protect Right Wing Politics.”

Or: “Protesters at UC Santa Cruz: Free Speech Does Not Protect Right Wing Politics.”

I’m sure MLK felt the same when he exercised his first amendment rights.