Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently appeared on the New York Times political podcast and painted a very rosy picture of the Democratic Party’s future.

She thinks the Democrats have an “excellent” chance of re-taking the House of Representatives. Here’s a partial transcript from Real Clear Politics:

PELOSI: One of the reasons I stayed here is because I thought Hillary Clinton would win, we’d have a woman president and so there would be a woman not at a seat at the table, but at the head of the table for the world…

We wanted to have a woman president. But when we didn’t, then I couldn’t walk away and say, O.K., just let all the men have the seats at the table that are making decisions for our country…

We didn’t win the elections, but we’ve won every fight. We’ve won every fight on the omnibus spending bill — you know the appropriations bills and the rest. You look at everything, they have no victories!

When asked by the host what would be different if Democrats were in power, she responds by saying that unlike Republicans, Democrats are bipartisan. Anyone who remembers the passage of Obamacare, might disagree with that.

She then goes on to say how wonderful Democrats were to work with George W. Bush, while insulting him at the same time. Listen below:

Pelosi seems a bit overconfident in her party’s chances for winning in 2018. Lots of people think Democrats are likely to lose, including Frank Bruni of the New York Times:

Democrats, Please Get Ready to Lose

There’s a saying that what matters isn’t winning or losing. It’s whether you beat the spread.

But what’s the spread for Democrats in 2018?

Is the spread — which means the predicted margin of victory or defeat — gaining the 24 seats in the House that are necessary for a majority in the chamber? That’s certainly doable. I could argue that it’s probable.

But I could also make the case that Democrats fall five, 10 or 15 seats short. And I could imagine a demoralization that shadows and thereby dooms the party in 2020, when the stakes are even higher.

Is the spread control of the Senate? With just three turned seats, the Democrats have it. What promising math. But what a punishing map: There are more vulnerable Democrats up for re-election than there are vulnerable Republicans. Despite Donald Trump’s wackiness and the G.O.P.’s woes, Democrats could easily lose ground here.

The midterm elections are at once a golden opportunity and a dangerous trap for Democrats…

“I think Democrats are making a huge, huge, huge mistake,” said one prominent Republican strategist who is carefully studying House races and may help steer a few of them. He expressed guarded confidence that the G.O.P. would hold onto its majority in the chamber, because, he said, the Democratic Party “is now being controlled by 20 people who are running for president, and that’s causing them to move too far left.”

Democrats have moved too far left and they’re still not finished. Also, it’s obvious to anyone who’s watching that they have learned nothing from the 2016 election.

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