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Kellogg’s Redesigns Cereal Box After Guy Screams ‘Racism’ Over Use of Dark Brown Pop as Janitor

Kellogg’s Redesigns Cereal Box After Guy Screams ‘Racism’ Over Use of Dark Brown Pop as Janitor

“Some Twitter users pointed out that corn pops aren’t actually alive and don’t have jobs.”

Kellogg’s redesigned artwork on a Corn Pops cereal box after a guy complained the picture taught kids racism. The only dark-colored Corn Pop in the scene was working as a janitor.

The tweet:

Live footage of me reading this:

But back to the story. Saladin Ahmed, who writes for Marvel Comics, went on to say, “that while his complaint might seem like a “tiny thing,” it is an issue when “you see your kid staring at this over breakfast and realize millions of other kids are doing the same,'” according to NBC News.

But this, this was the money line from NBC’s report, and what anyone not looking at EVERYTHING through race-colored glasses would observe:

Some Twitter users pointed out that corn pops aren’t actually alive and don’t have jobs.

Hours later, Kellogg’s capitulated, revising the art work:

Last year, Kellogg’s pulled advertising from Breitbart News citing a values conflict, so it’s pretty clear they have no fortitude in the cultural battle.

But to Ahmed’s point — Racism is not innate, it’s learned. Teaching children to look for race and racism in things as innocuous is a Corn Pops box is how they learn racism, of which they’re entirely unaware until someone points out that a dark-colored piece of cereal is racist.

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The term “too stupid to live” springs…unbidden…to mind…!!!

Toast is raaaaaasis bread…!!!

Aren’t the rest yellow??? Wouldn’t that make the whole thing racist? Also, corn pops are mostly sugar and he’s feeding them to his children? What is wrong with this guy?

he was mad Pop was w*rking?

i would think the black community could use a whole lot MORE of that…

I will simply point out that the brown color is likely the result of printing a yellow character over a red curtain with cheap ink.

    Yes, Leslie, Yes….Mr. Ahmed is a comic book artist, You’d think he would understand color lay out! (same thing with the floor washer)

    Plus I don’t think the janitor is even a Corn Pop! He looks different than the pops….The mannequins aren’t pops either…

    I can’t figure out if Mr. Ahmed is just dumb or trying to start something???

      ” dumb or trying to start something???”

      Perhaps a bit of both?

        Well, Mr. Ahmed is getting some free publicity towards his SJW street cred…

        I’ve done this kind of graphic lay out and understand how it works…
        I guarantee you, Mr. Ahmed understands the process too…(He’s a comic book artist, for cryin’ out loud)!!

        This kind of grandstanding from someone who should know better really irritates me…

        Kellogg’s should have called him out on it. IMO…

      DaveGinOly in reply to tgrondo. | October 28, 2017 at 2:02 am

      Actually food packaging like this (and comic books) are printed from a four-color separation. So the “pop” color in the image is printed from an appropriate mix of the CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black – and is not influenced by anything behind it, because there is nothing behind it. The colors laid down are those necessary to most closely replicate the colors the artist intended. (This is called the “subtractive” printing process – or just “process printing” – and today is sometimes more done with more than the traditional four colors. Colors like green, orange, light cyan, light magenta, and light black are often used for better color reproduction.)

      You’ll notice, for instance, the the pops in front of a blue background are not affected – there is no blue bleeding through.

      Milhouse in reply to tgrondo. | October 28, 2017 at 10:55 pm

      Mr. Ahmed is a comic book artist, You’d think he would understand color lay out!

      No, he is not. Can’t you read? He’s a writer — and a good one — not an artist, so he can’t be expected to have any special understanding on this. On the other hand he can be expected to have the common sense the Lord gave him, and it was conspicuously absent on this occasion.

    daniel_ream in reply to Leslie Eastman. | October 28, 2017 at 12:22 am

    Somewhat ironically, this isn’t a 1970’s comic book. Printing hasn’t worked that way for decades. And even if that were true, you’d be able to see it in the left hand of the janitor; the red wall bisects the hand, but the hand is still a uniform colour.

    Given the rest of the image, I tend to think the darker colour isn’t an accident. But it’s also irrelevant; what’s wrong with a black man – er, corn pop – having a job? He’s the only one in the image depicted as working instead of goofing off.

      I don’t think the janitor is a black man…I’d say maybe Hispanic….(if I had to chose)

      I still don’t think the janitor is a corn pop! He’s like a different character….
      (That’s my artistic interpretation anyway) 🙂

      DaveGinOly in reply to daniel_ream. | October 28, 2017 at 2:04 am

      Color is still printed this way for mass-produced, disposable items like food packaging. I’m looking at 7-color registration pattern on the side of a food container right now.

Being the right is boycotting Kelloggs because of their support of leftist causes, and now the left is accusing them of racism, who’s left to selling cereal to?

They are the NFL of breakfasts. And the Serena Williams men’s cereals.

Is Ahmed kin of the clock boy?

So what happened to the demand for “role models”?

No matter. Next they’ll be demanding that no boxes have “right” sides to them at all. (I suspect that topology and solid geometry are some of the things Progressives don’t do well … they’re undoubtedly too “white”.) Maybe they’ll start simple, with a message on every right side which says “see other side”.

And they can demand free government-funded prizes inside. Start with free phones and work up from there. The sky’s the limit! Or the national debt, whichever comes first.

has Wheaties put Jenner back on the box yet? (wait- I don’t care).

With everything else going on in the world, people find time to get excited of something like this? This is not an example of racism, it is an example of a pathological desire to see what you want wherever you look. The real issue here is not a need for a box redesign, rather the real issue is one person’s intense need for some psychotherapy.

    Sickening, right? But this is how they have dominated the culture war; it’s all they think about. When we are busy with our lives and joy, the joyless regressives are on the attack. Any part of our society and culture, no matter how small and meaningless it may seem, is thus owned by radical loons hell bent on destroying our country.

    Even your cereal is racist and evil; your cereal choice makes you a hated hater whom the self-proclaimed hate-rejecting leftist haters hate. Or something.

    Hating hate and being intolerant of intolerance make actual sense to them. They think that is logical and good. It’s madness.

    Today’s left are like the Dementors from Harry Potter: they suck the joy out of anything near them and revel in, gain strength and vitality from, despair, anger, dissatisfaction, invented slights, and envy.

    They’re envious of envy, dissatisfied with dissatisfaction, despairing of despair, and angry at anger.

    In other words, they are off-the-charts nutso.

      All that you have said about the SJWs is true, but the fact remains that the only dark-complected corn pop is shown as being employed in a line of work that many people (including conservatives) look down upon, and would not want their children to have to settle for. In addition, none of the light-complected corn pops are doing the same work. Perhaps the artist was just being clueless, or perhaps it was his idea of a little joke, but this depiction is indeed insensitive, and should be apologized for and changed.

      I’ll add that many of the comments on this article are vile and disgraceful, and only serve to give the SJWs legitimate reason to fear and despise us.

        IndependentDem in reply to moonmoth. | October 28, 2017 at 8:36 am

        Maybe you should change your name from moonmoth to moonbat.

        That’s absurd. The artist probably wanted to avoid being called a RAAAACIST by featuring a white pop. “Where are the minorities? Why aren’t minorities represented? Everyone boycott Kellogg, the cereal of white privilege!!! WAAAAAHHHH!!!”

        You can’t win with leftist loons, so it’s time to stop even trying to meet their ever-changing demands, restrictions, and standards. They’re just a seething mob of clueless idiots looking for any excuse to be outraged.


        Milhouse in reply to moonmoth. | October 28, 2017 at 11:00 pm

        What makes you think conservatives look down on janitors? I think you’re projecting. More to the point, the picture is aimed at children, who admire janitors; whatever their parents may want for them, has there ever been a child who didn’t want, at some point, to be a janitor?

        Milhouse in reply to moonmoth. | October 29, 2017 at 4:59 pm

        I’ll add that many of the comments on this article are vile and disgraceful, and only serve to give the SJWs legitimate reason to fear and despise us.

        OK, I’ll bite. Unfortunately this blog does sometimes attract some vile and disgraceful comments and commenters, but as of now I can’t see any on this post. Please specify which of the comments, dated before yours, you found vile or disgraceful, and why.

      Walker Evans in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | October 28, 2017 at 3:11 pm

      I think they should all join my new “Hate the Hate Groups” Hate Group! We’re non-sectarian and folks from any political/religious (etc.) group are welcome. But No Irish!

So why are these wonderful lefties demeaning janitors? Are they saying those who are janitors are somehow ‘unworthy’?

    Milhouse in reply to rdm. | October 28, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    Yes, they are saying exactly that. This is completely typical of the modern left; the days when the left admired the working class are long gone. Hence the Trump revolution, as workers begin to realize how the left despises them.

It’s some faux leftist outrage, for sure, buy Kellogg did leave themselves open to it – I mean the only “pop of color” on the box is a janitor. They should have known better. Not saying the idiots are right, but why put yourself in that position.

Ha ha ha ha ha Saladin Ahmed eats Corn Pops.

I’m sorry, but Saladin Ahmed, who is definitely Caucasian, is guilty of cultural appropriation here. But being dark skinned himself, he has no cultural standing to complain about the color make-up of the pops depicted on the box. He is exercising white privilege by speaking for dark skinned people. In fact, he has essentially gotten any representation of dark skinned people removed from the box. Just exercising his white privilege to disenfranchise the darker races.

Of course, both his parents are activists and community organizers, so that might have something to do with his perceptions.

I am sure the white corn flakes box will be next because it has “white privilege”. 😉

4th armored div | October 28, 2017 at 12:53 pm

when my kids were still at home, we bought the store brand of the same cereals.
the lids didn’t complain and the cost was much lower.
why pay for the colorful packaging when what you want is to eat the food.

Saladin Ahmed is actually a good writer. I loved his one novel, and eagerly await the long-delayed sequel. But on this occasion he’s put his foot it, well and truly. Kids of the age this picture is aimed at tend to think it’s a wonderful thing to be a janitor, the most fun job in the world.

Look, that Corn Pop is the only one working… and he is the only one that gets in trouble.
Man, I know how he feels.