Kellogg’s redesigned artwork on a Corn Pops cereal box after a guy complained the picture taught kids racism. The only dark-colored Corn Pop in the scene was working as a janitor.

The tweet:

Live footage of me reading this:

But back to the story. Saladin Ahmed, who writes for Marvel Comics, went on to say, “that while his complaint might seem like a “tiny thing,” it is an issue when “you see your kid staring at this over breakfast and realize millions of other kids are doing the same,'” according to NBC News.

But this, this was the money line from NBC’s report, and what anyone not looking at EVERYTHING through race-colored glasses would observe:

Some Twitter users pointed out that corn pops aren’t actually alive and don’t have jobs.

Hours later, Kellogg’s capitulated, revising the art work:

Last year, Kellogg’s pulled advertising from Breitbart News citing a values conflict, so it’s pretty clear they have no fortitude in the cultural battle.

But to Ahmed’s point — Racism is not innate, it’s learned. Teaching children to look for race and racism in things as innocuous is a Corn Pops box is how they learn racism, of which they’re entirely unaware until someone points out that a dark-colored piece of cereal is racist.

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