This was like a trip down memory lane. Let me begin by saying the debate style of Bernie Sanders hasn’t changed since the 2016 Democratic primary. I lost track of how many times he said millionaires, billionaires and Koch brothers in the first 30 minutes.

As you can imagine, the argument made by Bernie was to raise taxes and spend more on public programs like education and healthcare. Cruz advocated for cutting taxes and letting people decide how to spend their own money.

Here are some highlights via CNN, which hosted the event:

Cruz’s opening was strong:

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz says his party wants to lower taxes for Americans.

“Tax cuts are about jobs and more money in your pockets,” he said.

He slammed Sen. Bernie Sanders’ tax plan, saying it would raise taxes.

Bernie’s opening was just what you’d expect:

The issue of estate taxes came up. Bernie was for it, Cruz against:

Scott Nash, chief executive officer of Mom’s Organic Market, asked the senators why should his children inherit millions of tax-free dollars while other Americans will have to pay taxes on the money they earned.

Speaking to Nash, Sen. Ted Cruz said the death tax “is not about you or your kids, it’s about the thousand workers you said you employed.”

“What the death tax does … the simple fact that you died means you’ve got a massive tax bill, that the only way to pay for it is to layoff those people off,” he said.

Sen. Bernie Sanders says the death tax helps the wealthiest Americans.

The subject of socialism came up, naturally:

There were some humorous moments as well. This was one of them:

Cruz’s response here was also very funny:

Cruz’s close was strong:

Sen. Ted Cruz says Republicans must “deliver on promise” to cut taxes for small businesses and working families.

During his final remarks, Cruz says Sen. Bernie Sanders and the Democrats believe government “knows best,” but they “want to raise taxes for all Americans.”

“American is a land of opportunity,” he said. We are going to cut your taxes and it is going to make a difference in terms of a better future for American all across this great nation.”

Bernie’s close was about defeating Republican tax reforms:

It was good to see these two treat each other respectfully. I don’t think this was really about who won the debate or lost, it was about two different views of America’s future.

Featured image via YouTube.

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