Hollywood, the liberal media, and Democrats kept a dark, dirty secret for decades.

It is now acknowledged to have been common knowledge in those domains that numerous women over a long period of time complained about sexual harassment by movie industry mogul Harvey Weinstein. And there was substantial evidence to back up the allegations.

But there was silence. And worse than silence, there was cover up.

A story in the NY Times in 2004 was stripped of the allegations and watered down after alleged interference from Hollywood stars Matt Damon and Russell Crowe.

I didn’t know. I barely knew who Harvey Weinstein was. I had heard the name, and knew he produced movies, but didn’t know much more.

I certainly never heard anything about the sexual harassment allegations. But then again, as I’ve noted before, I’ve removed myself from much of professional culture because it is so corrupt and political.

Prior to the story breaking last week, did you know about the allegations?

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