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California Gov. Jerry Brown blames climate change for Wine Country Wildfires

California Gov. Jerry Brown blames climate change for Wine Country Wildfires

#BrownMadeClimateChange: Political climate change contributed to the intensity of these blazes.

California’s eco-activist governor blaming climate change for this historic wildfires hitting the state’s wine country is as predictable as night following day:

California Gov. Jerry Brown warns that catastrophic wildfires will keep ripping through the state as the climate warms.

Brown told reporters Wednesday that more people are living in communities close to forests and brush that easily ignite because of dry weather. Blazes burning in Northern California have become some of the deadliest in state history.

He said a warming climate has contributed to catastrophic wildfires. “That’s the way it is with a warming climate, dry weather and reducing moisture.” said Brown. “These kind of catastrophes have happened and they’ll continue to happen, and we have to be prepared to do everything we can to mitigate.”

I would assert that the only climate that has changed in a way that has led to the wildfires is the political climate. The state’s decades-long pursuit of eco-activist policies and lack of attention on water resource infrastructure have created the conditions that led to the disaster we see today.

Dawn Wildman, Director of the Coalition for Policy Reform, has been advocating more a human-friendly focus on the state’s political projects for quite some time. She has been talking to fellow citizen activists in the impacted areas of California:

I have been speaking with some folks from the Forestry Service and they say that California has neglected to keep plants and trees in check for years by cutting back, back burning, and through other landscape maintenance activities. The lack of “weeding” native and non-native has offered more kindling when fires happen.

People have been complaining about this for years. Many homeowners can’t even get fire insurance in some of the rural areas up north because they are considered too much of a risk, but Sacramento still won’t do its job.

Further more, California had many wet years before the drought stuck. However, the last huge reservoir built in California was New Melones, on the Stanislaus River in 1979, California has grown by 15 million people, the equivalent of adding everyone now living in Washington, Oregon and Nevada.

And while the sites for new dams may be limited, it is clear after the Oroville disaster our current dams are not being maintained properly. Furthermore, an investigation into the dam’s spillway failures indicate inspections on this structure was less than adequate.

In 2014, an inspection “actually dismissed the plausibility” of failures arising from erosion at the emergency spillway “or a failure of the concrete chute” in the main spillway, said Mark Andersen, an acting DWR deputy director.

“So clearly … we need to look institutionally at how we are doing these inspections and what we’re learning from them,” Andersen said.


Then, there was the millions of gallons of water directed away from farms to the delta to protect bait fish. This lack of water forced farmers to move to traditional crops (e.g., almonds, advocados, oranges) to new crops that were likely more conducive to spreading fire (e.g. marijuana) or letting the land dry-out.

Additionally, there are flaming regulatory hoops to jump if landowners want to clear brush. There are permits to obtain, and a 5 acre limit on what can be cleared…even if you land has substantially more acreage. Wildman notes that California also regulates post-fire response as well.

After the Trinity and Butte fires, which occurred prior to the ones in wine country, residents were kept away from their property for 10-14 days, and the government forced them to sign one-sided contracts and use government workers to do the clean-up. If they failed to comply, the were fined.

It makes sense if your real priority is paying government employees who support your eco-activism.

Finally, if the fires did start because of downed power lines, then Brown himself contributed to this particular situation far more than fossil fuels by vetoing a bill that offered protective measures against such an occurrence.

But preaching climate change at swank, foreign venues with the wine-and-brie progressives is a lot more fun!

Truly, the Golden State’s fires are the result of #BrownMadeClimateChange.

Today’s reports on the devastation are especially grim. The fires have led to the evacuation of nearly 100,000 people from their homes and destroyed at least 5,700 homes and businesses. The death toll rose to 35, officially making this the deadliest and most destructive series of wildfires in California history.

The Santa Rosa home of Charles Schulz, the creator of the “Peanuts” comic strip, was lost in the wildfires.

“The things that they lost in there are irreplaceable,” said Monte Schulz. “It’s not just the memorabilia. It’s that life that my stepmother had with him. It’s completely gone.”

Charles and Jean Schulz moved into their hillside home in Santa Rosa in the late 1970’s, his son said. The cartoonist died in his home in 2000.

Charles Schulz remains a beloved figure in the Santa Rosa community.

The Sonoma County Airport is named after him and carries a logo of Snoopy flying while sitting on top of his dog house.


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G. de La Hoya | October 14, 2017 at 9:22 am

Governor Moonbeam Brown has to be connected to Harvey Weinstein’s allowable emissions. Let’s not let this crisis go to waste 😉

I think it’s highly possible, in fact probably, that Brown and his green cohorts took actions (such as refusing to cut brush) INTENTIONALLY for the purpose of sparking a catastrophe that they could claim was caused by climate change.

Modern day Nero’s, every one of them. Brown, the Incendiary.

It is all Pat Brown’s fault.

BTW: Edmund Gerald “Pat” Brown Sr. was an American politician and lawyer who served as the 32nd Governor of California from 1959 to 1967.

Bonus Prize: Who can name the Governor who succeeded him? No fair Googling 🙂

If you’ve been paying attention you will have noticed over the decades that these huge fires happen only in our Western states. The reason? Here on the East Coast, particularly in New England, we allow limited logging activities with reforestation that keeps the underbrush and the older dead wood to a minimum. That isn’t allowed in most of the forested areas in the western states so it creates a situation of a gigantic bonfire just waiting for a match.

“progressivism”…def. gradual descent into mental illness.

I wonder how this knowledge effected their planning. Surely, they to took steps to mitigate this possibility. You know, evacuation planning, emergency response planning, etc. We do it in my town.

Politicians have a million excuses. The only question that should matter to voters on election day is “has my life improved under this person?”
In Brown’s case, that must be a resounding “no” for everyone in the state, even environmentalists. I can’t imagine the environment/personal health crowd are happy about the massive clouds of smoke hanging over the state.

When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail…

With the Hurricanes, the left said it was karma for electing Trump (and glowbull worming, of course). I think it is only fair that we lay the blame for the California fires on karma as well. The gods are just getting even for all those California craniums that are firmly stuck in rectal orifices.

Oklahoma state officials finally realized that the red cedar tree needs to be contained because they have a volatile oil that cause the trees to explode during wildfires. They are also a water hog, which isn’t good during drought years. The state set up a market directory to let land owners list their properties with the cedars and connect with people interested in cutting the trees.

Langston University is testing out different breeds of goats to find the ones that prefer the red cedars. Goats are also being used to “mow” river banks and other steep,rocky areas to keep down the grasses and trees.

And, this article explains why cattle ranchers burn their pastures.

    Rick in reply to Liz. | October 14, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    The Pioneer Woman article is excellent: I feel a little smarter after having read it.
    I have not yet gotten to the others.

    tom_swift in reply to Liz. | October 14, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    The state set up a market directory

    It would probably work much better if the state stayed out of it entirely and let the market itself handle it. Markets, pretty much by definition, don’t need any help from the Central Committee.

      The registry is all voluntary and just a directory of names of landowners with cedar trees that need to be removed and then lists of people who harvest and use the trees to produce something, like cedar oil, wood planks and fence posts, mulch.

      The cost to the state is a few pages on an existing website and some quarterly update requirements. The benefits include getting rid of the darn trees so that the fire risk is reduced as well as reducing the water loss to these trees. Dealing with wildfires cost far more to the state (and me) than a website-based listing of interested parties.

      I’d rather have a state that is interested in helping you to properly managing natural resources than one that bans you from improving your land.

      Check out the OK Mesonet which a statewide weather information system. There is something for the individual, education, public safety, ag industry. I consider it to be a good use of the public money.

There’s a reason he was dubbed “Moonbeam” in the 1970s.

In Oregon, efforts have been underway for many years to permit the salvage of dead trees (insects/disease) in the eastern part of the state. The green weenies claim this economically sound and fire-mitigating process is not “natural,” and thus unacceptable. The practice of using “controlled burns” to reduce fuel on the ground is being used successfully, but is only part of the solution.

Poor timber and grassland management cannot be sloughed off on political correctness. Unfortunately, the willful ignorance and political power of the lefties in the larger cities on the west coast is profound. These folks already care nothing for the unborn. Why expect them to act responsibly when folks are burning up?

Climate Change is the Left’s Emanuel Goldstein. Every consequence stemming from their incompetence can be blame shifted to “sabatouers”.

Even Brown isn’t this stupid.

He’s just feeding fake info the usual useful idiots.

Brown is also the Jimmy Kimmel of polical hypocrite:

Shock: Jerry Brown Used State Experts to Seek Oil on Family Land: