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CA Senator Kevin de León will run against US. Senator Dianne Feinstein

CA Senator Kevin de León will run against US. Senator Dianne Feinstein

Midnight Blue vs YInMn Blue.

Discussing a potential presidential run by ultra-progressive Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, Professor Jacobson reminded readers of her quote, “We are not a wing of today’s Democratic Party. We are the heart and soul of today’s Democratic Party.”


Further confirmation may soon come from a battle for the U.S. Senate seat during the 2018 race. Many leftists in this state are unhappy with senior Senator Dianne Feinstein and are trying to encourage others to enters, including California Senate Pro Tem President Kevin de León.

He has heard their pleas and has been persuaded to do so.

California Senate leader Kevin de León on Sunday launched a bid to challenge fellow Democrat Dianne Feinstein for her U.S. Senate seat, saying he is ready to wage a more aggressive fight against President Trump’s conservative agenda.

“We’re overdue for a real debate on the issues, priorities and leadership voters want from their senator,” De León said in an interview. “I think California needs a senator not just fully resistant to Trump’s presidency, but who understands the issues most Californians face every day.”

De León announced his bid in an email to supporters and a video, where he painted a dire picture.

“We now stand at the front lines of a historic struggle for the very soul of America, against a president without one,” he said. “Every day, his administration wages war on our people and our progress. He disregards our voices. Demonizes our diversity. Attacks our civil rights, our clean air, our health access and our public safety.”

De León (D-Los Angeles) said he will focus on improving quality of life, increasing educational opportunities, cleaning the environment and creating universal healthcare.

Legal Insurrection readers will recall that De León spearheaded the Sanctuary State measure that just was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. In fact, he is so progressive that Feinstein seems like a veritable Margaret Thatcher in comparison.

If elected, the rest of the country is in for a real treat! While leading the fight to make California a “sanctuary state,” de León suggested half of his family would be deported for using falsified Social Security cards and other fake identification. According to a new book co-authored by my colleague Katy Grimes, “California’s War Against Donad Trump,” de León’s name was originally Kevin Leon and his has no private work experience, having gotten a start in his political life by being a community organizer for the powerful California Teachers Union.

It appears his intention in winning is to carry his war against the President to the nation’s capital.

“It has become abundantly clear that Atty. Gen. [Jeff} Sessions and the Trump Administration are basing their law enforcement policies on the principles of white supremacy — not American values,” de Leon said in a statement in April. “Their constant and systematic targeting of diverse cities and states goes beyond constitutional norms and will be challenged at every level.”

Feinstein incurred the wrath of California’s progressives when she suggested Trump could be a good president. She indicates that she would continue to oppose his policies, but where de León would actually differ is not completely clear.

In a telephone interview on Sunday, de León demurred when asked to name policy areas where he is more progressive than Feinstein, or specific issues that they disagree on. He said he would discuss those details as the campaign progressed (his formal announcement is Wednesday).

“The state has changed significantly over the last 25 years and we’re overdue for a real debate on the issues, priorities and leadership that voters want from their senator,” de León said, pinpointing the push for “Medicare for all,” climate change and policies affecting DACA recipients.

The purest blue tint is YInMn Blue (named after the elements that make it up: yttrium, indium, manganese), an inorganic blue pigment that was accidentally discovered in 2009 and commercialized in 2016. It appears that the upcoming US Senate election is poised to be the battle between traditional, Midnight blue and the fun, new YInMn Blue.

I’ll be right hair covering it, drowning my sorrows in nice, blue Romulan ale.


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“De León (D-Los Angeles) said he will focus on improving quality of life, increasing educational opportunities, cleaning the environment and creating universal healthcare.”

The really great utility of this vague meaningless “focus” is that the leftists actually cause damage in these areas and then have an even greater mission to fix the damage they caused.

Also, his “focus” makes me think of Chicago and Cuba and Venezuela and Baltimore and…

Unknown3rdParty | October 17, 2017 at 8:10 am

A Communist running against a Communist, from a largely Communist-governed state. No surprise, that. And what will the difference be? No surprise, but there will be no difference.

Bitterlyclinging | October 17, 2017 at 8:13 am

Platitudes, the very thing the Nazis were accused of using profusely in their propaganda. Something Buraq Hussein Obama was very good at as well. And isn’t DeLeon the Mexifornia legislator that said that he and the rest of his family were all illegals anyway?

casualobserver | October 17, 2017 at 8:16 am

Boy, the more left people go the more they keep convincing themselves that the white supremacy narrative is a winner.

If we learned anything from the 2016 election it’s that CA has by far the highest concentration of such far left moonbats. He has a chance only in that state. I doubt even NY would elect him.

He keeps dancing up to the point of declaring himself a Mexican nationalist … but won’t quite say it.

Go ahead, Kevin—Californians will love it. Maybe not some of the ones who are actually, you know, Americans, but they don’t count, ’cause they’re not, like, diverse, and stuff.

He only wins if the Party wishes him to win. As the tipping point approaches for a takeovers of the Party and State by Leftist Hispanics…some “adjustments” will be made…for diversity’s sake of course.

The only movement on the left is from the hard left. The true believers think they haven’t won because nobody has “tried true socialism” yet, but they’re gonna give it their best shot.

Coupled with this is the usual place-seeking from ambitious liars. They can’t move up with ancient fossils like Feinstein holding onto their seats.

Whatever the motivation, I don’t see this working out well for Democrats.

    alaskabob in reply to Matt_SE. | October 17, 2017 at 11:44 am

    California will be broken before it doesn’t work out well for the Dems.

      Failifornia is ALREADY broken.

      The only way to save us from it being an albatross around our neck is to send it AWAY. Let the Progressives have their UTOPIA, with no assistance from the rest of the nation. Watch to see how fast Illinois and New York shape up when they see California citizens unable to pay for the “welfare” state without support.

OleDirtyBarrister | October 17, 2017 at 2:37 pm

This is the same fool that publicly admitted to guilt for misprision of a felony when he admitted that he knows his illegal friends and relatives use false ID’s and social security cards.

18 U.S.C. 4

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

    I’m not sure that’s enforceable just on knowledge alone. If there was some ~positive~ act to conceal it, sure, then it becomes recognizable. But mere knowledge, without more, is likely too much of a stretch.

    Felony criminal prosecution in such an instance would likely require it’s own 5th Amendment violation, in that it may require an individual to make a statement against their own penal interest, in that they have knowledge of the commission of a felony, and might otherwise be required to detail how they came to HAVE knowledge of that felony, which statement itself might be incriminating.

ima vote for him, and w*rk like hell to get others to do the same.


because he and Kamala “cum dumpster” Harris are full on, brain damaged lieberals.

thus, they are likely too stupid to get anything done in DC, and will be too junior to have any important roles.

Fineswine, OTOH, is just smart/cunning enough to be dangerous, and is senior enough to have power.

thus, my support for DeLeon. (or anyone other than Fineswine), as no one more conservative than they have a hope in hell in the general election here.