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Elizabeth Warren 2020: Will she be the Democrats’ Trump or Todd Akin?

Elizabeth Warren 2020: Will she be the Democrats’ Trump or Todd Akin?

The least likely candidate to sell in a general election, who might win it all (Trump) or go down in flames (Akin)

The liberal media is building up Elizabeth Warren as just what Democrats need in 2020 to go against Donald Trump.

The Boston Globe recently ran a shameless puff piece on Warren that I wrote about in Rebranding for 2020 begins: “Elizabeth Warren’s Christian faith is deep and authentic”.

There’s another puff piece this week in The New Republic, How Elizabeth Warren Became the Soul of the Democratic Party;

… 2016 was not the year the party became more progressive. It was merely when the establishment Democrats realized it had moved. Many observers recognized a shift underway years earlier. In 2013, in a New Republic article titled “Hillary’s Nightmare? A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren,” Noam Scheiber accurately predicted the rift exposed by last year’s primary, arguing that it would “cut to the very core of the party” in the next race for the White House ….

We are not the gatecrashers of today’s Democratic Party,” Warren told Netroots Nation this year. “We are not a wing of today’s Democratic Party. We are the heart and soul of today’s Democratic Party.” ….

“I would say she’s the best progressive Democratic politician I’ve seen since Bobby Kennedy,” said Bob Kuttner, the co-founder and co-editor of The American Prospect, lauding her for “making pocketbook populism feel mainstream.”

On the surface, Republicans should be begging the Democrats to nominate Elizabeth Warren.

She is far out of the mainstream, the self-proclaimed intellectual foundation of the Occupy Wall Street movement, someone pulling the Democrats hard left.

She’s a flame thrower who brings the sharp elbows she perfected in academia to the political realm, but that has made her seem like she always has a scowl on her face

Her “you didn’t build it on your own” speech is the siren song of the progressive movement’s victim narrative but is contrary to our national ethos.

Oh, and she committed ethnic fraud while climbing the law professor ladder to Harvard by claiming for employment purposes to be Native American, initially denied it when caught in 2012, and came up with questionable “family lore” to justify it. The claim to be Native American has become part of Warren’s brand, and not in a good way, as I pointed out in Trump branding of Elizabeth Warren as Fake Indian continues, expecting her to run in 2020.

In short, Warren is someone who can motivate the Democrat base, but is sufficiently tainted and extreme that she would have problems in a general election.

So we should do everything in our power to see to it that she’s the nominee, right?

This was the strategy employed by Claire McCaskill in 2012, where she maneuvered Republicans to nominate the person deemed most likely to implode, Todd Akin. It worked.

Except, Donald Trump also was said to be pulling the Republican Party towards the fringe during the primaries.  As with Warren, Trump was viewed as someone who wouldn’t and couldn’t sell nationally in a general election.

Which is why the Clinton campaign and Democrats did everything they could to see that Trump was the nominee.

And then he won the nomination with plurality wins, and won the national election against all expectations. Democrats got their worst nightmare, and they helped create it.

Could a similar scenario play out in 2020 with Warren?

I for one would love to find out.

[Featured Image: Elizabeth Warren at Logan Airport Protest against Trump Travel Order]


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casualobserver | October 15, 2017 at 9:42 pm

I wonder if Warren could survive scrutiny from the hard core left Bernie woke up. She’s a swamp creature by now and there are some Bernie fans are already talking about her record negatively.

#1 I don’t think she’s viable. She was a fixture trying to get the nomination before Bernie arrived on the scene and yet wasn’t crowned as the socialist savior when it became ultra cool to vote to take half my stuff.

#2 She lacks the national infrastructure it takes to run and is kind of an idiot (ie She and Patty Murray probably relate well). She has Peter Principle’d herself long ago.

#3 If you think the thought of Hillary got GOP voters fired up…

#4 I haven’t met a Trump voter who isn’t more happy with Trump now than they were on election day.

    4th armored div in reply to Andy. | October 16, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    good analysis.
    i voted for Cruz in primary and Trump in general.

    Trump has by FAR exceeded my expectations.
    he has a BIG set of balls and wisdom to get us out of the GOPee (and GOPee lite ie DummyCraps) abandonment of our Republic.

    We need to pray daily for his protection.

    the #NeverTrumpers have lost their collective(ist) minds – (I do mean YOU Rags).

    we are at a point in our history from which we may not recover,

    can you imagine any other POTUS (in mpdern times) that have had to deal with 4 Hurricanes a media (with the exception of FNC and some print outlets) who are so diametrically opposed and LIE about him.

    i could go on and on, let others agree or disagree.

Warren is not authentic. There are too many nagging doubts on the left that she is either a corporate tool, or that she stole an affirmative action spot from someone more worthy.

She’s a fraud like Hillary without the power and threats to back it up.

Makes sense, the Democrats don’t have anyone else. Who else can they run? The party seems completely depleted under Progressive leadership.

    Cory Booker, an obama clone same pedigree as a community organizer. Has the backing of the Koch brothers and Ford Foundation. He is currently working with Rand Paul on prison sentencing reform. He is “0”.101.

OMG- neither!

Screaming Fauxcahontas is their hillary clinton!

    “Screaming” is right. She has the nagging, scolding tone of a mean third grade teacher. And, BTW, what’s all this about her “Christian faith”? Not too long ago Di Feinstein and whoever that other democrat moron was were criticizing a judicial nominee for being Catholic. So now being a Christian is a good thing? Or is it still a bad thing? It’s so hard to keep up with the dems’ ever-shifting goal posts.

You are not going to get Warren win after a Trump win. One makes the other even more unlikely. The country isn’t bouncing to extremes. Trump tailored his campaign to the issues ignored by the elites in Washington and so now Warren does what? Get people to forget what they were asking for in 2016 in 2020? The actual choice in 2020 is do you want a moderate or the Trump swing to keep going. It would be to offer the “safe” choice against Trump, not the promise of a wild swing no one is asking for towards the socialism they just rejected in 2016.

    Re bouncing to extremes: can’t agree with that.

    We went from Nixon to Carter, then from Carter to Reagan, then from Reagan to Bush (nothing extreme there) but from Bush to Bill Clinton! Then, we went from George W. Bush to obama! Then we went from obama to a complete outsider, Donald Trump (thank God.)

    Nothing but extremes. We are a divided nation (incredibly ignorant progressives, versus the rest of us.)

    Extremes will be the norm until we destroy the GOPe and have a political party sane people can trust.

The true crime she committed with her “ethnic fraud” and “cultural appropriation” was the fact she did absolutely NOTHING to improve the lives of the people who’s culture she used for her own selfish ends.

Unlike Dolzeal, who worked to improve the lives of black people and actually believed in making their lives better there is nothing in Wardens history to suggest she ever did the sane thing.

While the left will love her (because ultimately the left is just as shallow as she is) everyone else will be repulsed by her empty bag game.

She us a reflection of just how soulless the left truly is.

she’s a blond Kamala Harris…

just a skosh older, but just as dumb.

It’s always best to ‘prepare for the worst’, but this is pushing it. Dems cannot seem to win national elections anymore, with the notable exception of Barry. They have been decimated all over the country, most people do not want what the regressives are pushing. As Rush likes to say, and he is correct, ‘true conservatives’ always win every time it’s tried.

Pushing your weakest opponent is still a valid strategy. The Dems messed everything up though and didn’t understand Trump, and still don’t. Warren is just another empty suit with niche appeal.

Would she really subject herself to a presidential run against Trump given the grand lie that her entire career was based on? Against any other Republican I think she would go for it as the liberal media would paint any attacks on her related to the Native American claim as racist much as was done by the Boston Globe et al when she defeated Scott Brown. Sure there were local talk show hosts and writers like Howie Carr (talk radio host and Boston Herald columnist) who hammered her on the issue but from the local MSM she got a pass and likely would against your typical cowering Republican (think Mitt Romney).

Trump, on the other hand, would beat her senseless with the issue. Crooked Hilary took a lot of work compared to the ease of Lyin Liz the Fake Indian. It would be merciless and I don’t think she could handle it… I mean how many time could she run away up an escalator when hit with hard questions?

Before 2020 she has to win re-election here in MA in 2018 and there are some small signs that she may be a bit concerned about that. Amongst hard core leftists (think Cambridge, Amherst, Northampton) she is a saint but there is an under current here in MA that she is in it only for herself, only concerned about national issues and has done little for the people of MA.

Warren stepped in it a bit over the weekend when she endorsed incumbent Boston mayor Marty Walsh over African American and self proclaimed “progressive candidate” Tito Jackson. Marty is popular, he is going to win by 40 points so why would Warren endorse him at this stage much to the chagrin of local progressives and minorities? Could it be that she is concerned about the working class white vote that abandoned the Democrats in 2016? Marty Walsh comes from a labor background and there is still a strong [white] labor vote in MA.

Whatever you think about her, Warren is calculating… she refused to endorse a Democrat in the 2016 Presidential primary until is was over and this move to endorse Marty Walsh when he hardly needs said endorsement is further proof.

    You hit this nail on the head Mass! We saw all through the election that Trump wasn’t afraid to call Crooked Hillary crooked Hillary to the press and it will be more of the same for Pocahontas. He will be merciless and it will drive liberals crazy.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Massinsanity. | October 16, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    You are so right.

    Lizzie doesn’t care about MA,
    except to give MA forty whacks.

    Milhouse in reply to Massinsanity. | October 17, 2017 at 6:05 am

    Her “entire career” was not based on her lie. There’s little evidence that any of her career was based on it. She only told it for a relatively short period, in an evident attempt to get ahead, but how much it actually helped her is anyone’s guess. She quietly dropped it at some point before it was discovered, presumably understanding that she couldn’t keep it up forever.

      Massinsanity in reply to Milhouse. | October 20, 2017 at 2:58 pm

      OK Milhouse, you want to split hairs… how about here entire political career? Without the Native American claim she never would have gained a faculty position at an Ivy League law school (they do not hire Rutgers trained lawyers) and never would have been in a position to run for Senate.

      Your claim that “any” of her career was based on the fake Native American claim is absurd. As I said she would likely still be teaching in Texas if she didn’t check the box. Not a bad career but certainly not Penn, Harvard and the US Senate.

      Further, she dropped it after gaining the tenured Ivy League Law School position.

      Its all so… deplorable.

Fauxcahontas sure reminds me of a howler monkey when she bellows. She such a fraud, a qualifier for leftist president.