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Associated Press Tries Tying Steve Bannon to Harvey Weinstein

Associated Press Tries Tying Steve Bannon to Harvey Weinstein

What media bias?

You knew this would happen, right? The media can’t resist the urge to tie anything negative to Trump directly or by extension. The ridiculous thing about this is that it’s a blatant nothing burger. The whole point is to plant an association in people’s minds.

To make matters worse, when the AP writes a story like this, it goes out to hundreds, possibly thousands of smaller news outlets. This is taken from the Middletown Press in Connecticut:

APNewsBreak: Steve Bannon had ties to Harvey Weinstein

The multiplying tentacles of the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal have touched a former president, a former presidential candidate and now a former presidential adviser.

Steve Bannon, the former Trump White House strategist and current head of Breitbart News, is the latest politico touched by the scandal. Bannon, whose website has hammered Democrats for accepting Weinstein’s political donations, himself profited off a relationship with the movie mogul, in an ill-fated joint venture more than a decade ago.

Bannon served as chairman of a small company that distributed DVDs and home videos, and went into business in 2005 with The Weinstein Co., led by Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob. The Weinsteins became 70 percent owners of the now defunct venture, Genius Products.

The connection highlights the breadth of a scandal that has tainted an array of leading Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who were friendly with Weinstein and accepted his campaign donations.

Bannon didn’t carouse with Weinstein, he didn’t accept political donations from him like Hillary. Yet the AP suggests he’s as connected as Democrats who really did benefit from their connections to the disgraced mogul.

This is what the AP story is really about:

The ties to Weinstein open Bannon up to charges of hypocrisy given Breitbart’s intense focus on the scandal and its political fallout. In recent days the site has featured a blog with live updates on the story; headlines calling out Obama, Clinton and top Democrats for their ties to the producer; and stories attacking other news outlets for failing to cover the scandal with the same ferocity as Breitbart.

John Hinderaker of Powerline made an excellent point about this:

The Associated Press runs interference for the Democratic Party every day. At the moment, the Harvey Weinstein scandal is hurting the Democrats badly. Weinstein was a major force in the party, as he was in Hollywood. As an important donor to, and ostensible close friend of, Democratic politicians including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the revelation that his adult life has been one long crime spree was, for the Democrats, a major embarrassment…

One might argue that Steve Bannon was a hypocrite if he knew that Harvey Weinstein was a felonious pig and nevertheless accepted campaign contributions from him and praised his character. But Bannon didn’t do those things. Bannon entered into an arms-length business transaction that ended in bankruptcy. And the AP gives us no reason to think that Bannon, anything but a Hollywood insider, was aware of the Democratic donor’s criminal proclivities. If Bannon had known about them, it presumably would have been rather than the New York Times that broke the scoop.

What is the point of a story like this one by the AP? There is no point, except to distract readers from the significance of the Weinstein scandal, which relates entirely to a Democratic Party industry and to Democratic Party politicians, by randomly associating a Republican with the disgraced sex criminal.

Does the Associated Press believe people don’t see this for what it really is?


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And anytime they want to smear Bannon they have handy pictures of him with Sith Lord eyes.

The Associated Press reveals, once again, that they are part of #RAPECULTURE

You can smell the desperation from here HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | October 13, 2017 at 11:09 am

Albatross Weinstein is chained on to the Associated Press…….

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | October 13, 2017 at 11:23 am

The AP did not go looking at Weinstein’s businesses and discover on its own an affiliation with Bannon that ended ten years ago.

A Democrat or a Weinstein ally (redundant) spoon fed this to the AP “journalist”. That writer did some diligence to verify the business relationship existed. But it can not be more obvious the AP wrote this bogus story to try to take heat off Democrats and redirect it to Bannon/Republicans. They should be ashamed.

:The media can’t resist the urge…”

It is not a bias or an urge — it is their mission. The AP is not a news organization except for their cover.

It’s a self-defeating strategy, since they can’t try to smear Weinstein filth all over anybody without simultaneously boosting the Democratic Party’s “War on Women” image.

Wait you mean a person in the media business had marginal business ties with another person in the media business?!?! Say it ain’t soooo! I mean of course if you ever worked with TWC in any capacity it is obvious you supported this Harvey’s habits…Right? RIGHT?

OMG, I bought a DVD that was produced by TWC and I watched several movies…..OMG I’m guilty to!!!!!

/sarc off.

Bannon, a person about as far removed from Hollywood as it is possible to get, is the chairman of a company which enters into a deal to distribute hove videos with the Weinstein Company, 2005. Considering that this is what the Weinstein Company does, it should not be surprising. It should also not be surprising that the AP provides absolutely NO evidence that:
1) Bannon was personally involved in this deal and
2) that Bannon had any knowledge of Weinsteins activities with respect to women.

This is the same type of attack by innuendo that was used against Trump because he sold a house to a Russian 10 years ago. In this case, it is being done to lessen the exposure of the Dems to criticism.

    Ragspierre in reply to Mac45. | October 13, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    This is interesting.

    Andrew Brietbart lived in Hollywood. He knew Hollywood, and he worked there.

    Where does Bannon live? Is he a dunce regarding Hollywood? How is it he’s “about as far removed from Hollywood as a person could get”? Isn’t it his business to know things?

So, the AP is saying that Bannon has personal knowledge of the Weinstein organization and isn’t basing their claims on 3rd Party heresay

Let’s put put a few names and faces on the crap put out by the AP:

Isaac Lee
Miami, Florida
President of News, Univision
Communications, Inc.
CEO, Fusion

Just look at that last line. Fusion is a Democrat outfit doing opposition research of Republicans and is implicated in fabricating the Russian Dossier.

The only likely credible recent relationship between Bannon and Weinstein is that Bannon orchestrated or encouraged the outing of Weinstein. If so, good job, Steve.

Did Bannon Just Take Down Harvey Weinstein?

    Ragspierre in reply to CZ75Compact. | October 13, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    See, this is so funny. The idiot Mac45 suggests that Bannon is COMPLETELY innocent of any knowledge of Hollywood.

    You hint that it was Bannon who brought down Weinstein…

    and I’m the one who gets down-thumbed.

    AP is totally wrong all the time…except it pretends to be right enough for LI to use it as a source…to maintain its cover.

    Jeeeebus. You people…

The AP has been caught doing stuff like this too many times. Why does anyone listen to them anymore?

Even supposing that Bannon knew exactly what Weinstein was, since when is it wrong to do business with a pig? Or even with a known felon, for that matter? If I make a commercial deal, why should I care who the other party is, or what he’s done?