Will they include anti-police aspects, like the now famous “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” chant?

The Daily Caller reports:

San Diego State Course Trains Educators To Teach Black Lives Matter Ideology

San Diego State University is offering a master’s course aimed at training educators to pass on the Black Lives Matter ideology. It’s called “Black Minds Matter,” The College Fix reports.

Professor J. Luke Wood was a guest on the Kevin Fox Show Wednesday to discuss his new course. He frankly described it as means of fighting systemic racism in law enforcement and education.

“It’s necessary for us to radically transform the way that educators view their role in education. We are, again, preparing educators to see their classrooms as sites for civil resistance,” Wood said.

Guest speakers will be selected from a list of black professors and include the co-founder of Black Lives Matter and the daughter of 1960s radical black activist Malcolm X.

Remembering Malcolm X and that era, Wood explained that “we had sit ins, we had demonstrations, we had vigils, we had protests. I want educators to see their own classrooms sites as avenues for them to engage in civil resistance through teaching,”