All women are equal!*

*Unless they’re hot, conservative, successful, or any combination of the above.

Tuesday, Hope Hicks was named White House Communication’s Director, making her the third person in the role since Trump took office.

Hicks is young, gorgeous, and has kept a relatively low profile on the Trump team since she joined.

The announcement of the former Ralph Lauren model’s new role was met with heavy doses of criticism. Apparently, it’s not possible for a woman to be a model and politically adept. And so the objectification began:

There’s legitimate criticism here with Trump’s decision to hire someone so young and inexperienced for White House Comms Director, but that’s an entirely separate discussion from “but she was a model!” which is not even a discussion worth having. Looks should not matter and shouldn’t be a qualifying factor for this role. But the objectification is widespread nonetheless. And not surprisingly, it’s Hollywood, the left, and the anti ______-shaming realm making the biggest stink here.

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