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California Legislature Approves Moving Presidential Primary to March

California Legislature Approves Moving Presidential Primary to March

Will it make a difference?

Last week, Fuzzy blogged that California was contemplating moving its presidential primary from June to March. Earlier today, the lawmakers voted to do just that. However, Gov. Jim Brown hasn’t said if he will sign the bill. From The Associated Press:

A March primary would likely fall on so-called Super Tuesday, when about a dozen states typically vote following early contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and several other states.

“Candidates will have to spend more time in California,” said Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, a Democrat from San Francisco.

An earlier primary could give an edge to well-funded candidates.

California is home to 11 media markets, making it an expensive state to campaign in.

It is easier for candidates with limited money to compete alongside financial heavy-hitters in early primary states such as Iowa and New Hampshire. In 2016, for example, John Kasich took second in New Hampshire with limited money, while Jeb Bush, who had raised more than $100 million, placed fourth.

“The cost of playing in California versus playing in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina is incredibly different,” said Mike Biundo, Republican Rick Santorum’s 2012 campaign manager who later worked for Messrs. Kasich and Trump. “A Jeb Bush or a Hillary Clinton, I think, have the advantage if California is earlier.”

An earlier primary, especially one held on Super Tuesday, wouldn’t mean every candidate will spend more time in the state. In 2016, for example, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Virginia and eight other states voted on that day.

And it doesn’t ensure the political relevance that California lawmakers crave. The last time California voted early—in February 2008—the state backed Ms. Clinton, but Barack Obama went on to win the Democratic nomination and the presidency.


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Oh no. Less time to make sure the illegals get in their vote. Sure hope it all goes smoothly.

This bill is one of several rhe CA legislature rushed through at the last minute in this legislative session. Jerry Brown is expected to sign them all

One decrees California a sanctuary state. Another prohibits schools from starting classes before 8:30 AM.

Another would require presidential candidates to disclose 5 yrs. of the most recent tax returns before qualifying to be placed on the ballot.

It does not take much imagination to figure out to whom that one is directed. It is also fraught with unintended consequences and endless litigation.

well, that’s one way to ensure that only the most unhinged Demonrat candidate gets the party nomination…

as for the 5 year rule, by the time 2020 filing rolls around, most of those 5 years will be while Trump was in office and his stuff in a blind trust.

talk about boring.

Liawatha, Kamala “Racist” Harris, Bernie the Millionaire, etc, should be great reading.

damn our Dems are st00pid.

personally though, i’m looking forward to being able to vote for Trump when it matters AND my vote counts.


the 0830 class start?

that’s gonna play hell with parents who drop their kids off on the way to w*rk… but if it keeps the mouth breathing teachers, administrators & ancillary staff off the roads first thing, it may improve the early morning commute here.

i predict a sudden increase in “before school” programs, with the need for MOAR money, new hires and, undoubtedly, a new tax/taxes.

for the chilrens, of course. ’twas ever thus here in #Failifornia

Voting in the Presidential primary is the only benefit to registering GOP, and if the nominee is decided before we vote, why not just go NPP?