One of the many things that has long puzzled me about the leftist agenda is its long-standing, mulit-pronged attack on Judeo-Christianity.  On the one hand, I understand that the left has a reason for wishing to undermine religion.  After all, as assorted totalitarians, fascists, and communists well know, a populace permitted to believe in and publicly worship a power higher than government is anathema to totalitarian central control.

Challenging and wiping out all religious references makes perfect sense if your goal is the total subjugation of a people under the all-powerful arm of a government that claims it will provide for all of its citizens’ earthly needs.  What has puzzled me is that much of the left’s base is Christian and/or Catholic.  I’ve been waiting at least ten years for the left to grasp this simple fact.

Happily, the regressive left appears to be moving from head-patting, multicultural condescension of seeing its “other” base’s religious beliefs to a genuine acknowledgement that Christian beliefs should not be dismissed in toto.

Or at least not as overtly as has become the Democratic Party standard.

Remember when they voted to omit the word “God” from the Democratic Party platform?

This was quickly over-turned, of course, but it’s telling, revealing as it does the Democratic Party’s movement away for those Democrat voters who don’t yet get that this steaming socialist mess is not JFK’s Democratic Party.

Reagan and Trump Democrats were and are worried about the economy, about jobs, about taxes, about the ever-looming, ever-growing national debt.  Democrats, however, have been focused on gender pronouns and bathroom laws, and they are only now noticing that much of its minority base is deeply Christian / Catholic.

For years, leftist ‘freedom from religion” organizations have sued, boycotted, and harassed white Christians for praying in public, for holding up signs with Bible verses at high school football games, for putting up a Christmas tree at an airport or shopping mall, and for “allowing” senior citizens to pray before their meals.

They have not, however, sued, boycotted, or harassed non-white Christians.  Instead, leftists had an air of indulgence such as one might have for a slightly impaired toddler.  “Aw, they can’t help that they believe in this pretty pretty magic; after all, they are not sophisticated and advanced white Westerners like us.  Let’s all smile benignly on their quaint religious beliefs.”

::: Lefties pause to smile benignly on those misguided minorities who actually believe in God :::

This incredibly insulting bias and racism of soft expectations is, as always, lost on the left.

Instead of being vilified and relentlessly mocked, black winners of awards and scorers of touchdowns were “forgiven” for pointing toward—or even vocalizing gratitude to—God.  These people, the left implicitly insists, can’t possibly rise above their primitive understanding of an all-powerful God to the epiphany that all power actually rests in central government.  It’s so complex!  How, lefties wonder, can we expect them to understand?  “How quaint,” the regressive left collectively sighs. ” Aren’t these non-whites clinging to their religion the cutest things EVAH?!”

Meanwhile, Tim Tebow is condemned and relentlessly ridiculed for openly expressing his gratitude to God.  The left who indulgently ignore far more serious rule- and law-breaking belittle and demean Tebow.  Mocking his faith, harming his career. His gratitude to God is posited as a tool of oppression.

Until, that is, some skeptical political operative decided that Christianity is the new Native American.

Rebranding for 2020 begins: “Elizabeth Warren’s Christian faith is deep and authentic”

Having spent decades on a path that purposefully degrades and shames much of American’s Christian population, some segment of the regressive left has finally begun to understand that their catch-all demonization of evangelical Christians sweeps up a great many black “social justice” churches and parishioners.  Each of whom the left relentlessly sees as “votes,” not as people . . .  and never as fellow Americans.

The Daily Kos opines:

Most readers here are aware of the statements and actions of the right-wing, Trump-loving evangelicals. They call themselves Christians, although their actions and attitudes bear little or no resemblance to the teachings of Jesus Christ in the many English versions of the Christian Bible.

But it’s important to remember that simply excoriating “evangelicals,” as if there is one unified group who classify themselves as such, is both wrong and counterproductive for those of us who embrace social justice. For Democrats to speak of people of faith with disdain or disgust is a self-defeating prophecy and belies our “big tent” umbrella. It also dismisses a large segment of our base who happen to be people of color and people of faith.

The Kos Kids seem to understand (at long last) that the radical left’s sneering ridicule and malignant condemnation of Christians, evangelical or not, might be one step too far.  Frankly, this is a good thing.  Will it prompt Democrats to view Americans as Americans?  Nope.  We’ll still be walking vaginas and voters in variously-tinged meat suits with ever-changing genitalia, but hey! the left might start saying “white evangelicals” to ensure that their hated target is crystal clear.

As I said, I’ve waited a decade for leftists to notice this most basic flaw in their war on Christianity.  How long will it take for the regressive left to figure out that their extra-special Hispanic/Latino demographic is majority Catholic?