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Anthony Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months for Sexting With a Minor

Anthony Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months for Sexting With a Minor

“I have no excuse.”

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner has received a 21 month prison sentence for sexting with a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. He also has to register as a sex offender. His numerous sexting scandals have ruined his career and his marriage to Huma Abedin, failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s long time aide.

From Bloomberg:

A tearful Weiner told U.S. District Judge Denise Cote that “the crime I committed is my rock bottom.”

“I was a very sick man for a long period of time, but I am responsible for the damage I have done,” he said. “I have no excuse.”

He has until November 6 to surrender to police. NBC New York reported that his lawyers asked the court not send him “to maximum security lockup in New York, which means he may serve his sentence of state.” When his sentence ends, “Weiner will also be subject to three years of supervised release.”

In May, Weiner pleaded guilty in a federal court for sexting with the minor. Weiner requested “probation and community service.” His lawyers have sought a prison term of 21 months to 27 months as part of a plea deal, “which isn’t binding on the sentencing judge.”

Two weeks ago, Weiner’s lawyer told the court that Weiner was not at fault for sexting with a 15-year-old girl because she wanted to affect the 2016 presidential election. From The Wall Street Journal:

The girl, then 15, was “looking to generate material for a book the Government has disclosed she is now shopping to publishers,” the memo says, stating that she was paid $30,000 in September 2016 to sell her story revealing Mr. Weiner’s messages to the Daily Mail, a British tabloid.

“As she later stated to Government investigators, she also hoped to somehow influence the U.S. presidential election, in addition to securing personal profit,” the filing says.

His lawyers insisted that Weiner “never sought out teenagers on the internet and didn’t engage in other predatory behaviors typical of those arrested in similar cases.” NBC News said that the young girl once told Inside Edition that she “wanted to see if Anthony was still up to the same antics.”

The sexting scandal became attached to the presidential election last October when the FBI took possession of Weiner’s electronics, including a laptop that had emails between Abedin and Hillary. This discovery led the FBI to reopen its investigation into Hillary’s personal email server when she served as secretary of state.

On October 30, Abedin claimed she had no idea how the emails between her and Hillary ended up on Weiner’s laptop. Fuzzy blogged at the time that the Department of Justice blocked FBI access to the laptop. But later in the day the FBI finally got a warrant to search through the laptop. Two months later, a judge unsealed the FBI search warrant.

Former FBI director James Comey announced two days before the election that none of the information on the laptop changed anyone’s mind “on whether Mrs. Clinton should be charged, essentially re-closing the case.”

Hillary and her campaign have blamed Comey’s letter that cleared her of wrong doing for costing her the election to President-elect Donald Trump.

Weiner’s first sexting incident happened in 2011 when he accidentally posted a revealing photo on his public Twitter timeline. Andrew Breitbart ran the story, even taking over Weiner’s press conference to address the issue. The liberal media went haywire, even accusing Breitbart and then Big Journalism editor Dana Loesch of hacking his Twitter account and posting the picture.

Well, Weiner admitted he did it and resigned from Congress. He went into rehab and launched a campaign to become mayor of New York City with Huma by his side. But that went into a downward spiral when Sydney Leathers revealed he sexted her under the name Carlos Danger. He finished fifth, but Huma did not leave her husband.

Then in August 2016, a month before the 15-year-old came forward, The New York Post published an article that Weiner was sexting with other females while Abedin traveled the country with Hillary on the campaign trail.


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OleDirtyBarrister | September 25, 2017 at 11:36 am

He is one ugly pervert.

I am curious to learn what FCI he is to be held and what security level it is for only 21 months but for a sex offense.

    regulus arcturus in reply to OleDirtyBarrister. | September 25, 2017 at 11:40 am

    Weiner is more than a pervert – he is a psychopath, well known for his extremely aggressive and inappropriate behavior. 21 months isn’t enough.

    Feel terrible for his kid.

    We still need to learn more about the emails found on his laptop.

Weiner goes to some minimum security day camp for 21 months while the infamous, all-pro predators Willy Jeff and Cruella remain invincible. Skips completely on the classified contents of his laptop. Weiner just took one for the team.

4th armored div | September 25, 2017 at 12:18 pm

how sad raised in a secular family.
when ethics is not taught by Torah values this is the natural outcome.
he was a schumer aide, schumer is also an irreligious pol –
easy for these people to abandon Israel and in Carlos Dangers case marrying a MUSLIM, a natural hater of Jews
these JINOs disgust me. and BTW their kid will also be antisemitic…..

see what happened with Plame (another unacknowledged JINO israel and Jewish people hater –
see Soros /tsuris/.

if the Prof wants to comment or delete my comment, i will understand.
we are still in the 10 days of repentance period.

Ten Days of Repentance. The Ten Days of Repentance (Hebrew: עשרת ימי תשובה‎‎, Aseret Yemei Teshuva) are the first ten days of the Hebrew month of Tishrei, usually sometime in the month of September, beginning with the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah and ending with the conclusion of Yom Kippur.

Still pushing the fantasy that Comey “cleared” Hillary, eh?

He protected her; he didn’t clear her.

She expects to stage a revival. No need to help her out.

Iowahawk was tweeting that Weiner was asking for under 18

Weiner rightly gets 21 months for being a pervert.

But hillary clinton and huma weiner arguably commit treason and walk.

Our two-tiered justice system: a pass for them, and prison for the rest of us.

God damn the establishment.

“Weiner’s lawyer told the court that Weiner was not at fault for sexting with a 15-year-old girl because she wanted to affect the 2016 presidential election.”

I must not have appropriate judicial temperament: I would have been inclined to double the length of Weiner’s sentence, merely for advancing that argument.

The kid’s motive in this situation is unimportant. Children have sexual feelings, bad judgment, and any number of foolish ideas. That is why we place responsibility on the adult in the transaction.

Two inmate categories that become big time targets in prison, because beating, rapng, or even killing them affords notoriety and ‘respect’ for the perpetrating inmate(s):

Child abusers

Good luck with that, Anthony. I advise you abandon that fake persona of tough, in-your-face New Yorker. You’ll be eaten alive. Even protective solitary won’t save you. A bribe of a pack of cigarettes or a few canteen dollars will get you exposed. Ask Jeffrey Dahmer, beaten to death by Christopher Scarver.

“On Nov. 28, 1994, a then 25-year-old Scarver was unshackled to clean the bathrooms — joined by a then 34-year-old Dahmer and a third inmate, Jesse Anderson. For unexplained reasons, the guards left the three inmates alone to work.”

Unexplained reasons, lol.

This warrants the Andrew Breitbart video of him ‘crashing’ Weiner’s press conference in 2011. The MSM was in full attack mode for his reveal of the Weiner sexting story, and had bashed him *endlessly* for days before this. Somehow, none of them apologized to Andrew afterwards.

Pervert Anthony ‘Horshack’ Weiner fell off his high perch. I’m really hoping he gets ‘Bubba Gumped’ in the big house. F off , clown!

Big Leroy’s Bitch

I just watched the Breitbart video, I do miss him so, brilliant guy, unreplaceable.

I also will always believe he was murdered, ofnthat I have no doubt.