Professor Jacobson is not the only one who is “tuning out” sports and entertainment venues because of social justice warrior activism.

It turns out millions of American are joining him. Sunday Night Football ratings plummeted the night of the #TakeAKnee protests.

In metered market numbers, the primetime matchup that saw the Washington Redskins beat the Oakland Raiders 27-10 snared an 11.6/20, the worst SNF has performed this season so far. It’s an 8% dip from the early numbers of last week’s game, Atlanta’s 34-23 win over Green Bay. Amid cheers and boos from fans at FedEx Field in Maryland last night, the third week of the SNF season declined 10% from early numbers of the comparable game of last year on September 25, 2016.

Sunday’s SNF peaked with a 12.r5/20 during the second quarter from 9-9:30 PM ET. Still, NFL ratings are down double-digits this season so far after taking a similar tackle-for-loss last year. Add to that, Sunday’s game was the worst a Week 3 SNF has done in 11-years.

I have seen several lists of NFL sponsors make the rounds on social media, as citizens prepare responding to the social justice drama that has become part of recent football culture. In fact, economists are projecting fiscal consequences are looming ahead as Americans turn their wallets into weapons against the progressive pap they have been forced to endure while watching the games.

Should this Trump-NFL controversy roll on for the season, the playoffs or Super Bowl, then Pepsi, Visa, Budweiser, McDonald’s and such will feel the pain of lower ratings, lukewarm advertising impact and slower sales.

That’s a frightening scenario for huge companies that are staples of the U.S. economy and employ millions of people.

And while the elite media will want to blame President Trump’s “divisiveness”, the truth is this is a Commander-in-Chief who is willing to fight the Culture War with verbal daisy-cutters and nuclear tweets. Trump simply said what millions of Americans are thinking.

The elites and glitterati are upset because they aren’t used to someone fighting back AND getting popular support while doing so.

But sports teams aren’t the only targets of American fiscal justice! News from the music industry shows this movement is widespread.

Legal Insurrection readers will recall that the last time we featured pop-diva Madonna, she was uttering vulgarities while dreaming about bombing the White House during the Women’s March.

Numbers for her recent sales show that her star power has dimmed considerably.

Then there’s the astoundingly poor sales of Madonna’s new live album Rebel Heart Tour. Over a million people saw the tour when it traveled around the world but, here in the U.S., only an estimated 3,828 were impressed enough to buy a CD of the show.

It may be that those 3,828 could comprise the entire Super Bowl audience this year as well!


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