In the largest pity-party in history, the “Women’s March” attracted millions of participants across the globe, ginned-up on on a heady mix of social justice, self-righteousness, and Trump-fear.

• Hundreds of thousands of women gathered in Washington on Saturday in a kind of counterinauguration after President Trump took office on Friday. A range of speakers and performers cutting across generational lines rallied near the Capitol before marchers made their way toward the White House.

• They were joined by crowds in cities across the country: In Chicago, the size of a rally so quickly outgrew early estimates that the march that was to follow was canceled for safety. In Manhattan, Fifth Avenue became a river of pink hats, while in downtown Los Angeles, even before the gathering crowd stretched itself out to march, it was more than a quarter mile deep on several streets.

Unfortunately, my home town of San Diego was not spared from this banality.

A large crowd estimated by police at between 30,000 and 40,000 people stepped off the San Diego Civic Center complex at City Hall Saturday morning in support of women’s rights.

March participants carried signs reading “We don’t want your tiny hands anywhere near our underpants,” “Love trumps hate,” “Women’s rights are human rights,” and “Putin’s apprentice,” as well as other slogans.

However, I would like review some of the signs featured at these events, for entertainment purposes.

My favorite comes from Syndey, Australia. Our President’s supporters in the Land-Down-Under organized for sky-writing “Trump” over the Aussie event.

About 10 supporters paid to have Mr Trump’s name written in the sky in front of supporters but wanted to remain anonymous after their reply to the anti-Trump rally.

A spokesperson for the company told Mail Australia: “They just wanted to show a bit of support for Trump seeing as he did win an election.

Then, there were the classic protest signs. I anticipate some of these will be featured in campaign ads to re-elect Trump in 2020.

Sign 1: Pussy bites back.
Frankly, I don’t see how being upset by Trump’s usage of the term 10 years ago, then using it for yourself, makes sense. But, then I am a reasonable woman.

Sign 2: Radical Islamic Feminist. Women of been beaten and beheaded under the banner of Islam. Not only is this sign inappropriate, but I assert that it reeks of cultural appropriation as well.

3. Make Them Pay. I am shocked to learn that you men have been enjoying tax-payer funded razors all of these years.

Sign 4: Beta Males Unite. But I thought the Women’s March is all about love and tolerance.

Sign 5: Let’s make our sons weak and our daughters strong. I guess a boy simply can’t be a boy, but must be a political tool.

Sign 6: Anatomy Lessons.If the kids in the above picture didn’t know about the birds-and-bees before the march, they sure got an intriguing lesson. I will merely assert the act of exposing children to this inanity was more vulgar than any utterance Trump has ever made.

An array of progressive celebrities joined the events. My colleague Mark Finkelstein reported on Ashley Judd’s Hitler-infused tirade. However, when it comes to tasteless demonstrations, nobody can top Madonna.

Madonna railed against the Trump administration Saturday at the Women’s March on Washington and confessed during her profanity-laced speech that’s she’s been thinking about “blowing up the White House.”

“Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House, but I know that this won’t change anything,” Madonna told the crowd to roaring applause.

Donald Trump is not some entertainer or business mogul any longer. He is the President of the United States. Threatening the him is now a serious crime and a felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison, a $250,000 maximum fine, a $100 special assessment, and 3 years of supervised release.

Many Trump supporters want Madonna to join Hillary.

They may get their wish: The Secret Service is now investigating her statement.

Of course, she should really be jailed for her horrid singing at this event.

How many speakers at Tea Party events threatened to bomb the Obama White House?

In conclusion: There were plenty of fascinating lessons to be had at the Women’s March. I’m just not sure they were the ones the organizers intended.


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