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Police Chief at Evergreen State Resigns Over Lack of Access to Rifles

Police Chief at Evergreen State Resigns Over Lack of Access to Rifles

“We do have handguns; we do not have rifles”

The campus police chief thinks they should have access to rifles, not just handguns.

The Daily Caller reports:

Evergreen State Police Chief Resigns: ‘We Should Have Rifles’

The police chief of The Evergreen State College resigned after the campus administration would not let her or her officers have access to rifles, according to a Wednesday report.

Stacy Brown resigned as chief of Evergreen’s Police Services, according to The Olympian. Campus protesters demanded Brown’s firing in May. The students leveled allegations of racism against Brown and held signs with messages such as “Black lives matter: End the injustice.”

“We do have handguns; we do not have rifles,” noted Brown to the Washington state Senate Law & Justice Committee in June. “We are the only state university that does not have rifles for active shooter situations.”

Evergreen’s campus closed for multiple days in June, citing an external threat.

When the committee asked whether the department did not have rifles because of a philosophical or funding issue, Brown noted that there was a philosophical discrepancy and reported that the school prevented the department from arming itself with the firearms.

“It concerns me greatly; we should have rifles, in my opinion,” said Brown.


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The formula takes shape: Leftists, unchecked violence, under equipped law enforcement. Nothing changes until those in charge do their job. Failure will only mean others do the job for them. Until the Left takes multiple casualties, no civil order will be restored.

    Walker Evans in reply to Whitewall. | August 6, 2017 at 12:15 am

    I believe “multiple casualties” will be insufficient; it will take massive casualties and the loons will only stop when they understand the casualties will not stop until they do.

Hmmm. I actually have never seen campus police with a rifle. I can see a shotgun which has many nonlethal variants, but I am confused about the need for a rifle.

Police officers that respond to active shooters with there handgun, when said active shoot is killing students and teachers with his semiautomatic rifle, is referred to in common parlance as a “dead cop”. How is that for a “Hmmmm”.

For a real shocker, see the video at In this video, a professor there provides a candid inside look as to what the college is really like.
In one example, the professor talk about how incoming students (especially black students) there are no longer tested to see if they are prepared for college studies. The professor also noted how they more than once noted how certain black students suffered significant deficiencies in their ability to read and write that significantly hampered their ability to perform and when these students were informed of this, the professor discovered that they were the first instructor/professor there to notice this deficiency in these students.
Evergreen is not a college or university. It is a place where children go to for extended fay care and where the administration allows the students to be in charge of everything. As a former professor of a real university, I can attest that Evergreen is a joke that provide nothing of value to the student. It is both a waste of time and a waste of money. Why it remains open is a serious question that must be asked.

I suspect that Officer Brown actually resigned in frustration because she was unable to fulfill her sworn duty to enforce the law and to protect the students and her officers. The administration’s denial of rifles is only one of many examples of their handcuffing of the police.

During the campus takeover and harassment of a professor, President Bridges ordered the police to stand down and not to do their sworn duty. The police had to tell the professor that they could not protect him. The Pres gave the police chief a choice of abdicating her duty or being fired.

The denial of rifles probably was the final straw. The recent shootings at nearby Umpqua Community College certainly made her think about how her officers would try to use their handguns against a shooter with a semi-automatic rifle that penetrates their body armor. At any reasonable distance, her officers would be slaughtered. She finally had to give up in the face of an administration that values its politics above its students’ and officers’ lives.