Kathy Griffin appeared on Australian TV today and told the hosts she’s no longer sorry for posting a picture of her holding the decapitated head of President Donald Trump. She said:

“I am no longer sorry, the whole outrage was B.S., the whole thing got so blown out of proportion and I lost everybody. Like, I had Chelsea Clinton tweeting against me. I had friends, Debra Messing from ‘Will and Grace,’ tweeting against me.”

It was another opportunity for Griffin to play the victim:

“I lost everybody. I’ve been through the mill. I also, you know, didn’t lose just one night at CNN. My entire tour was canceled within 24 hours because every single theater got these death threats.”

Of course, it was all the Trump fans fault that she lost everything:

“I mean, these Trump fans are hardcore. They have like robocalls. They’re a minority, but they know how to act like a majority.”

That’s when host Samantha Armytage popped in and reminded Griffin that Chelsea Clinton and Messing are not Trump supporters. Democrats even went after her over the photo. She asked Griffin if holding the head was over the line.

Griffin told the host she’s full of crap, with a little laugh I guess to try to make it sound like she’s joking, but continued:

“Stop acting like my little picture is more important than talking about the actual atrocities that the president of the United States is committing.”

She also claimed she spoke to Australians that have told her they’re scared to come to America.

This is the photo:


Kemberlee blogged about Griffin’s pity party press conference afterwards:

“I’m not afraid of Donald Trump. He’s a bully. I’ve dealt with old, white guys trying to keep me down my whole life, my whole career,” began Griffith, during her pity party Friday afternoon.

Griffith was fired from CNN after she posed with a bloody, decapitated likeness of President Trump’s head.

She released a short video, apologizing for “crossing the line”, and apology she reiterated during the press conference.

“A sitting president of the United States, and his grown children, and the first lady are personally — I feel, trying to ruin my life forever,” said Griffin who lamented being under investigation by the Secret Service.


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