You knew someone was going to write something like this eventually.

Of course it was the HuffPo:

Another Side Of The Evergreen State College Story

In recent months, conservative and far-right forces have intensified their targeting of higher education, particularly outspoken faculty members who stand up for equity and diversity. In HuffPost, Matthew Houghly describes, “increasingly organized attacks on college and university faculty who are critical of, and public about, social inequality. Attacks seem most virulent when the faculty are people of color and/or when they critique white supremacy.”

As Victor Ray documented in Inside Higher Ed: “The political right has developed a coordinated network to systematically target the free speech of presumably left-wing professors… This network of activists has launched a vicious series of attacks, leading to intimidation, calls for firing and even death threats. Colleges and universities have shut down operations, while scholars have canceled speaking engagements and even gone into hiding with their families.”

Chris Quintana in the Chronicle of Higher Education shows how “some scholars have become increasingly alarmed in recent weeks about professors who have come under intense criticism for controversial remarks. Prominent scholars…have voiced their frustrations with how quickly some colleges and universities have distanced themselves from scholars who are targeted by right-wing media websites.”<... It should come as no surprise that Evergreen, a public liberal arts institution with a history of social justice teaching and student activism, would be one of the main campuses to be targeted. Although Evergreen’s suggested reforms for greater inclusion, equity, and diversity are relatively mild, right-wing forces have made the college a poster child for their campaigns. They have especially targeted students, staff and faculty of color who have used their free speech rights to bring public attention to racist practices on campus.