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Evergreen State Seeks Someone to Retool “Marketing and Branding” Efforts

Evergreen State Seeks Someone to Retool “Marketing and Branding” Efforts

“employment start date of “ASAP”

I’m reminded of a scene in the Simpsons where the family sees a commercial for a theme park.

The voice over says “Come to Duff Gardens, where roving gangs aren’t a big problem anymore.”

The College Fix reports:

Evergreen State to beef up its ‘marketing and branding’ efforts

Evergreen State College, which arguably has the worst reputation in America right now, is advertising a “Marketing and Branding Fellowship” position.

With an employment start date of “ASAP,” the position pays up to $15 an hour and is targeted to upperclassmen business majors, according to screenshots of the position advertisement obtained by The College Fix.

The fellowship was made possible thanks to “the generous support” of two Evergreen alumni, it adds.

The job posting goes on to note:

Since Summer 2016, Evergreen has been in the process of implementing a major college marketing and branding effort with a Washington DC-based firm. This position supports Evergreen’s executive-level Branding Leadership Group in completion of the work and serves as a liaison with the project’s contractor. Work as assigned may include: (1) support for coordination of events and conversations associated with Evergreen stakeholders (students, parents, alumni, donors, staff, faculty, community members, and more), (2) support for emerging materials and data management, (3) input associated with implementation of the messaging architecture and newly created Brand Style Guide, (4) support for executing the refreshed Brand’s look and feel as prescribed by the contractor, (5) and support for identity development, media planning, advertising, and more.


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I hear “Don’t Be Evil” is available.

I think they have been branded correctly. Cue up Dandy Don….Turn out the lights, the party is over….

Comes to Evergreen where whites can be humiliated and learn nothing.

ugottabekiddinme | August 12, 2017 at 4:26 pm

Job posting: “Pig seeks SJW to apply lipstick.”

And they are going to pay “up to $15/hr.” This either shows their level of commitment or it shows how utterly out of touch they are. This will only guarantee that things at Evergreen will become more entertaining as we watch the inept lead the incompetent while they educate our new SJW leaders.

    daniel_ream in reply to Cleetus. | August 13, 2017 at 6:12 am

    It’s a paid internship. The description is a lot of word salad that boils down to “gopher, data entry clerk and office scrunt”.