There they go again.

Ever since Trump’s victory, Democrats have been fixated on creating their own version of the Tea Party movement.

We covered this development a few days before Trump’s inauguration, Dems want to create leftist version of 2010 Tea Party surge:

As someone who, both individually and on the website, participated in the Tea Party surge culminating in the retaking of the House in November 2010, I saw first hand how viciously the Tea Party was attacked…..

The Tea Party surge worked and overcame the media, Democrats and establishment Republicans precisely because it was genuine. While there were groups that lent logistical support as the movement grew, no one needed to construct the movement….

Now Democrats are trying to recreate a leftist version of the Tea Party movement, but it’s not a genuine movement. It needs to be constructed in the political laboratories of leftist activists and groups, such as the authors of this NY Times Op-Ed in early January 2017, To Stop Trump, Democrats Can Learn From the Tea Party….

In addition to top-down organizing, Democrats faced another problem, I noted, that the most active activists were also violent street thugs:

Democrats will have a hard time reverse-engineering the Tea Party because the far left-wing of the party is actually violent and dangerous, unlike the Tea Party.

The television coverage of the leftist movement will be dominated by anarchists and extremist creating mayhem as they are promising to do at the inauguration, Radical Left Planning Mayhem for Trump Inauguration, and have done in Chicago and elsewhere when Trump appeared during the campaign.

Burning the American flag and busting things up has come to symbolize the far-left, anarchist wing of the Democratic Party on whom the party engineers will rely for street turnout. Democrats appear ready to embrace that fringe. That’s unlikely to work.

That post was written 7 months before Charlottesville, but the prediction has come true. Democrats foolishly and recklessly have embraced the Antifa movement, Democrats own Antifa, just like they owned Occupy.

Yet Democrats continue to pretend they can create a left-wing Tea Party movement, as USA Today reports, Dems’ first wave of recruits ‘outsiders’ in 2017 version of Tea Party:

…. Much like the Republican men and women who swept into Washington in the 2010 Tea Party wave, the majority of Democratic candidates are new to state-level or national politics. Unlike the Tea Party, many of these Democrats have a long record of public service. They are former public prosecutors, doctors, CIA operatives and veterans, and they are concentrated in “heartland” states like Kansas, Iowa, Indiana and Minnesota….

These are what the Democratic Party’s version of “outsiders” look like in 2017.

The Democratic Party wants individuals who can’t be tarred as career politicians or party insiders….

This narrative of the Party recruiting “outsiders” is the exact opposite of the Tea Party movement.

Tea Party candidates weren’t recruited by the GOP, they were savaged every bit as viciously by the party establishment as by Democrats. Tea Party candidates won because grassroots support overcame party opposition, not because they were recruited by the party to appear to be outsiders.

The Resistance has done a good job at opposing Trump, but that will not easily translate into electoral victories using party-recruited “outsider” candidates running in the shadow of Antifa.

[Featured Image: Tea Party participants and Legal Insurrection readers, Jersey City, NJ, 2013]


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